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How to Make Sure Your Cleaning Towel is Environment-Friendly

How to Make Sure Your Cleaning Towel is Environment-Friendly

Are you both concerned of your home and your environment? Often conscious whether your common cleaning tools and chemicals are causing harm to the nature? There is a valid reason why you should worry because if you are not using the right cleaning materials, then you are contributing to the growing problem in our surroundings.

Most cleaning rugs and paper towels are harmful to the environment. Paper towels may only have little carbon footprint, but their factories where they are produced and the trucks that transport them are generating pollution. It has also been claimed to kill “virgin” trees and is slowly depleting the world’s resources on each roll being made. Meanwhile makeshift rugs made from materials such as nylon fabric are hard to decompose. Altogether, they collectively contribute to deforestation, global warming, and an ever-increasing waste problem. Also, the overabundance of greenhouse gases trap additional heat. This trapped heat leads to melting ice caps and rising ocean levels, which cause flooding.

So, if you want to start making a change, we have the right cleaning towel for you. Lola Wowables™. It is reusable, washable, and 100% biodegradable. Created from the combination of wood pulp and unbleached non-GMO Cotton, rest assured that there are no harmful chemicals or substances present in it unlike other cloths which contain synthetics or regular paper towels which are bleached white.

Our Wowables™ not only produces less carbon footprint, but it is also colored with all-natural inks.  You can now say no to paper cores and or single-use, disposable paper towels because you will not need them anymore!

You can use it on different surfaces around your home from your kitchen, bath, windows, garage, and even on your floor. It is really an ideal alternative for disposable paper towels as this is more absorbent and fast drying, making it perfect for quick cleaning.

Imagine how much disposable paper towels you are saving from going to a landfill and how many trees would be salvaged per year if your whole family is using our reusable cleaning towel instead. By using Wowables™, you will be helping a lot in reducing the generation of waste while saving significant amount of money because it is exceptionally durable and affordable.

Lola also have other cleaning towels to choose from. We have the Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths and All-Purpose Cloths which are both reusable and effective for all types of cleaning jobs. The Anti-Microbial Cloth is treated with anti-microbial solutions so there’s a lesser need for other cleaning agents. Meanwhile the All-purpose cloth has strong woven fibers will hold up w/ hundreds of washings. These cloths can also be used to dry vegetables, fruits, and other types of fresh produce.

The fight for a cleaner environment is long and hard. We still have a long way to go before we can make a significant change. Each effort is too small so we should keep on taking action and ensure that we are giving all that we can in every step we take.

Giving Your Home Office a Professional and 'Video-Conference-Ready' Look

Giving Your Home Office a Professional and 'Video-Conference-Ready' Look

It’s safe to say that with what’s going around nowadays, the work from home (WFH) setting is the most preferable option right now for many employees especially because physical distancing is a must. But this doesn’t mean there will be no interaction between workers, supervisors, and their bosses.

Video conferencing and meeting via online apps such as zoom are a common practice even before the pandemic but surely, there is an unprecedented increase in its use. This means people will still see each other to discuss their work. This would be weird if done wearing pjs or daily ‘at-home’ clothing.

Unlike regular video calls with our love ones and friend, people have to look neat and presentable during meetings to keep it professional. But this discussion won’t focus on people’s physical appearance but more the background and the setting that are visible to other people on the screen.

Looking for a white or plain-colored wall will be an easy-fix. But that may look boring and it can make people less likely to listen or pay attention when someone’s talking. Having even a little of design may add color and lift the mood especially when talking about important and crucial matters. So here we will be talking about tips on how to organize your background for your next zoom call.

Clean the wall and all hanging decorations

If you are the kind of person that lowkey wants to showcase pictures, paintings, and other embellishments on your wall, at least make sure they will be appealing not only to you but to people that will see it. Not for the purpose of distracting them but just to make sure they wouldn’t be disturbed either.

Having a good background with a clean wall and just the right amount of wall designs may help them feel good and become more willing to lend you their ears. It might even brighten their mood, encourage them to help in brainstorming and become more productive.

A sweep of Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ on your wall will do the trick removing stuck dust, hair, and other debris that may become visible in the call. Keeping the wall clean will also help highlight its color and emphasize the shine of the decorations.

Organize and wipe any furniture or ornaments

Meanwhile, if you pick a table or rack full of decorations as your background, make sure they are organized and free of dust and dirt. You might think that people might not notice but who knows, someone might be too attentive to detail and becomes easily distracted.

