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TIPS FOR A SELLABLE HOME: Grooming Your Home To Be More Attractive To Buyers

TIPS FOR A SELLABLE HOME: Grooming Your Home To Be More Attractive To Buyers

Whether it’s a fully furnished house or an empty space you are putting up for grabs, it is similarly important to do some preparations to make your house attractive for the next buyer especially if you are eyeing to get a good price for it. But worry not because it doesn’t have to be expensive. You don’t have to buy any additional furniture. Instead, you can focus more on cleaning.  Here are some cleaning tips before you put the ‘for sale’ sign:

Sweep and Declutter – Buyers must view the home as spacious and welcoming. But this won’t be possible if you would show it to them filled with all kinds of stuff. So, before revealing it to its future occupants, make sure you clean and empty all major living areas such as countertops, tables, and windowsills. You also have to make sure that they are free from dirt. Use Lola Swiffer® Sweeper Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth to effectively clean these parts of your house. Also clean the insides of closets, drawers, and cupboards. It is also important to do some sweeping with Lola Angle Broom.

It’s up to you if you will donate or sell your excess stuff and donate it as long as it will be cleared and put off-site. Packing up before hand is not just to make it easier to sell the house, but it also makes moving out faster and more convenient.

De-personalize the House – One effective strategy in selling a house is to make someone envision how great their life would be settling in that house. You have to convince them that it is a place where they can start making wonderful memories. But, with your mark all over the place, it won’t be possible. So, as the seller, you have to make sure that anything that will remind them of any previous life may affect how they see the house. Instead, you must make them feel that this house is something they can own. This can be easily done by removing all your personal items including furniture and family photos.

Repaint Walls to Neutral Tones – a neutral light color allows buyers to imagine what the walls would look like with the color of their choice. So, it will be easier for them to picture themselves living on it. However, dirt and stains become more visible on walls with light colors as time pass by, so regular cleaning is important.  You can remove all sorts of dirt on these walls including webs using the Lola Rola Sticky Mop™. It is also easier to put new paint when the walls are clean and smooth.

Check Out for Possible Source of Foul Odor – Any remaining bad smells or lingering odors from your bathroom or kitchen, can instantly become a major turn-off. This is why it is important to do some deep cleaning instead of just covering it all up with deodorizers. Instead, use some effective soap along with Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth to scrub the counters, floors, and walls. This is effective in killing molds, germs, and invisible bacteria that causes the stink.

Make Everything Spotless – Even if you have already done some initial cleaning with your house, it is important to clean some more. To make sure it looks good and attractive all of the time. Using Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Comparable Rubaway™ Eraser Pads By Lola check areas that you might have missed and wipe them thoroughly to remove scuffs and marks. Exert extra effort on the bathroom and make sure the tile, counters, shower, and floors are sparkly clean. You must take note that the key to having a sellable house is to make every part of it perfectly clean all the time.

Common Struggles when Doing Deep Spring Cleaning

Common Struggles when Doing Deep Spring Cleaning

Most of us see Spring as a season of sunshine and blooming flowers. But aside from that, it's also known as the time of year to bring out cleaning supplies, grind with them, and clean every corners of our home.

Spring Cleaning has become an annual ritual that reminds us to freshen up our homes ahead of the hectic seasons of spring and summer. It is a must to do it correctly but it doesn’t come easy so expect that there will be challenges and problems along the way.

As part of the preparations, one shall understand the challenges that he is about to face. So here we will explain some of those Spring-Cleaning problems and how you can overcome them.

Incomplete tools or cleaning supplies

In doing spring cleaning, it’s not enough that you are just eager, you must also be capable. What makes you capable is not only a pair of hands and feet but adequate cleaning tools. You will be needing brooms, mops, a good amount of cleaning cloths, appropriate cleaning liquids, and scrubs. But not just the ordinary, you must use effective and reliable tools that will surely get the job done. Just like Lola Wowables, Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, Angle Broom, and Scrub Brush.

Slips, falls and wet floors

Slips, trips and falls are the most common of causes related to spring cleaning that often lead to accidents and serious injuries. They can potentially broken bones, cuts and lacerations, sprained joints or strained muscles. Walking on wet or extremely slippery surfaces such as highly polished floors made from marble, terrazzo, or ceramic tiles is often the cause of these accidents. Solve this problem with Lolas ultra-absorbent The Revolution™ Microfiber Spin Mop System which doesn’t only clean effectively but also absorbs up to 10x its weight in water!


