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A Sanitation Guide to Food Business Owners

A Sanitation Guide to Food Business Owners

The food industry is always IN. This is simply because people cannot and will not stop on eating. But aside from offering delicious food, impressive presentation, and mesmerising sceneries, owners should also practice proper food and store sanitation.

Since it all goes down to the preparation of ingredients and cookware, we have compiled some very helpful product recommendations, which Lola is confident about when it comes to kitchen cleaning and sanitation:

Lola Tampico Vegetable Dish Brush™ – If you are eco-friendly, we highly advise you to use this brush because it is biodegradable. It is very suitable for cleaning dry and fresh produce such as root crops or anything that came from the earth because it has tough bristles that are perfect from any type of dirt. It can also work lightly on other vegetables as long as you will not use it to harsh so you will not spoil the quality of the food. If you encounter hard to remove stains on cooking pots and pans, you can rely on this brush because it is also ready to assist you with its unmatchable cleaning power.  

Wowables™ Cleaning Cloth – When you own a business that has an integrity that depends on the cleanliness of its kitchen, it is vital to keep every ingredient or cookware free from contamination. Customers may not commonly see the area where the food they eat is prepared, but as part of safeguarding their trust and keeping a good conscience, you must follow regulations and practice cleaning. Speaking of trust, you can trust us on this one; we made our cleaning cloth with best quality materials. Even without the use of chemicals, it can remove germs on surfaces, proving that it is tried and tested.

Anti-microbial Clean n’ Wipe™ ClothsSince we are talking about GERM-FREE food preparation, we are also proud to introduce to you, this cleaning cloth that’s treated with anti-microbial agents to prevent the growth of disease-causing bacteria. It is perfect for wiping plates, knives, and even your hands. It is also useful when disinfecting tables and utensils though it may need a bit of backup with some reliable cleaning agents to make sure that the job is 100% done.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™As you have noticed, most if not all of our products are for all-around cleaning. One good example of that claim is this particular product. Compared to conventional mop, we can say that this is far better when cleaning. Equipping your utility staff with a sticky mop will allow them to clean not only your restaurant’s floors but also the walls and the ceiling, making sure there is no dirt, dust, web or any debris around. It’s cleaning strip can be instantly stripped and disposed when full because another sheet on its mop head will be ready for use.

Soap Dispensing Dish WandOf course, dishwashing is also an important process in the food industry. You can’t trust just any dishwashing liquid and sponge. You also don’t have to look any further, because Lola’s Soap Dispensing Dish Wand is available and ready for checkout. It has both sponge and scouring pad to clean any surface. It also has its own dishwashing liquid dispenser making the product a complete package for a very affordable price! What are you waiting for? Check these products out now!

Cleaning and Baby-Proofing your Children’s' Playroom

Cleaning and Baby-Proofing your Children’s' Playroom

Everything about the children automatically puts us in the extreme caution and TLC (Tender Loving Care) mode

Making sure that their playroom is clean and safe should be one of our top priorities as parents/guardians.

Lola will give a guide along with product recommendations to all parents out there who want to ensure that the well-being and safety of their children are being looked after 24/7. But before that, we will first discuss some of the things that you should look out for inside your child’s playroom.

Toys and Debris – These are seldom your problem if you have a newborn or infant who spend most of their time in bed or in a crib. But for parents with toddlers who are free and capable of running around, they should be alert every time their kids are around these. Regularly wiping your kid’s toy with our Jumbo Microfiber Cloth will also help keep your child away from sickness since its fibers will dig deep into crevices, then rest assured that toys will be clean and safe to be played with.

Dust and other Allergens – Aside from keeping our children safe, it is also our priority to keep them healthy. Thus, we want their playroom to be free from anything that can make them sick. Dusts and allergens are our common nemesis not only in our child’s room but also on different parts of the house. For pillows, tables, and other furniture, you can use Lola 360° Duster Extender Kit to remove dust and dirt. If you are looking for a reliable tool for collecting dust and disease-causing particles on the ceiling, floor, and walls, then our very own Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is all you need.

Falling Hazards – No one in the right mind would put anything that can harm a child on high places inside the kid’s playroom. The best thing that a parent must do is to make sure that nothing will fall from cabinets or furniture that can hit their children.