With Lola Wowables™, we got you covered. This reusable cleaning cloth is perfect for vases, picture frames, and figurine making sure that they are not covered in dust or grime. It also works for mirrors, glass decorations, and other stuff at your work desk.

Avoid turning your back on a door.

You can look all over the need and see clips of video calls where unsuspecting people, kids, and even pets accidentally barge in while the person is having a conversation. It is surely an embarrassing moment for the people in the call.

To avoid this, we advise you not to turn away your back at a door and use it as your background when joining a group call. This will not only prevent unnecessary distractions but it will also protect the privacy of the other people that might not want to be part of the conversation. We also recommend you to keep your screen at eye level and avoid using the bird’s or worm’s eye view when you’re in a call with your workmates.

How to Make a House Party Possible while Practicing Social Distancing

How to Make a House Party Possible while Practicing Social Distancing

Hosting or attending a party sounds like the craziest idea specially with what’s happening around. It is one of the top scenarios where people are at a high risk of contracting the deadly COVID-19 virus. That is why not doing would be our expected advice from experts. But this doesn’t mean that it is not possible to do this safely.

In fact, many families and group of people are still having fun on occasions and small gatherings without getting sick. The explanation is simple: that with great caution, partying is still possible and enjoyable. Here are some cleaning tips that you can practice along with other safety measures so you can safely socialize during the pandemic.

In order to do this, it is a must for everyone to strictly practice all safety measures and more. Wearing of face mask, face shield, and other protective clothing is also important especially for those from outside or those who are planning to go out and buy supplies. The use of alcohol and hand sanitizers are also helpful to ensure harmful germs and viruses will be eliminated.

It might sound crazy but physical distancing is still inevitable even in these situations. To make this easier, it would be better if the host will just limit the number of attendees. That is if he/she is really eager to push through the party.

When eating or drinking, avoid sharing utensils and glasses. Many will say that this is too much but it’s better to be safe than sorry right? While doing these safety measures, we also advise to level up cleaning to make sure that there will be no spread of the deadly disease.

Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth is one of the cleaning cloths that you can count on during these times. It is treated with anti-microbial agents that won’t allow bacteria and bad odor to develop. You can use it on doorknobs, windows, tables, and other hard surfaces together with disinfecting agents.

Meanwhile, A roll of Lola Wowables™ will be helpful in limiting any direct contact on the different surfaces around the house that might put the person at risk of contracting the disease. It can be used to hold and open doors when people come in and out. It can also be used to wipe off stains on sofas and chairs and collect used utensils and other table wares so there’s no need to touch them directly. Plus, it can serve as a protective cover. This cleaning tool is washable and biodegradable so it is completely safe.

Our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ has a long, durable metal handle which will allow you to reach the ceiling, or high corners and furniture. It will also give space and keep you distant from surfaces that you are cleaning so you can avoid droplets from spilling into you. Its adhesive mop head also makes it great and convenient in cleaning the carpets and rugs on the floor.

Partying and celebrating may not be a good idea nowadays especially with what’s going around the world where many are sick or dying. But this year doesn’t also have to be dreadful all throughout. It’s okay to go on occasions as long as we keep being sensitive about what others might feel. Perhaps limit posting on social media about your celebration so others won’t feel as if you are happy with what’s going on. Take care, enjoy and keep healthy!

Preparing a Learning Conducive Environment for stay-at-home students

Preparing a Learning Conducive Environment for stay-at-home students

Going out of the face-to-face system of learning is a huge adjustment for many of us especially to teachers, students, and parents. Though enrolling in online classes is a practice even before the global pandemic has shutdown our schools, still many are not used to it and we are not 100% sure if it is going to work for everyone.

But there’s not much choice so the best thing to do is to prepare for it. Even though they are at home doesn’t mean it is safe to assume that they will be comfortable and it would be easy for them to study. In fact, it may even be more distracting.

Cleanliness of the environment is also a major issue because it greatly impacts the mood and the capabilities of the student. Here we will discuss how that happens and give some cleaning tips to make your home a great place and safe space for learning.

Aside from being free from distraction, students must also be allowed to study in place, or a room free from annoying dust and dirt. Having a clean place around you is also for the reason that they must present themselves on occasional video call sessions, it is also hard to learn with a messy and disorganized surrounding. So, with a student around, cleaning is a much more needed. It is a responsibility that other members of the household must do.