We may not be aware of it, but there are chemicals called Asthmagens which can trigger the development of asthma even in healthy people. Aside from checking the label of the cleaning products such as floor and tile cleaners to avoid those with ethanolamines and formaldehyde, you should also equip yourself with the Lola Wowables to pick up any harmful particles on tables and other reachable surfaces while the Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ got your back to reach the ceiling, high walls and narrow corners!


Many pests such as ants, cockroaches, mice, flies, and spiders exist in our home without us knowing. Many of these insect cause allergies and aggravate asthma, while mice and their waste carry hantavirus which is a potentially deadly disease. This is why it's important to know how to get rid of mice as soon as you notice the signs they're lurking nearby. Maintain the cleanliness of your surrounding checking and sweeping corners and gaps with Lola Angle Broom to remove potential food source for these pests.  

The Relation of a Clean Home to having a Healthy Well-being

The Relation of a Clean Home to having a Healthy Well-being

How many people do you think clean their home for health reasons such as a preventive measure for diseases and not just as a habit?

It is common sense that cleanliness in the home plays an important role in maintaining a healthy environment. Yet, not everyone is practicing proper sanitation and hygiene even though they are aware of the health risks that are associated with lack of cleanliness.

But it’s not that hard to maintain proper hygiene and promote good health and cleaning is proven to have positive impact on our emotional, mental and physical health as well as on our general wellbeing.

Check out some of the benefits of having regular cleaning habits and how they can be achieved:

Minimized Risk of Allergies – Cleaning regularly to minimize dust and irritating allergens in the home is essential for people with asthma, respiratory problems, or allergies. Simple cleaning habits such as dusting and mopping to get rid of dust mites, dust, and various allergens that can lead to illness is what will help ease their symptoms and make it easier for them to breath. So, use Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ to pickup dust, dirt, web, and pet fur and make your home more comfortable for people who have breathing difficulties and delicate skin conditions.

Improved Sanitation through Proper Disinfection – To kill viruses, bacteria and microorganisms inside your home that expose you to health problems, deep cleaning and disinfection is needed, what you need aside from a powerful cleanser is a reliable too that will effectively fight against harmful bacteria. Lola Anti-microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths is treated with antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of microorganisms, so most bacteria, mold, mildew and fungi will not grow on it making it perfect to sanitize surfaces within the home to keep you and your family away from germs.

Slowed Mold Growth – When spotting the growth of mold, one must be focused and must deal with the problem immediately because mold can pose a risk to people’s health by causing major health issues such as allergies or asthma. To prevent this, you should regularly inspect your home on a to detect problems as soon as possible, and control mold growth using Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth that cleans deep in between gaps and crevices where mold starts to grow.

Lower Risk of Injuries – Disorganized pile of boxes and pieces of furniture as well as wet, slipper floors are usually the cause of many household accidents. They trip and they slip, and the last thing you’ll know, they have injuries. Putting them into the right place ensure that there’s nothing on the way of every member of the house that will endanger their safety. Wipe the wet floors and surfaces with Lola Wowables to assure that everyone’s out of trouble.

Stress-free Environment – Simple sweeping or organizing your things can reduce the stress that you are feeling. Making your surrounding brighter can also make you feel much better. So, set aside all the stress and do some light cleaning using the Dual-Purpose Angle Broom to forget what bothers you.

Effective Pest Control – Bugs and other types of household pests love damp and dirty areas where they can hide and thrive. But they’ll never be at peace if you do regular cleaning because that makes them easy to discover. That way, you can also do immediate and appropriate actions. However, aside from having regular exterminations, you should also practice cleaning the floors and corners with a broom and a mop to clear out wastes and stagnant pools of water. Use Lola Mop & Broom “4-In-One” Snap -In Cleaning Kit which helps clean and absorb moist from hidden areas, while Lola The Equalizer™ Fly Swatter is there as a weapon to terminate annoying and disease-spreading flies that goes around your food.

SECRET LIFE OF PESTS: How To Deal With Pest Infestation Using Regular Cleaning Tools

SECRET LIFE OF PESTS: How To Deal With Pest Infestation Using Regular Cleaning Tools

Think of this riddle “What lives with you at home that you may cross paths with almost every day yet you are not always aware of?”

