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Basic Cleaning You Can Teach To Your Children

Basic Cleaning You Can Teach To Your Children

Childhood is a crucial stage in one’s life as it is where we learn and develop a lot of things. So, for parents who have young children, it is important that they impart not only knowledge but also discipline and other important habits such as cleaning which they can practice and can be useful in their daily lives.

So, here we will be discussing some basic and simple cleaning habits that you can start teaching your child as early as 3yrs old to start practicing him/her to become a responsible individual.

Cleaning After They Eat

Most kids will be able to eat alone as early as three without depending to their parents. But, what many of them fail to to clean the mess they’ve made after their meals. As a parent, it is important that we teach them that it is their responsibility to clean up after they have eaten. You can start by teaching them how to wipe the table with the help of Lola Anti-Microbial Clean n’ Wipe Cloth and to bring their used plates to the sink or dishwasher.


Making Their Beds

Another easy task that we can teach our young is to make their beds after waking up. It is as simple as organizing the pillows and the sheets. But it will be a huge progress if we will be able to teach them how to properly fold their blankets. Doing so will help them develop a disciplined attitude that they will carry as they grow up.

Maintaining and Organizing their toys (and other belongings)

Children could be messy most of the times and it is often through their toys and other belongings. We can observe that many kids just leave them wherever they want after using them. If this continues, the child brings with him/her an unpleasant behavior that could turn to something much worse. So, as early as now, we must teach them how to keep things properly and how to put our belongings back in order as a way to take care of it.

Being responsible for a household chore

Just give them one simple task for now and that would be enough. Teach them how to sweep the floor with Lola Angle Broom, take out the trash or wipe the table or windows with Lola Wowables-Reusable Paper Towels. The point of it is for them to know that they have to contribute in maintaining cleanliness at home. It will also make them feel like they are part not just of a family but of a team. You might not realize it but this could help them work not just an individual but also as a member of a group.

Worry not because your kids could still very well enjoy their childhood while you are starting to teach them simple things that will be useful for their future. Know that it’s never too early as long as it will make them better individuals as they grow up.

10 Cleaning Habits that You Should Keep or Leave Behind This 2020

10 Cleaning Habits that You Should Keep or Leave Behind This 2020

Another year means a new start in life. We may have lots of discrepancies on the past year but I’m sure we can still make up to it. However, this is only possible if we willingly drop all the bad cleaning habits that we had this year and start next year with better ones.

To help you with this, here we’ll discuss the cleaning habits that you must retain or start doing and those that you must learn to avoid doing for a better and cleaner 2020.


Utilization of spaces

Having a crowded home is not only because of too many furniture or too many people living in the household. Sometimes, it is also because space was not properly used and maximized. So, this upcoming new year, we should all learn an important lesson; that our homes could be brighter and better if we properly design it with wise allocation of space. Put out organizers and maximize the use of cabinets, drywall anchors and screws.

Cleaning regularly          

We may be busy with our daily lives doing our work, studies or caring for our families but we should not neglect our home. Doing a general cleaning once or twice a week or a month is enough to maintain the cleanliness of your home and prevent the build-up of dirt and dust. You may find Lola Whisk broom or Angle Broom useful in these kinds of tasks as they are not only affordable but also effective when it comes to intense cleaning.



Keeping unnecessary things at your home is like literally storing trash. Why keep it if there’s no use of it anymore? It is now time to throw away or better yet make something out of the things that you have kept for years. Dig up on the piles of your belongings and see if there’s something you can dispose and then organize those that remains useful. 

Using the wrong cleaning tools and products

Your home’s protective finishes can easily be damaged by harsh chemicals while some cleaning products build-up and ruin what you're trying to keep clean. Products such as an acid-based cleaner can etch stone on marble countertops while using liquid or paste floor wax on laminate or wooden floors sealed with polyurethane will leave the finish looking dull and dirty. Without this wax, the factory-applied sealant can eventually be damaged. This goes similarly with cleaning tools which are not appropriate in your home. So, use only the best and effective.