Use Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ to gather web, fur, and other allergens stuck in the ceiling, on narrow gaps and corners. Using this cleaning tool ensures that the learner won’t be bothered by unnecessary sneezing and coughing due to irritants. No corner even those that are up in the ceiling will be left uncleaned because this has a long extending arm that can reach and collect debris from those areas.

Meanwhile, the working table/desk must be cleaned with Lola Wowables™. This reusable tool will help make sure it is free from dirt, dust, and other debris. It is also effective for spills during recess or working breaks. It makes them less hassle to clean unlike the conventional paper towels and rags. We understand that this crisis also put you in a tight spot so it would be great to be practical with this reusable cleaning tool.

Gadgets and other equipment should also be kept clean and sanitized so the student will be comfortable and there will be no reason for them to feel uneasy during the class hours. Cleaning these will also help prevent the spread of disease-causing bacteria. Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth will help with this. It is tough on germs but gentle on surfaces so it won’t leave a scratch on electronic equipment so it is safe to use.

A clean home is not all. But it is a step that will help make things better amidst this health crisis happening around us. In the end, it is still up to the educator, the student and the people around him/her to help him/her learn even if he/she is not used to this setting.

With these Cleaning Tools, You'll Never need to Use Cleaning Agents and Chemicals ever again!

With these Cleaning Tools, You'll Never need to Use Cleaning Agents and Chemicals ever again!

Cleaning agents and cleaning equipment are considered as complementary of one another in the fight against dirt and grime on hard-surfaces. But is it possible to clean effectively with only one of them but without the other?

Imagine only having cleaning agents at home and nothing to wipe or scrub surfaces, seems impossible right? But a brush or a cleaning cloth without any chemicals? IT IS ABSOLUTELY DO-ABLE and here we are to explain how you can ace cleaning along with a list of Lola’s cleaning products.

If you still want to use cleaning agents after everything that we will be discussing, it’s totally fine. The purpose of this article is to assure those that do not want to use these cleaning agents or are not capable of buying a steady supply of chemical cleaners. 


This biodegradable and eco-friendly cleaning cloth is made free from harmful chemicals and with fast drying technology to prevent the growth of odor-causing bacteria. It is perfect for almost all surfaces around the house.

This cleaning cloth is super absorbent, durable, and not dependent on cleaning agents. In fact, you can use it directly on dirt, stains, or other substances. Just rinse and dry it afterwards then you can use it for another time! Unlike paper towels and cleaning rags that can easily dissolve or tear apart after multiple use and can harbor bacteria if you don’t wash it very thoroughly.

With this tool, we help you save money because you don’t have to buy cleaning agents anymore and lessen the hassle of cleaning because it is surely durable, effective, and reusable. Plus, you are helping us save the planet because this product is made environment-friendly!

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

This one is an all-around mop that makes cleaning comfortable and enjoyable. Its large replaceable adhesive mop head makes it similar to a cordless vacuum due to its powerful cleaning and dirt collecting capabilities without the need for cleaning agents!

Our Lola Sticky Mop is perfect for collecting pet fur and for cleaning different surfaces in your home and even inside your vehicle. It also has a steel handle made long enough to help reach high areas, narrow corners and gaps.

Anti-Microbial Clean n’ Wipe™ Cloth

Made highly absorbent and odor resistant, this cloth is a perfect alternative for conventional paper towels because unlike its paper counterpart, this one is already treated with antimicrobial agents so using chemicals when cleaning with it is not a must. It is also reusable and just needs to be washed every after use.

Lola 360° Duster Kit

Compared to the traditional feather duster, Lola’s Swiffer duster traps more harmful dust and allergens from your furniture and appliances even without spraying any cleaning chemicals. It is extendable for up to 3 feet and it can be held comfortably with its ergonomic hand gripper. You can also bend it into four different positions for a more efficient cleaning.

Bath and Tile Scrubber

The bath is one of the hard-to-clean places around our house. But with this scrubber, we’ll make it super easy for you even without using bleach or cleaning detergent. It is as if magic was done to your shower, tub or any porcelain or tiled surface!