Spilled Food/Drinks - Leftover food that fell on the floor will invite insects such as ants. Their bite may cause intolerable itch and pain to a poor child. So make sure you are always already with cleaning tools in hand in case you cannot stop your child from bringing food to their playroom. Lola Angle Broom is available so you can sweep cookie crumbles or sugar granules on the floor. While our Dust Pan and Brush Set Clip-on is for narrow gaps, corners, and table top.

For liquid and other drinks, you don’t have to look any further, just grab a roll of our Wowables™ and you are all set in case there are spills that needs to be wiped clean immediately. You don’t have to worry about smudges or sticky leftovers because our cleaning towel is treated with anti-microbial agents so we assure you that it will clean surfaces completely.

Let us ensure that our kids will enjoy their childhood. With the help of our recommended cleaning tools, you can keep your children safe, healthy, and happy whenever they are inside their playroom.

Best Ways to Clean Your Roof

Best Ways to Clean Your Roof

The Roof is the most important part of your home or office in terms of providing shelter and protection from the weather.  It also serves as a platform that holds equipment and facilities like solar panels, vent pipes, antennas, gutters, and satellite dishes together. It has to remain durable and compact at all times.

In order to achieve this, owners must understand that the strength of the roof depends on the material used and if the decking or supports have been subject to leaks, moisture, and rot. There are different materials for residential roofs such as asphalt shingle, clay tile, cedar shakes, slate, or metal. Tile, slate, and metal are the most durable and long lasting among these materials.

Asphalt shingle roofs are cheaper but also lasts shorter compared to hard roofing materials. Over time, constant rain, hail, and wind can cause serious damage that could lead to disintegration. After it completely wears off, its surface will no longer be effective in terms of protecting the home.

Tile and slate roofs on the other hand are not that susceptible to environmental factors. However, they other forces can lead to their breakage—people stepping on them incorrectly, branches and other hard objects falling on them. The durable layer underneath the roof catches the moisture and heat that goes through the breaks and cracks in the slate and tile. So cracks or breaks in clay and slate tiles must be repaired because damaging the inner layer can be more costly.

One common problem when it comes to all types of roof is the growth of molds, especially in areas where heat and humidity are high. No type of roof is impenetrable to mold. The key to keeping a roof healthy is by cleaning it regularly. Roofs will dry off overtime, but to make drying quicker, you can use Lola Wowables™. The all-around cleaning cloth that’s reusable and eco-friendly. They can also help remove stains, grime, and molds on the roof,

Speaking of molds, these are the common destroyer of tile roofs. It sends down micro-roots into cracks and fissures, widening them and compromising the integrity of the tiles. That’s why regularly brushing them off would help a lot in prolonging the life of your tile roof. For quick and effective removal of molds, you can use Lola Deck Scrub Brush on tile roof.

Mold on asphalt shingles absorbs heat, which makes the roof hotter and heats up the attic space under the roof. As the layer of mold thickens, it absorbs more heat and increases the weight carried by the roof. Combined with piles of leaves, twigs, and other materials that reaches the roof, it may eventually break. To prevent this from happening, make sure you regularly check your roof. You can use our Corn Broom to instantly sweep debris off and reduce the weight on your roof. It has durable and compact bristles that can survive high temperature and moisture.

Clear gutters water will keep rainwater from flowing down to the pipes. Debris however, will stop the draining of water and cause mold build-up because of the stagnant water. However, with the Lola Dust Pan and Brush Set Clip On, you can collect debris and dispose them properly so that roof water can continue to free-flow.

Cleaning is one of the best ways to reinforce your roof and prevent damage. It is not a forever solution though, because damages are inevitable and they will really require repair especially after windstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes, etc. Leaks can also severely affect vulnerable areas so you have to be very alert and cautious in checking them and giving them attention.

Wise and Creative Ways to Use Your Common Dishwashing Sponge

Wise and Creative Ways to Use Your Common Dishwashing Sponge

There are simple household cleaning tools at home that you can utilize and use for greater purpose. Just like the common cleaning sponge that is not as simple as it seems, especially our cleaning sponges that are all made to stand out and be extraordinary. Speaking of sponges, today we will be discussing about ways on how you can use your common cleaning sponge more creatively.

