Microfibers and the "Huge" Benefits of Using Them

Microfibers and the "Huge" Benefits of Using Them

You probably knew this already, but we have already arrived at the time when advancements in technology meant putting everything into a small gadget -- Exhibit A: Smartphones. The smaller the item, the more advanced its capabilities might be. It is also safe to say that the invention of microfiber technology may have resulted from the same craze since it's probably one of the most significant product innovations to the cleaning industry for the last century. 

So, what is microfiber, anyway? Literally, “microfiber” is any fiber that is equal to or less than one denier—a measure of particle fineness where one unit of fiber weighs one gram for every 9000 meters. In layman's terms, it’s about one percent of the diameter of a human hair! While there may be different types of microfiber cloths, they are all super-absorbent because of the microscopic qualities of the materials. In addition, the friction between the individual fibers also generates static electricity that acts as a magnet for tiny particles of dirt and dust (and even bacteria)! We made a list of the high-impact benefits of microfibers and why you should make the switch: 

Environment-friendly. Microfiber mops, like Lola® The Revolution™ Microfiber Spin Mop Systemand The Evolution™ Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System, reduce the amount of water and chemicals used for cleaning. All it needs to do its job is water, and not that much of it even. Surprisingly, soaps and chemical detergents may reduce the effectiveness of microfibers. If you're only gonna need water to clean, you'll be a big help to Mother Nature by not adding any more chemicals to your liquid waste. 

Economically efficient. Microfiber cloths can save you money on expensive cleaning products. Most of the time, a dry or microfiber cloth, like the Lola® Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, is enough for dusting, wiping tables, cleaning windows and mirrors, and shining stainless steel. In case you'll need to use a cleaner for wiping down surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, microfiber towels are so absorbent that you’ll be able to clean more with less product. It'll take a lot of cleaning sessions before you can consume all your cleaning products, keeping more money in your pocket.

All-around. The uses and benefits of microfibers in cleaning are numerous, beginning with the ability to clean just about anything. Their ability to also use static charge to trap small particles, dust, and bacteria helps in more ways than just cleaning counters and mopping floors. They absorb water and chemicals better, and are able to disperse them on surfaces as needed. Their usefulness ranges from disinfecting, dry-dusting, dry and wet scrubbing, and polishing surfaces, and this versatility can be proven by the Lola® Microfiber Spritz n' Mop.

At the moment, you may not be that conscious and attentive to the environmental impact and lifespan of your cleaning tools. But with the huge benefits of using microfiber products, we hope that on your next grocery run for cleaning tools, you will consider buying those made with the microfiber technology.

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