What’s more interesting about it is that it is designed to be gentle on surfaces so it won’t leave a scratch or damage. With this cleaning tool, you can finish the task at hand without doubts or hesitation.
Bedroom Cleaning Habits that You Shouldn't Forget to Practice

Bedroom Cleaning Habits that You Shouldn't Forget to Practice

Aside from being a place to sleep, our beds should also be the place we feel the safest. It is a sanctuary where we should find comfort and peace to do what we want. However, it is commonly where we are vulnerable the most. Sleep deprivation is dangerous and nothing can impact our mood and sleeping pattern more negatively than bad bedroom habits.

For us to remain happy and healthy, keeping our room clean should be a priority. Check out these tips we prepared on how to do that:

Make your bed every morning.

It is always better to start the day with an organized surrounding. It doesn’t have to take more than 5 minutes unless your bed was a disaster. Making your bed is important not only to have a clean room but also as a good start to having a brighter and more productive day.

Keep the sheets, pillows, and mattress fresh

These can get super dirty and dusty if ignored. They should be kept clean all the time and replacing them once in a while is a must too!

Think about all the bugs and other microorganisms we carry from outside. These can be transferred to our linens and stay there to reproduce leading to more troubling health issues.  So aside from cleaning yourself before lying in bed to remove every dirt you got after going out, it is also necessary for you to practice dusting your linens using Lola 360° Duster Kit

Limit eating inside the bedroom if you cannot avoid it entirely

We understand how enjoyable and relaxing it seems to do almost anything just in bed including eating. But this habit is one of the major causes of a messy bedroom. Ants, other insects, and even pests will be attracted to the small pieces of food that falls every time you eat. So, if you can’t help it, just don’t leave your leftovers in there for a long time. Also keep in mind that spoiled food will cause a very unpleasant odor in your room. You wouldn’t like that.

To make sure everything’s clean, you can use our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ which you can use for a reasonable price, to collect food particles and even pet fur stuck on the floor, the walls, on the carpet, and even on pieces of furniture!

Always clean your desk and night table

These are common places where plates and utensils are being left. It is important that these are taken to the sink as soon as possible to avoid unwanted attention and also to prevent the leftover food from sticking to the plates and utensils.

You may also want to make sure that your bedside table and working desk are free from clutter. This way it would be easier to find your things and it allows you to use the space whenever you need it. You can also wipe them with Lola Wowables™ from time to time to eliminate dust, dirt and stains.

Organize your dresser

The dresser is one of the usual dumping grounds for many of our belongings like toys, accessories, jewelry, and books. This is a common reason why it becomes hard to find them when they are needed. When formed into a clutter, these also encourage the build-up of dust and dirt build. The best advice is to always take some time to put them back to where they belong.  

Also, pick up scattered clothes from the bed and the floor and put them into the dresser properly. Keep in mind that mixing up the used and fresh ones is one of the leading causes of bad odor and the spreading of stains.

The Importance of Cleaning Up Your Fridge Regularly

The Importance of Cleaning Up Your Fridge Regularly

The fridge is a valuable part of almost everyone’s life as it ends food related problems almost instantly. However, many of us forget to clean it. This leads to spoilage of food and development of mold which both causes bad odor. Aside from the unpleasant smell which can also come from leftover residue at the bottom and in the corners of the fridge, owners should also focus on making sure there are no expired or spoiled products or ingredients left inside.

Since the fridge is an electrical appliance, the use of water when sanitizing it should be limited. So, you have to be careful. Instead wiping it clean is more advisable because grime can be collected even without pouring or spraying water.

Proper Ways of Maintaining a Clean the Fridge

Wiping the fridge should be from top to bottom because the residue on each surface that you are wiping may fall through the cracks from one shelf to another. If you start from the bottom up, chances are you’ll just create a build up of grime at the bottom and you will need to clean the whole fridge again after you finish the top layer.

If you have removable shelves in your fridge, it would be a lot easier if you take them all out and clean them separately. You can soak them in a basin with warm soapy water along with the trays for about ten minutes, then wipe down the trays and dry them properly before replacing them.

Lola Wowables™ is an effective wiping cloth to remove the grime stuck within the fridge. You can use it either wet or dry making it an all-around cleaning tool. It is reusable and durable so you don’t have to replace it for a very long time.

If excellent absorption is what you need, we also recommend our Cellulose Sponge Cloth. It is also tough on cleaning tough dirt on different kinds of surfaces.

While Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth is for sensitive surfaces which needs a gentle touch so no scratch or any form of damage will be left. Whether its glass or steel, rest assured that your precious appliance will be well taken care of.