Sounds like an intro for a horror story, right? Except that this is scarier because this happens in real life.

Pests comes in different types but what’s common to them is they often exists out of our sight and it’s difficult to turn a blind eye especially knowing that deep within your very home, there are creatures creeping in the shadows, lurking in the dark bringing slow destruction while putting you at risk of illnesses.

Whether its mice, termites, fleas, or other insects, they are all the same when it comes to bringing disruption and damage to your home, furniture, and other belongings, the only difference is the level of destruction and the effects that they bring.

But, don’t lose hope because using simple tools, you can prevent them from festering and growing. Check out some of these things to start your resistance and reclaim your house:


Leftover crumbs and other particles may serve as a source of food to insects. This attracts and support the growth of the pest’s population which eventually leads to a bigger trouble.

Indeed, spiders and their webs help in controlling the number of insects in the surrounding. But they must have their place and you must have yours. Plus, they also have their fair share of trouble contribute in collecting dirt which falls and sticks on the walls, floor and furniture.

With Lola Rola Sticky Mop, not only can you assure that no food source can draw pests within your home, but you can keep spiders away and collect the web they have left on the corners of your home.

Cleaning Cloth

Meanwhile, wet and dirty surfaces are considered paradise for mice, roaches and other insects. But, with the use of Lola Wowables and Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths, you can deal with moisture and prevent dirt from building up into grime which harbor germs or bacteria towards your home.

Sponges and Scourers

Sponges are also useful to absorb moisture from droplets and spills to avoid attracting unwanted attention from critters while steel and copper scourer can be used to block holes and gaps where most of these pests enter your home. Use Lola Jumbo Stainless Steel Scourer so mice won’t be able to enter your home anymore. They can’t chew or nibble on it so they will be helpless and left with no choice but to stay away!

In your battle against these unwanted tenants which brings nothing but destruction and sickness, your ultimate weapons are within reach. Knowing how to use them saves you money and time because you don’t have to buy expensive chemicals and tools or hire services to do the job for you.

It’s true that knowing your enemy is one thing to beat them but what assures your victory is knowing and understanding that things that you can use to defeat them.

Babyproofing your home: The Do's and Don’ts

Babyproofing your home: The Do's and Don’ts

Welcoming a new baby in your home is not all fun and games because there are serious preparations to do before the infant finally arrives. Obviously, the baby won’t do much when inside the house aside from sleeping all day. But the parents as well as the other members of the household will have lots of responsibilities. So, lack of preparations will make things much more difficult to handle when the baby is already there. That’s why its important to settle everything ahead of time.

If you are one of those who are expecting a new family member soon, check these tips on how you can prepare your home before welcoming the new member of the family:

First of all, the baby’s first months will require very close attention from the parents so they are expected to be placed very close to where the parents will be sleeping; either on a crib or on the bed itself. But regardless of these two, what matters is that the things around the infant must be kept safe.

Avoid putting large, heavy pillows and blankets that might be a source of accidents. Aside from making sure that all clothing beddings are hypoallergenic, they must also be checked and cleaned regularly to make sure there are no dirt and dust trapped in them. Using Lola Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth, harmful dust and allergens can be removed not only within the bed but also on the surrounding appliances and wood furniture

You also have to ensure that all openings such as windows and doors, as well as corners, gaps, and furniture are all dust-free to protect the baby who is still vulnerable, sensitive, and prone to diseases. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ can come in handy because unlike other mops created only for floor cleaning, this one is completely versatile and can be used on the ceiling and on walls.

It is also important to always have a towel by your side as it will come in handy for wiping toys and other baby equipment. Avoid using makeshift rugs to clean materials that will come into contact with the child as it could put him/her at risk.

Only use a tool made out of safe and effective cleaning material just like Lola AntiMicrobial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths which is perfect in preventing the growth of bacteria. In case of milk spills or when your baby has unexpectedly taken a leak or gone number two without his/her diaper, you can rely on Lola Wowables™ to clean surfaces. It is effective, free from harmful chemicals, and more durable and long lasting compared to regular paper towels! It is also reusable and it comes in many pieces per roll so it is practical and cost-effective.