Sponge protective padding – When putting things on boxes, the same sponge that you use when washing the dishes can serve as a good alternative for bubble wrap and tissue paper in protecting valuable or fragile belongings. You don’t also need to crumple papers or find some spare pieces of foam to serve as padding because you can have some of our high-quality and multipurpose sponges for a very cheap price. You can use Pot Brite™ Scour N' Sponge because it is made to provide extra protection to help prevent even the slightest scratches to delicate pieces of glass and porcelain.

Alternative Knee Pads – When cleaning the floor, getting down on your knees has always been torture, giving us intolerable knee pain, sores, and blisters. Using sport kneepads may look weird and is considered as unnecessary cost. Why buy if you can use an alternative at home? What we mean by the alternative is your dishwashing sponge. Aligning the soft part of the sponge to your knees and the abrasive part to the floor can give you protection. Use Pot Brite™ Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges. It is made strong and suitable to carry heavy wait without causing damage to the floor and to your knees.

Clean containers and bottles with narrow openings – Stressed about how to clean your bottles and jars at home because you don’t know what bottle cleaning tool would work? Don’t look any further, just grab your cleaning sponge at home, attach two to a pair of chopsticks and you’ll have your DIY bottle cleaner! To achieve more desirable results, we recommend the Pot Brite™ All Purpose Scrub Sponges, the cleaning tool designed with the efficiency and durability required for all types of cleaning tasks.

For fur remover – For animal lovers, pet fur is a common problem. Buying a pet hair remover can be expensive. Just grab a sponge and use its rough surface to pick up fur and hair by rubbing it over furniture or clothing. We greatly believe that our Cellulose Sponge and Scourer has the right texture and composition to remove fur. If you really want an instant and lasting solution, just purchase Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ which has an adhesive rolling mop head that collects fur, dirt and dust.

Utensil Cleaner – Even with all its versatility and flexibility, sponges still works best in dishwashing. Plates and bowls area a piece of cake. Utensils however, are a different story. Cleaning them requires intricacy. But you’ll have no problem with the Scrub N' Wipe Boss because unlike the common sponge, it is made with a slit specifically added for cleaning utensils. You just have to slide them in and out until it’s all clean.

Why Mopping is a Perfect All-Around-the-House Cleaning Alternative

Why Mopping is a Perfect All-Around-the-House Cleaning Alternative

If you think of the typical mop, you would not have the slightest idea that it can be transformed into an all-around cleaning tool but we have some good news for you. Some of our latest innovations include exceptional and high quality mops that can solve almost all cleaning problems you have at home and we’re here to discuss more about that!

It can now go on walls, ceilings, and furniture – Traditional mops are made specifically for cleaning and drying floors. However, Lola aimed to make a difference. With our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ and its large adhesive roller mop and sticky paper can collect all types of dirt, dust, debris, and hair regardless if the surface is tile, wood, carpets, rugs, etc. Its extendable handle will take care of high places such as the ceiling, cupboards, furniture tops as well as narrow corners and tight gaps under your home appliances. After the cleaning sheet gets filled up, all you have to do is tear it and dispose it because there’s going to be another clean sheet that will take its place.

It’s not only for sweeping, and drying but also for scrubbing – Through time, we were able to make give the common mop several transformations. This includes what we called the Lola Pro Amazin™ Sponge & Scrubber Roller Mop; a multipurpose cleaning tool armed with a sponge mop and a high-quality floor and deck scrubber is perfect in removing stains, scuffs, and dirt. It also has an adjustable handle and ergonomic rubber grip handle that gives ease and comfort to its user. Since it has bristles that can remove tough dirt, it means it is useful outside for cleaning patios, verandas, and your porch too.

It can clean in both Wet and Dry – Different situations that happen at all usually requires different solutions as well just like when water is spilled over the floor or when there are mud stains on it. However, with The Revolution™ Microfiber Spin Mop System, you don’t have to buy two different cleaning tools anymore because this mop can clean dirty floors and absorb moisture alternately.