Lola Rubaway™ Eraser Pads on the other hand, is for those who need to reinforce their cleaning. It powerfully eliminates soap scum, scuff marks, ink, crayon, dirt, grease and many more so you can also use it on other parts of your home. Just make sure to test it on a small area first to ensure that it is suitable for your refrigerator’s surface.

Aside from using a combination of these effective cleaning tools, we also advice you to practice a good habit. Avoid keeping leftovers that you don’t plan to eat, segregate different types of food properly and separate the cooked from the raw and the fresh product. Keep every container close all the time as well so the odor won’t blend in and affect the food and other ingredients inside.

Benefits of Regularly Cleaning the Fridge

Practicing these simple tips will help you avoid spoilage and bad odor making your fridge more presentable and appetizing. You can also save lots of money because wastage of food will be preventable and the chances of having a broken fridge is less likely.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Newly Bought Furniture

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Newly Bought Furniture

Every home owner should have the freedom of designing their own houses, especially if it is what will make them happy and comfortable. Being able to take home the right type and style of furniture is a very fulfilling experience. But it also brings along with it a responsibility to take care of your furniture.

Damages and scratches on these pieces of furniture make a dreadful sight. Many might think that taking care of these will require too much effort and money. But in reality, all they need is to be careful and to have a regular cleaning routine around the house.

If you haven’t practiced that yet in the past, don’t worry because here we will give you some tips on how to effectively clean them. We also included some recommendation on cleaning tools that might help you out:

Cabinets and Dressers

These commonly tall pieces of furniture are usually among the hardest to clean. But not anymore with Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ because you can now reach for dirt and dust stuck above it, under it, and even on its back. This will also help you ensure that your newly washed and dried clothes will remain clean and fragrant for a very long time.

Drawers and Cupboards

It is important that these places where spices and ingredients are stored should be clean always. Unfortunately, many households have drawers and cupboards filled with dirt and dust and are crawling with spiders and even cockroaches. Disgusting, right? We are sure nobody wants that. That’s why we’re here with Lola Wowables™ so you won’t have to be shocked with dirty drawers nested by insects. Regular wiping with this effective, reusable tool will make sure there are no damp corners for critters to enjoy. We also have the Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth which you can use for glass and plastic containers to maintain their transparency without leaving any scratch or damage that may lead to spills or leakage. 

Table and Countertop

Who would have the appetite to dine with a dirty surrounding? NO ONE. This means it won’t matter even if you cook delicious and tasty the food when you have tables and countertop filled with gross mess and stains. But cleaning that is no big deal as we have the right thing for you. Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloth is ready to absorb moisture and remove stains from your table and countertop surfaces.    

Sofa and couch

Lola 360 Duster is what will make sure that you and your family will enjoy your time playing games or having a movie marathon because you can all sit comfortably without being annoyed by dust or foul odor that might come out of your sofa or couch.

Please be reminded that in order to achieve these tools should be handled and used properly to achieve the best results. Remember that the type of the gun won’t matter if the one holding it doesn’t know how to aim and when to pull the trigger. Sure, we made these cleaning tools with high quality and they are proven effective but without you doing your part, everything that we mentioned above won’t turn out the way they are meant to.
WIPE IT DOWN CHALLENGE: Making TikTok contents while Leveling Up Your Cleaning

WIPE IT DOWN CHALLENGE: Making TikTok contents while Leveling Up Your Cleaning

Aside from Youtube, TikTok is also one of the hottest video-making apps nowadays. People have thousands of creative ways in making their contents. Some danced, some sang, some showed their pets or collections and some put a twist on their daily routine. 

The wipe-it down Concept

For those who haven't seen this gimmick yet, it is just about videos of people’s makeovers in front of a mirror, acting like they are wiping it and showing their before and after looks in between. Up to date, billions have already participated in this craze. If you want to know more or to see it for yourself, you can just open the app and search for it.

Other things you can do aside from wiping it down

Use music and transitions to make awesome cleaning videos

Using applications such as TikTok gives you an access to thousands of soundtracks and music clips that you can use in your videos. You can also use effects and filters that can improve the contents you are making. This would make cleaning videos much more fun and exciting to watch.

Tell funny stories you experienced while cleaning.

Aside from showcasing skills and aesthetics, people also tell a lot of funny, scary and other types of stories on TikTok. You can do the same as a cleaning enthusiast. Nothing will stop you if you want to spread awareness or just to share an unforgettable moment.