These are just the basic and general tips that you have to keep in mind. There might be others that are suitable depending on your situation and lifestyle. What’s important is that you keep the safety and wellbeing of the child as the number one priority because unlike material things which can easily be bought, our little one’s life is irreplaceable.
Five Basic Feng Shui-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Five Basic Feng Shui-Friendly Cleaning Tips

Most of us only knew Feng Shui as a philosophical system or simply put, through lucky charms and furniture arrangements. Not knowing that other simple daily routines such as cleaning also has to do with it. So, believing in it is actually not just about depending on pure luck but also doing something such as cleaning. Here are some cleaning tips that according to Feng Shui can also bring good fortune straight into your door.

Always Look After All Your Doors

In Feng Shui, doors are considered as portals in which opportunities enter into your life. This is why your doors deserve a bit of your attention. It is important that you make sure all your doors are working properly. Do check every hardware functions right up into the hinges. Look to see that the door can close well and with ease as this is said to influence the flow of energy.

Cleaning may differ whether it’s made out of wood or metal. Some wood may not be cleaned with water as the will deteriorate. It is advisable to use effective cleaning materials such as Lola Wowables to carefully wipe corners and hinges. It has anti-microbial material which stops the growth of germs on the door’s surface. Simply put, if you want to the flow of luck to be as smooth as possible, then you better secure its passage.

Clean all windows                     

The windows are said to symbolize your eyes to the world. We want to be able to see and experience everything that the universe has to offer us. However, it often becomes a place where dirt and dust pile up. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is a must have, in this case! You can also use it on the surrounding walls, and even on your carpets and your floor.

Experts say good Feng Shui can be created in our home, through cleaning windows on a regular basis as this lets in more sunlight which brightens up the place. This makes our homes more expansive, vibrant, and energetic. Metaphorically, clean windows wake us up to see the world around us with the most color, clarity, and precision.

Declutter and Clear Space as Much as Possible

Feng Shui says our environment especially at home retains the energetic imprint of those that inhabit the spaces. So, it is always recommendable to spend some time burning off the old energy to welcome fresh and new chi. Spraying essential oils with water is one way to do this. But it is also important to be organized on our things. Throw away those that are not useful anymore as they motivate stagnancy. Also make sure that everything is free of dirt which attracts negative energy. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is a useful tool to make sure no dirt will remain on hidden corners.

Hang a Clean Mirror

For small living rooms, mirrors are said to have the capability to bring expansion by making it look and feel bigger. It is important that it is clear and owners are advised to be mindful of what the mirror is reflecting, as it doubles the energy of whatever it sees. So, it is a must to have a mirror large and clear enough for you to see your entire head, shoulders, and chest line to ensure you capture your aura. Make sure that it is always crystal-clear using Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Make Way for Some Light

Energy efficient lightbulbs lasts longer and gives a more natural lighting. It is also associated with the fire element which is among the five that should be represented in the room for harmony and peace. It is important in improving Feng Shui to keep dark corners and shadows illuminated especially in the living room. There is no bulb that shines brighter than those that are cleaned regularly with delicate cloth material such as Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloth aka "Swedish Cloths" made perfect for things made out of glass.
Reusable Cleaning Towel As An Important Tool For Craftsmen

Reusable Cleaning Towel As An Important Tool For Craftsmen

People who do manual labor usually work using a lot of different things meaning they also deal with some mess depending on what they do. For many of them, using makeshift rugs as cleaning cloths may seem enough to clean after themselves and their surroundings.  That’s understandable because it’s just cheap and easy to make. But they aren’t always effective in cleaning.

Their jobs are already tough and difficult and their own ways. So, cleaning should not be as stressful anymore for these skillful and passionate workers. Let’s discuss here some blue-collar jobs and affordable Lola cleaning cloth products that they may find very useful while on duty.

Let’s began with Carpenters who typically work with wood and other materials, such as fiberglass, to create and repair structures. Most of the time, they usually measure and cut different sorts of materials. They get exposed, they produce some mess, and they get themselves all sweaty. Hence, they may find Lola All Purpose Cloth useful.

On the other hand, Mechanics deal with grease, diesel, oil and grime almost every day. Thus, they can use Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe to clean the surfaces and insides of vehicles, motors and machines that they are working on. 