Made with an effective microfiber mop head and a push down pump handle design, it allows the mop to spin fast for a controllable wringing out of water. Unlike foot pedal versions, this one also releases dirt and grime on the mop head, making sure you are actually cleaning than just spreading around the filth.

This extraordinary mop is also great for any hard floor surface so you can use it all around the house. Its handle is also durable, lightweight, and telescopic so you won’t have a problem bending down or going into painful positions just to reach dirt under the furniture.

Meanwhile, its bucket has a balancing function that prevents spills and a feature that will make disposal of water easier for you.

So whenever you have a cleaning task to do at home, now you’ll know that all you need is to get a grip of one of our mops and then you can consider the job done.

Cleaning Tasks That Will Buy You Time While Isolating at Home

Cleaning Tasks That Will Buy You Time While Isolating at Home

Before, many of us have many things that we want to do when we are at home. But now that we seem to have all the time in the world because everyone is advised to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many are wondering how they are going to spend all of it.

Restrictions are being loosened but the virus is still there. So, it still does not feel comfortable to be out. So people still prefer to be at home.  Instead of just just laying at bed all-day, some spends their time playing games, doing TikTok videos, or working on their biceps, thigh muscles, and abs. While for some who are starting to get bored, we recommend cleaning since it is still one of the top time-killing activities.

Here are some cleaning tasks and tips that you can apply while stuck at home:

Clean and Disinfect Common Areas – Places such as doorknobs and locks, faucet handles, window latches, stair and balcony handrails hold the highest potential to spread not only dust and dirt but also germs and bacteria. Since keeping your health sound is important now more than ever, you should use your time to clean these surfaces to prevent the spread of disease. In doing so, you can partner your chosen cleaning solution with our Lola Wowables™ which is already treated with anti-microbial agents making sure every wipe cleans and kills germs. This cleaning cloth is also washable and reusable saving you money and time because you don’t have to go out often just to buy another cloth to use.

Removing grime from Bathroom tiles – If you are looking for some time-consuming tasks, you just have to look around and the answer may just be around the corner. Just look at the different signs of filth stuck deep within its crevices such as discoloration and unpleasant odor. You can use the combined power of our Deck Scrub Brush and Handled Scrubber to brush the grime away! It won’t matter if it’s on the bathroom floor or walls! There will be no place to hide for germs since the bristle of our brushes will penetrate even the thinnest crevice.

Clean and Polish Windows and Mirrors – Windows and mirrors help make our home brighter and better. But they need some of your time too so they can be cleaned. Since you have plenty of that nowadays, maybe one of these days you can start polishing them once again. You can use some mirror polishing paste along with the help of Lola Wowables™ to bring them back to their former glory. This cleaning tool is absolutely clean and lint-free so you can prevent mirror streaking. You may find Lola’s Sticky Mop useful as well. It can make window and mirror cleaning easier because it will help you remove dust and dirt with the adhesive sheets on its mop head. It also has an extendable arm that will expand your reach enabling you to cover wide areas.

With these tasks that you can do week by week, we’re sure you’ll be kept busy till this pandemic is completely over and before you come back to your usual routine.

When there’s Gust there is Dust: How to Clean Effectively When it’s Windy

When there’s Gust there is Dust: How to Clean Effectively When it’s Windy

Air is one of the things that made us realize that not because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there. Gusty winds on the other hand, are another thing because you will probably SEE these through the things that they are carrying. Be it leaves, trash, stones, twigs, and many more. You might even feel them flying around or hitting you.

Today we will discussing some tips on how to deal with the aftermath of wind surges. We also have a list of recommendations on what is best to use to help you clean your home.

Strong winds will carry tons of dust and dirt particles that will stick outside of your home. This may not seem troubling but when dirt and dust builds up, your home will start to look dull on the outside. Its color will start to fade; there will be an effect on wood materials as well. It might even invite unwanted guests such as insects and other types of vermin. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ will be of great help. You can use its adhesive mop head inside and outside your home; on the floor, on your walls, and even on furniture to remove whatever filth you can find.

If the dirt brought by the winds is tough that parts of your home needs washing, you can also seek help from our Wowables™You can use it to wipe clean walls, mirrors, doors and other surfaces. It is also for drying and removing of stains. Because it is treated with anti-microbial agent and it is made washable, you can use it many repeatedly.