Don’t be fooled by cheap prices or false promises. Instead, trust the proven and tested when it comes to intense cleaning. For example, instead of using the usual plastic brush with polyester bristles, you can use Lola Eco Clean™ Tampico Brush which are made out of high quality Eco-Friendly Renewable Birch Hardwood and Natural Tampico Fiber.

Forgetting the hidden spots

Many people do clean their home but fail to include the hidden areas where most dirt and dust are building up. These undiscovered areas will then be the source of other dirt and even bacteria or sickness. This is why you wonder why no matter how hard you clean your home; there’s still no change.

We can only welcome this new year with full positivity if we aim to deliver a positive change in our lives. One of the ways we can do this is to carry only the habits that will benefit us and leave those that will not. You can use products such as Lola Rola Sticky Mop or the Swiffer 360° Duster Comparable which both have long handles to reach dirt on high places or narrow gaps and corners.

Welcoming The New Year With A Brighter and Better-Looking Home

Welcoming The New Year With A Brighter and Better-Looking Home

For some, New Year is best welcomed with a new lifestyle, a new hairdo, or a new fashion statement.  While some celebrates it with a newly redecorated home.

Regardless of what change we want to make it doesn’t lessen the excitement that it brings to our lives. It even motivates us to go on and have a better year and to leave the bad memories of the past. But here we’ll focus and discuss more on how to reinvent our homes as welcome a prosperous and bountiful year.

Be filled with Fancy and Stylish Images

Having your favorite painting or photos posted on your walls will always be a wonderful sight every day especially if it features you and your family or friends on your most memorable and happiest moments. Of course, as you hang them, you don’t want them to be a site for a stockpile of dust. So, you should always keep them clean and shiny by wiping your frames and portraits with Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloths.

Living with Metal

You don’t have to be a fan of KISS or Slipknot for this tip to work for you because this more on integrating eclectic items with metallic finish in your home. This includes miniature sculptures, candle holders or stands with rose gold, antique silver or copper colors. Clean and keep these pieces of furniture rust and stain-free with Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe Cloths.

Going on with some Greenery

Plants symbolize new life and growth so it is really suitable to have some if you want to have a fresh breath into your life. Putting some into your home will making more cozier, livelier and more natural. Studies also says plants can relieve stress because owning one can be compared to having a pet. But, be reminded that taking care of it is also important. Treat it as part of your daily routine study and practice how to handle and groom your plant. You also have to clean their pots and your small gardening tools to make sure you won’t injure your favorite green friend. With this, Lola Eco Clean™ Tampico Scrub Brush can be of great help; It is not only natural but also handy and effective for cleaning, buffing and polishing not only pieces of furniture but even your entire home as well!

Declutter and Organize

Most importantly, a trend that will never go out of style is home decluttering. Because out of all the things that we buy all year round, it is inevitable that some of it were no longer useful by the end of the year. So, there is a need to identify and get rid of them if they no longer serve any purpose. This is to give way for more useful things to have space in your life. So, start looking into things and pack them accordingly; you can use a crate or a basket to compile a variety of items with style. This can also help you to do some experiments on how to make your home more elegant. You might not know but this may be the perfect solution for you to find your long-lost belongings waiting to be discovered on hidden corners and piles.

Many of us things that buying new things as part of the new year is what will give us fulfilment in life. But sometimes, all it takes is to go around the house and move some things to see a better angle of the things that you already have.

Must-Bring Cleaning Tools For Your Holiday Vacation

Must-Bring Cleaning Tools For Your Holiday Vacation

It’s always exciting to be on the last month of the year while a new one approaches because this means we all have plenty of time to spend for a holiday vacation especially for those who have been working so hard the whole year.

For those are preparing to go away, regardless if it’s on a beach or a camping area somewhere it is important to think about the important things to bring because being able to bring what you really need is what will make your adventure fun and hassle-free. At this moment, I’m not referring to your diving googles or bottle of sunblock. Instead I like to mention something that might not cross your mind immediately while thinking about an ideal holiday; cleaning tools.