Simple Cleaning Advice and Recommendations

Experts and other professionals also used these platforms to educate and give their informed and educated opinion. So, if you consider yourself one in the field of cleaning, you can start making your contents. Doing these kinds of videos will allow you to help a many of people and easily make lots of followers. You can also learn from people who will share their own tips and tricks through the comment section. One good topic that you can talk about is reusable cleaning materials such as Lola Wowables™ or eco-friendly cleaning in general.

Brief Product Reviews

Just like in Youtube, sponsorships and ads are also possible in TikTok and on other apps. Doing product reviews is a good opportunity to find yourself a good way to earn from your contents. It might not be rewarding at first and it will require you to spend and buy different sorts of cleaning products to review but later on after gaining enough popularity, companies might start to contact you. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is a good product to start with. You can make a good content about its innovative functions and its difference from the conventional mop.

Importance of being creative when cleaning

Generally, cleaning our home is an exhausting and boring task to do. Most of us do it just because it is mandatory. Otherwise they have to deal with a nasty and disorganized home. Seldom do people enjoy it and only those who were able to give it a twist can say that it is a fun thing to do. Being creative enables us to keep our interest in cleaning, helping us to be consistent and motivated to do it regularly.

The wipe it down challenge should more than just a show-off of one’s self. It could be an opportunity to bring awareness to having a clean home. This is common to applications such as TikTok where contents are aimed at entertaining and educating viewers.

If you want to take part to the wipe it down trend, we highly encourage you to put your entry into another level. Instead of just the mirror, you can try looking for other surfaces where your reflection is visible and wipe the surface of your choice using Lola Antimicrobial Clean  N' Wipe™ Cloth, Cellulose Sponge Cloth, or the Jumbo Microfiber Cloth while showing your makeover or make-up transformation.

Cleaning Hacks to bring back Beauty to your Home

Cleaning Hacks to bring back Beauty to your Home

Many of us are so occupied thinking about how to keep ourselves beautiful while setting one important thing in their life; our home. Apart from our personality, our house is what represents who we are. We must give it importance by making sure that it’s well taken care of. But there’s no denying that it’s not always an easy job. So, for those who are looking for a helping hand, we’re here to give you some tips on how to beautify your home.

Always Clean your Microwave and Gas Stove

These places are always into contact with food. They should be cleaned not only for safety reasons but also to always boost appetite and as you can imagine, a dirty and nasty kitchen is a big appetite killer. So, if you have a microwave and gas stove at home, cleaning them should be a regular routine. It is not hard at all especially with the help of Lola Wowables™ and its effective wiping capabilities. One sheet can be washed and reused several times so it’s practical. So, imagine how much cleaning you can do with one roll!

Maintain a hygienic bath and comfort room

The bathroom is just as important as the kitchen. It should be hygienic at all times. This place must be given adequate attention as it is wet most of the time. Our handled Scrubber Brush and Cellulose Sponge Cloth should do the trick. The scrubber is for removing grime and other kinds of dirt while the sponge cloth is for absorbing moisture and applying cleaning agents, perfect combination to deliver ideal results! 

Remove dust and other types of wall and floor stains

Dust and stains make even the brightest and cleanest walls and floors look off. Painting a wall filled with dust will lead to a disappointing result. But we’re glad we are able to invent the perfect solution for this problem. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is not like any regular mop. With its adhesive head, it can easily collect dust, stains, and hair on the floor, walls, and even on the ceiling. Now, you can all enjoy a wonderful and fresh sight at home brought by a clean surrounding.

Make sure you have appealing doors and windows

Windows and doors are underrated. We often ignore their importance that cleaning them is not a part of our priorities. But it’s not too late to change that mindset. In fact, we’re here to make it easier for you. You can use Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth when wiping clean your windows and doors to give your home a fresh look!

Keep your living room ‘ALIVE’

The living room is the first place to go when welcoming your guests and it is where you often bond with family. Thus, aside from keeping it well decorated, it’s also necessary that you never leave this place uncleaned. Cleaning it should be on your to-do list from time to time. It won’t hurt if you do some sweeping and dusting using Lola Angle broom and Wet & Dry Floor Mop Starter Kit. This way you achieve your ideal result for less.

Having a beautiful home shouldn’t be expensive at all because it is based not on expensive furniture but on clean, well-maintained ones. Rest assured that you can count on Lola and its products in making this a reality.
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