360° Extender Duster Set on the other hand is made specifically to collect dust from different surfaces. It also has an extendable handle that you can use to reach tight gaps, narrow corners and high places such as cupboards and furniture tops.

Aside from the exterior walls of your house, trash and other types of mess will also be scattered around it; on your garden, backyard, front porch, etc. You will need a tool that is durable and powerful enough to carry these into one place so you can easily scoop them up and put them into the trash bin. Lola Corn Broom will surely do just that! With its natural fiber and corn bristles sewed together, it can be used efficiently to clean outdoor patios, garages, and backyards. It is also washable with cool water so it is okay to use it on tough dirt.

Last but not the least, Lola Deck Scrub Brush is for hard-to-remove stains embedded on your concrete or cement floor. So there will be no worries even if the strong winds cause fruits to fall from trees and leave stains because you have an effective tool that you can count on when it comes to clean up time.

There are times where it is necessary to evacuate and go to a safer place. But, there are also times that you have to face the problem head on especially when it is about dealing with trash.

Cleaning and Maintaining Antiques and Collectibles

Cleaning and Maintaining Antiques and Collectibles

For collectors, every cleaning is literally a ‘make it or break it’ moment for their collection, whereas mistakes are costly so they need to be extremely cautious in their every move. The cleaning process varies depending on the materials used in making the item.

Here, we will narrow down our discussion to cleaning antique wood, antique metal and general collectible items along with some product recommendations that will ensure the preservation of their quality:

Antique Wood

Our first tip is to avoid using water as it can easily get into the wood grain or between wood veneers that can lead to different issues such as swelling, buckling, and separation of the wood. Also, avoid using products that require diluting with a lot of water or any high-liquid cleaning solution to prevent any irreversible effect to the quality of your antiques.

Use only soft 100% cotton cloth such as Lola’s All Purpose cloth and carefully wipe the furniture in circular motions so you will not leave any damage. Also, avoid harmful or intense chemicals for cleaning. Instead, you can use solutions such as mineral spirits to treat antique wood furniture.

Meanwhile, our super absorbent Cellulose Sponge Cloth is perfect for cleaning and drying glasses and mirrors on the furniture. They ensure no moisture will be left and that the glass will not have any streaks or stains.

Antique Metal

Rust is the main problem of antique metal collectors. This means soft cloth and cleaning solution will not work. Instead, you have to look for a better tool to deal it. Something with an abrasive surface such as our Wonder Scourer™ Non Scratch Scouring Pad that you can use to brush off the rust without leaving scratches to the metal. Just be careful not to use it on polished surfaces to prevent scratching it.

You can also try our Lola Wowables™ in applying an appropriate cleaning solution, wiping clean the metal right after brushing off the rust, and wiping the metal dry/making sure there is no more solution left on it.

Collectibles Items

People usually collect several things. It may vary from toys, coins, comic books, stamps and many more. These items are kept commonly because of two reasons; either high monetary or sentimental value.

There is a general rule whereas seldom do these items need to be cleaned with water. Either because of what they are made of or because it may affect their quality. So avoid using it unless you do not mind them having lesser or zero monetary value.

Most collectible items need only dusting. Even if you keep them on glass drawer, dust may still stick into them so dusting them regularly is a must. Use soft and light cleaning materials on their boxes and on the items themselves. 360° Extender Duster Kit can offer its gentle touch that removes dirt and dust without affecting the collectibles. You can also use our Jumbo Microfiber cleaning cloth, which is also gentle but has fibers that can easily pick-up dirt.
BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH, 3x A DAY: Why brushing and scrubbing your floor important

BRUSH, BRUSH, BRUSH, 3x A DAY: Why brushing and scrubbing your floor important

You might see scrubbing your floor as one of the tasks that seem impossible to become pain-free. You might even laugh at us if we say that we know ways on how to make it easier for you. However, trust us in this because we are here to offer serious help.