I know what you think; “Meh, that was inappropriate.” But hear me out first. Packing cleaning materials is essential due to several reasons such as in case you get sick, stain a piece of clothing or stay in a place that may be less clean than originally expected. So, here we will discuss some travel friendly cleaning supplies that you may want to bring along depending on to your vacation destination.

If you will be on a Camping Trip, aside from a bar or liquid soap which is important to clean your hands and avoid picking up diseases in the woods, you should also bring dish cloths such as Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloths which you can use in scrubbing dishes, utensils, and cooking gear.

Meanwhile, a small cloth like Lola Wowables can come in handy whenever you need something to wipe your hands and feet off to make sure your RV or your camping tent will be clean at all times.

Garbage bags are also essential to properly dispose wastes or carry wet clothes and laundry to the laundry mat.

Bringing a short-handled broom and mop is also a good idea especially if you are coming with an RV. So, you will be able to sweep off the particles you might have brought from the outside. You can check Lola for their broom and mop products.

Now let’s go the things that you need to bring if you plan on going to the Beach. First and foremost, a supply of stain removing hand wipes to wash off greasy sunscreen and remove stains caused by beach snacks. Good thing that Lola has Anti-microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths - comparable to Clorox® Handi Wipes® for your beach getaway.

Bringing a gentle laundry soap is always relevant in this kind of vacation because it is useful in washing out salt and sand from your body, your clothing and your towels which can be made out of delicate fabrics.

Meanwhile, for those who are up for some sightseeing, a hand sanitizer is your partner as you go around visiting museums, monuments, stores and ride public transportation. If you are staying in a hotel, it is also advisable to bring some disinfectant wipes or spray because you will be coming into contact with common areas such as door knobs, telephones, etc.

Make your trip not only happy but also safe for you and your loved ones. Do not forget to bring the right cleaning supplies as they can help you in your journey to be organized and prevent diseases. You can always check Lola for cleaning products which you can buy and bring-along in your next adventure. Travel safe!


ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Cleaning Materials For Your Christmas Wish List

ALL I WANT FOR CHRISTMAS: Cleaning Materials For Your Christmas Wish List

“I don't want a lot for Christmas, there is just one thing I need.”

As the cold breeze takes over, this line starts to be heard more and more. Along with it are the thoughts of the celebration and of the perfect gifts that will be given and received and there may be a lot of material things going around people’s heads that may set aside thinking about something that is important especially for the celebration; cleaning materials.

 It might not be the first thing to come to mind when talking about a perfect Christmas wish but you can find it reasonable to consider especially if you think about the post-holiday clean up. In this light, we will discuss some of the best cleaning tool gifts that you may include to your Christmas wish list.

Dish Gloves

There’s no denying that the kitchen would be a battlefield after the holiday season with the pile of dishes to wash. So, it is a good idea to ask for something that would be really useful in the busiest of times; an accessory that will not only protect your hands but can also decorate them with color and design. Surely, you can find a picture that may suit your preference and use it so people would know what color or design you want to receive.

Bath Mat

Having an elegant home décor can make your abode brighter and livelier especially on areas where style is not expected such as the bathroom. Putting a bath math on the floor to greet anyone who enters is wonderful or hanging some to be used as extra towels can come in handy. Lola has a variety of cloths that may suit your stylish taste, so why not have a check on it? 

Sponge Holders

Without a fixed place to go, sponges can be often misplaced and put on inappropriate areas where bacteria and molds can grow and fester. This is something you can’t afford during Christmas time where you need it the most. So, a sponge holder can be an ideal gift to help you manage your sink and perhaps decor it by choosing a cute one. 


Sponges are for dishes while scrubbers are for tougher dirt and stains on the sink, the bathroom and other tiled areas. So, make sure you keep everything all shiningly clean by having enough supply of cleaning scrubbers ready to be deployed after Christmas eve.  Lola offers different scrub brushes for different tough situations. 

Broom and dustpan set

A lot of people would be coming around and about on the holidays and imagine how much dust would that bring to your home. This requires a tool that will help you pick everything up easily. This is where Lola Angle Broom with dustpan is perfect.

