The Evolution Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System

Lola Products

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  • A revolutionary mopping system where you NEVER clean with a dirty microfiber mop head again - it's a one of a kind system!
  • Dual Compartment Bucket: one side washes, one side dries the mop head
  • Washing Side: Deeply scrubs the mop head fibers clean as you effortlessly pump without splashing
  • Drying Side: Squeezes out excess liquid fast - your hands never touch the top head!
  • Use to clean any hard surface including hardwood, laminate floors, tile, ceramic, marble and more
  • With "the power of microfiber" you can clean without using chemicals
  • Microfiber head is machine washable up to 100 times 
  • Deep cleaning super absorbent microfiber pad with poly fiber scrubbing bristles - it gently scrubs while mopping
  • Has an easy to assemble 4-piece swivel action mop handle with comfort grip and rotating cap providing 360° swivel action allowing the mop head to get into and under very hard to reach places
  • Heavy duty bucket includes large carrying handle for easy movement throughout your home
  • Each bucket compartment has a drain plug for easy discharge of water
  • Refill / Replacement pad: Get your replacement microfiber pad for the mop head here (item # 2331)
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against defects in material & workmanship (excludes wear n' tear)

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