While sculptor and pot makers who do their masterpiece out of wood, marble or clay, may find their hands often dirty. Knowing how important precision is for them, they must have a cleaning cloth that will give them strong and stable grip on their tools. Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth will help a lot in that case. It can be used on their tools as well as on their finished products so it won’t pick up dirt. With it, they don’t have to use any chemicals anymore that may only damage their equipment.  

Now, we can only imagine how messy it can be for Plumbers to do repair works on kitchen sinks and bathroom pipes. So, plumbers are in great need of cleaning tools to maintain a clean working space. But that wouldn’t be so hard because Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloths are here to save the day. The Lola Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth can be attached to a mop and used to clean tiles and floors in case of leak while the sponge cloths are great to wipe pipes.

Chefs and Bakers may already be familiar with the cheesecloth but not all of them are aware that it cannot only be used as covering for food or as strainer but also to clean silverware and pots as it has enough friction to remove water stains and other gunk. Lola Cheesecloth can be used by itself or damp with a little baking soda for polishing. It just may return pots and pans to their original shine.

All of the products mentioned above are all washable and reusable. Aside from these, Lola Wowables can also be used by any of these craftsmen regardless of what craft they do. It is versatile and truly effective as well as economical due to its affordable price.

Strategies To Have A More Instagram-able Home

Strategies To Have A More Instagram-able Home

Many people are investing on make ups to make themselves look good. They think that this is the only thing they need to make a good photo. Little did they know that the best look can never be achieved if they don’t mind their surroundings. After all, what’s the sense of having a pretty face without a good background, right?

These days, Instagram photos featuring selfies are too cliché. Then what kind of photos would people possibly adore now? Well, aside from pictures of puppies and kittens, it’s fair to say that warm and welcoming houses are a thing now.

Decorations doesn’t have to be grand, nor furniture that expensive to be able to take pride on what you call a home. It doesn’t have to be a mansion but as long as you put effort to it and you fill it with love, it would be as picture-perfect as any other luxurious homes you see online.

Check out these tips on how to make your humble abode, a place like no other:

Put Up A Theme

One thing that pleases the eye when looking at photos is harmony. You can put this at your home whether through colors or shapes that compliment each other. Choose the kind of furniture and display that suits your style, outfit or make up and rest assured that your next post would be absolutely stunning and eye-catching.

Don’t put too much dangles

In their efforts to make their photos appealing, some people unconsciously add distraction instead through dangles and hanging displays that snatches the focus on the real subject which is usually the person in the image.

Spice Up Your Kitchen

Want to make food photos look appetizing? Do something about your kitchen! Put some added style, colors and dynamics. Don’t’ let it become dull and plain. Make sure everything is organized and in order.

Make kitchen wares and fruits look shinier by brushing or wiping them first. Lola’s Wowables is effective in bringing gleam to cooking tools so they will look more stunning as displays. While Eco Clean™ Tampico Vegetable Brush is perfect for hard-skinned vegetables, fruits and spices to make them look more fresh and delightful. Sprinkling them with some water will help make them look more mouth-watering.

Apply Some Designer Paint or Wallpaper

The walls are considered the skin of your home. Obviously, you want them to look good as much as you want your skin to be smooth, glowing and moisturized. Make it radiant by bringing out your own style through colors or designs that are unique to your personality. Choose high-quality paint or wallpapers to have it covered only with the best designs. You can also keep it clean and dust-free using Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ which is effective in collecting dirt and dust on high and wide spaces.

Polish Your Floor

Let your floor shine! Doing this will highlight cleanliness and will give an extra glimmer to your photos! With Lola Microfiber Spritz N' Mop, surfaces such as Hardwood, Ceramic Tile, Marble, Stone, Vinyl and Linoleum will be sparkly clean with just a few swipes!

Now you can always be ‘picture-perfect’ not only with a pretty face but also with a pleasant-looking home with the help of the right products and the tips mentioned above.
Basic Cleaning Materials that Workaholics Must Keep Within Reach

Basic Cleaning Materials that Workaholics Must Keep Within Reach

They say it is easier to be a workaholic than to get your life in order. It makes sense that its more convenient to make mess than to clean after yourself.

But one will soon realize how hard it can be to concentrate and give your best to your work when everything around you is a mess. We can’t deny that success is indeed messy at times but after every step, there should be some cleaning.