In reality, cleaning your floors does not have to feel so bad. That back-pain does not always have to be there and you should not settle on not being able to clean gaps and narrow corners just because you cannot reach for them. In this article, we will be explaining to you the importance of brushing and scrubbing your floor along with some tips on how to clean properly.

Your kids or pets can lie, roll, and play on it – One of the main reasons why you should take floor cleaning seriously is because your children and pets have access to it most of the time. This means they are exposed to whatever is in your floor be it germs, dirt, or chemicals. Therefore, for the sake of your family and yourself, cleaning your home should be your priority. Aside from sweeping and mopping, scrubbing and brushing it with our Any Which Way™ Flexible Scrub Brush is also necessary. This cleaning tool is versatile and helps reach into gaps. Its bristles are also capable of cleaning even the thinnest crevice.

The floor has one of the widest surfaces areas inside your home – Aside from the walls, the floors of your home acts as its skin from the inside. This means it also needs great attention. Meanwhile, for tougher cleaning tasks, you can surely count on our Large Brush Scrub. It is durable, and gentle to your hand. Therefore, it will not be hard to scrub the filth away on many different areas!

You and your home is more connected to it than you know – Your foot, shoes, and slippers comes into contact with the floor. This means when enter from the outside, you bring all the dirt and germs inside with you. Through the floor, these can spread easily to other parts of the house. So, we highly recommend using the Lola Deck Scrub Brush combined with your preferred cleaning agents to deal with your outside patios, decks, asphalt, tile, cement. This helps minimize the amount of cleaning you have to do inside your home.

Leaving it uncleaned may cause accidents – Grime and mold buildup combined with moisture can cause you or your family members to slip on your floor, putting you at risk of having serious injury. Our Handled Scrubber is good for tough filth removal. Please it has a handle that is easy and convenient to hold making cleaning less painful for you. After every cleaning, our Wowables™ is also available to  dry surfaces and remove extra stains.

A Guide To Dealing with Spills

A Guide To Dealing with Spills

We encounter spills and stains almost daily in our life and within our households. It happens when we are cleaning, eating, decorating the house, and doing other activities that puts us near fluids and liquid materials.

Aside from being extra careful, we also have to be prepare for the cleanup because accidents do happen inevitably.  During these times, an absorbent material such as cleaning towel is what we need. However, it can’t be JUST ANY cleaning towel. It must be effective and appropriate for the surface and the spill you will be cleaning.

Here are some of our cleaning cloth products together with a guide on how you can deal with spills using them:

Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N’ Wipe™ ClothIf you are trying to clean-off spilled soup or juice on your table or sink, we think that this is what you need. This odor resistant cleaning cloth is treated with antimicrobial agents that prevents the growth of most bacteria in it. So rest assured that it can stay effective for a longer

Compared to common paper towels, this one is reusable/washable so you’ll have no problem after wiping off spilled milk or coffee because you just have to rinse it and you can use it again.

You should choose this clean n’ wipe cloth instead of makeshift rags because those can spread disease-causing microorganisms.   

Lola Wowables™When dealing with water, and we mean LOTS of water, what do you think is the best cleaning cloth to use? For us, it is the Lola Wowables™. It is third party-tested to be 4 times more absorbent and 5 times stronger than the average paper towel.

What we are proud of with most of our cleaning cloths is that use can use them even without chemicals.  Just like this one that was made without using harmful substances or bleach. To use it again, just rinse and wring out.  It can be used for weeks without the help of chemicals or substances.

Lola Wowables™ is also for spilled paint or stains because it is strong enough and thick enough to absorb substances that are denser than water.

Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning ClothJust like the others, this one cleans without chemicals. However, the most special of this cleaning cloth is that is has millions of micro poly fibers that can dig into cracks and crevices to deep clean them. This means if you can clean spilled sugar in between the tiles of your kitchen countertop.

Cellulose Sponge ClothWhen working in your kitchen and dealing with glass surfaces and kitchenware; you have to be extra cautious because one wrong move can cause a unpleasant scratch or irreversible damage.

In case of spills, you must use the right cleaning cloth. What we mean by that is this cleaning product. It does not scratch, streak, or leave lint and it absorbs up to 20 times its weight in water. In addition, it is quick drying so it serves as a wonderful partner in cooking and in food preparation.

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