About Us


Lola Products has been and continues to be a USA-based leading “full-line” manufacturer and distributor of branded and private label cleaning tools since 1969. A family owned and operated company, headed up by Chairman Edward D. Spitaletta and 4 of his sons, that takes great pride in delivering our customers cleaning products that exceed expectations and “clean-up” faster, more affordably where the job is done right the first time and each consecutive time utilized.

Keeping a home, apartment or office clean is paramount to a healthy, organized and successful lifestyle. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” or so they say. We call ourselves “CLEAN FREAKS” (you can see that in our social media profile), and although everyone may not be as crazy about cleaning as ourselves, we believe everyone truly wants to have a clean environment. We are here to help make this happen.

It aligns that the 4 brothers that run the day-to-day business grew up in an almost sterile environment. Their mom, Mary Spitaletta, was the first” CLEAN FREAK” in the family. She was fanatical about it. Shoes were not allowed at any time in the house anywhere. It made for a mountain of shoes and sneakers next to the backyard doorway. This philosophy instilled by MOM helps the organization, at its root core, “become one with the product it delivers”.             

Lola offers products under numerous brands including Lola®, Scrub Boss®, Wowables®, Evolution™, Revolution™, 500 Brushes®, Pot-Brite™ and we also manufacture major retail private label brands for USA retailers. Lola’s product line can be found in many brick and mortar retail channels including but not limited to Supermarkets, Mass Merchants/Big Box, Home Centers, Specialty, Value, Drug, Convenience etc. across the USA, Canada and beyond. Our product line is also available purchased online via this website, Amazon and many other ecommerce marketplaces. Lola is headquartered in Hackensack, NJ where it continues to innovate new ways to clean and organize.