But if you don’t have much time to move around and put things back in order, then might as well just keep tools near you so you can pull them out anytime to do some quick cleaning.

Check out these cleaning tools that might be useful for dedicated workers who don’t have much time to spare:

Reusable towel

Whether it is for wiping off the spilled coffee, removing dirt, or bringing back the shine on your table, having a clean reusable towel beside you is very handy anytime to make sure your workplace stays a clean safe space without any hindrance around. You can use Lola all-purpose cloth for various kinds of stains, Wowables to absorb moisture on different surfaces, and Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth for deep cleaning.

Handheld brush/broom

Depending on your work, different kinds of materials may scatter around requiring a tool that will help you sweep and pick up it instantly. These large pieces of waste and other particles under the table, around the office or within your workshop. You’ll find it very useful to be able to pull out any of these Lola brushes anytime; Large Scrub Brush for wide areas, Any Which Way Flexible Scrub Brush for corners and gaps, and Lola Whisk Broom to bring out stuck dust and dirt.


Dust triggers allergies and minor diseases that can worsen its negative effects in the body compromising not only your health but also the people around you. Now, it would be difficult to work if there’s an ailment that bothers you? Lola refillable Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth is here for you, armed with a soft pad that is perfect for tough dust cleaning. 


Mops are handy when you want to fight off tough stains and dirt stuck on narrow corners or up high the ceiling. It would be disturbing to have pieces of cobwebs or particles falling around you. In this case, having one Lola Rola Sticky Mop is important as it has an extending handle that lets you reach dirt quickly no matter where they hide. No more stressful cleaning because with this tool, you can deal with your problems with just a few swipes.

Hard work will eventually pay off no matter the struggle. But it’s still better and more comforting to work with a clean environment and relax afterwards knowing that your surrounding is neat and there’s nothing for you to worry about.

Cleaning only small portions at a time can also help you a lot if you find it hard to manage your time, little by little, with the tools above, you get to focus on areas that urgently needs cleaning so you can continue working and just get back to cleaning later on.
Simple Cleaning Steps After Moving Into Your New Home

Simple Cleaning Steps After Moving Into Your New Home

The first thing that you have to do after moving into your new home except celebrating is to put everything in order which means there would be a lot of cleaning before you can finally settle comfortably in your new abode. This is something that most of us may experience but many of us are also unaware and often frustrated on where to begin.

To keep it simple, this process doesn’t have to be so complicated. However, it depends on the size of your new home, the number of furniture and belongings, and the arrangement that you wanted to make. 

Now, the tendency is after putting everything down from your previous home, the place is filled with piles and boxes. Just seeing all that will make everything feel stressful.

Worry not, because here we’ll help you with some cleaning tips that you may find useful in making your new place unlike any other.

First things first, put every box on the part of the house where their contents belong. For example, the boxes containing kitchen and cooking wares obviously should be brought directly to the kitchen while the clothes and mattresses should head straight to the bedroom. The point of this is to organize the cleaning process itself whereas you can clean your home area by area. It easier that way because you already have everything that you need to put there so there’s lesser chance of misplacing your things unless they are randomly put in your box.

Next thing you have to do is to make sure nothing has brought in dirt or dust from your previous home or from the transport vehicle. If you see boxes or crates that are dirty, you can either take them out first to remove the dust or take out its content first before putting the containers outside far from your home so they won’t spread the dirt which would only add extra work. You can use Lola Rola Sticky Mop to conveniently and quickly pick up all the dirt and prevent them from building up. 

Now it’s time to sweep and mop the floor, wipe the tables and the countertops. Lola also have Angle Brooms and mops such as the Light and Easy™ Super Cloth Mop and Flexible Dust Mop which you can use to shine your floor. Dusty countertops? No problem! Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth attracts dirt and dust like a magnet.

After making sure that all surfaces are already neat, it’s now time to organize your furniture and put them where you want them to be permanently placed. Assuming that you finish all of these before the day ends, you can then give yourself some time to set up some design based on your preference.

The last thing that you would want to do is to fix the bed and put on some sheets or at least set it up for you to have a comfortable rest on your first day.

Take note that it is not mandatory to have all of these done on the first day. For some it may less than a day while for some it may take a couple of days. But, it’s still all up to you as well as on the number of help you have. As long as there’s progress on the hours you spent going around your new house, then your first day is worth it. 

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