Cloudy (Drinking Glasses), with a Chance of Frustration

Cloudy (Drinking Glasses), with a Chance of Frustration

Have you ever finished your dishwashing cycle, and when you pulled out your drinking glasses, they have this milky and foggy film? Isn't it frustrating? You just washed them, but for some reason, they still look cloudy and in desperate need of another cleaning cycle.

So, why does this happen? Most likely, hard water is at fault. Minerals in hard water can leave behind a cloudy residue. Compared to soft water, hard water is usually less effective at rinsing away dish soap, which results in a milky film. Also, your dishwashing habit may be the culprit.

Now, what can you do to solve (and even prevent) this problem? We've scoured the internet to find answers and found effective hacks that take that frown off your face:

Use White Vinegar or Baking Soda

In case of hard mineral build-up, you will only need to soak your cloudy drinking glasses in white vinegar for about five minutes. It'll dissolve the minerals, but if stubborn spots persist, you may gently rub them off with some baking soda. Thoroughly rinse the glasses by hand and dry them with a lint-free Lola® Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth, before drinking out of them again.

Tweak your Dishwasher Habit

Your dishwasher may be a godsend because it saves you a lot of time and effort, but it's also sometimes the cause for foggy drinking glasses. Improper use of dishwashing detergents and wash cycles can often lead to mineral build-up. Using too much dishwasher detergent results in incomplete rinsing and unnecessary soap film formation. Try adding less detergent than the recommended amount (but you may need to experiment on how much is less), and your glasses will come out with a brand new sparkle.

Use a Glass Cleaner

If you handwash your drinking glasses and they usually end up with a foggy finish, it might be time to add a glass cleaner to your cleaning process. But no, we're not necessarily talking about a store-bought glass cleaner. We found a homemade recipe for a DIY glass cleaner that eats through film and leaves nothing behind but the sparkle of clean glass. Mix ammonia and isopropyl alcohol in a 1:4 solution, and add a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. Spray some inside and outside the drinking glass, use a Lola® Pot Brite™ Scour n' Sponge to scrub away the cleaner, and rinse with cold water. 

Scrub with Toothpaste

You'll be surprised to know that toothpaste isn't just for your brushing your teeth. When it comes to DIY solutions for cloudy drinking glasses, it can actually work some miracles. The mild abrasive action in the toothpaste scrubs away unsightly deposits and film, and it leaves the glass unscratched and looking like brand new. Apply a layer of toothpaste to all cloudy spots and wait for about ten minutes. Using a damp Lola® "The Original" Kitchen Sponge Puff Bottle Cleaner, gently clean away the toothpaste. Rinse in hot water, clean with soapy water, and rinse again. Dry with Wowables® Reusable & Biodegradable Paper Towel.

Frustration is an understandable reaction whenever we find the drinking glasses that we've just washed to be anything but clean and clear. But if you keep the above tips in mind and include them in your cleaning routine, there's a big chance that you'll make your glasses shine in no time!

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