Kitchen towels

Your kitchen and your table are the busiest areas during the holidays and believe it or not, you would need a lot of TOWELS to wipe and pick up a lot of things. But you don’t want your trash to be filled with disposable napkins and wet wipes, don’t you? What you need is ample number of reusable towels which you can easily wash and conveniently use over and over again without producing too much wastes. Try checking on Lola Wowables or its other towels and you might find the best towels for you!

FOLLOW THE ORDER: Tips to Keep your Things Organized

FOLLOW THE ORDER: Tips to Keep your Things Organized

They say the condition of your very own home can reflect what kind of person you are. At least its cleanliness does. Sure, it's all up to you what design or arrangement you want to put on it. But, you must not forget that it is a must to always make it organized and clean most of the time.

There's no perfect formula for being organized as it depends on an individuals lifestyle, habits, and tastes. But there are some measures that can be done to enhance the effectiveness of any system. This start with being aware that there's something wrong with your current method of organizing. Here are some smart strategies on how to be organized and how you can save time, money, and stress.

Sort Wisely

When organizing things, first, you have to make sure to finish it all in one try because there's a tendency that you will get lazy the next time or end up sorting your things incorrectly.  Find a staging area, like a table where you can put whatever you're organizing from your containers. This would make it easier for you to quickly  look for doubles, giveaways, and must-saves. Don't forget to wipe and remove dust using Lola Jumbo Microfiber Clenaing Cloth, then put them on clear containers or baskets without lids which are easy to access so you can check what's left of your collection. Lastly, put a label on everything. Marking boxes and bins with easy-to-read descriptions helps you find things faster  in case you forgot where you stored them.

Arrange things based on how frequently you need them.

Obviously, the  items you use every day should be nearest and the in the most easy to access areas. While  high shelving can be used for tools that you only use once in a while. Equipment that you use only once a year can be put on the highest storage spots like the attic or  out-of-reach shelving in a garage. This way, it will be  easier for you to find the things you use often, while making sure that the items you don't use regularly will stay organized until you need them. Also, organising things from the most to least important would help in case of emergency situations where you need to instantly access the things you value the most.

Don't buy  storage containers until you have sorted everything out

Having more containers only means you have more space to put your hoards into. This creates a wrong organizing mindset when in fact, you only have to base the number of  containers on the amount of things you really need minus the things you have purged. Know that not everything around us is really usavle most of the time. This means you are surrounded by a lot of things you probably don't need.  Slimming down your stuff can also save you money on storage supplies and from  headache caused by going through excess items in an emergency or last-minute situation.

Make it easier to store and take things

The easiest way to do this is to make everything a one-handed operation. Use open bins placed on easy to access areas for you to put and take away things faster and easier. This can be applied on your  laundry, dishes and kitchenwares, etc. This advice can also be applies  to garbage cans where you can invest in one with a lever you can step on to pop the lid open.

Store  a discard bag near clutter hotspots

Keeping a shopping bag with a handle in the front of your closet can come in handy very time you try on a piece of clothing and then take if off again because it's unflattering, doesn't fit, is pulled, stained or out of style. This way you don't have to throw it back into the closet instantly because you don't have time to fold and place it back again.  Also, this can also mean that if that piece of clothing is off for any reason other than that it's dirty or doesn't match, it means it's not right and will probably never be. So, when this bag becomes full, you can donate the clothes or trade them with a friend.

Choose multi-purpose or complimentary equipment

One of the best ways to be organized is to limit the items that you have at home. Instead of buying piece per piece, why not look for tools that can you can flexibly use on different tasks or seek equipment that goes hand-in-hand with each other such as Lola Dust pan & brush set-clip on, which is easier to use and store compared to the usual broom and dust pan. Lola also have a 4-in-1 cleaning kit which gives you a handy set which will not help you be organised but also saves you money.


I Want Space: Effective Space-Saving Tips

I Want Space: Effective Space-Saving Tips

Many of us dream of large houses with abundant of space available for you to occupy and utilise. However, there's already a tough competition on space land where our houses will be constructed. This pushes prices up and makes it harder for us to achieve our home. But, what if you don't have to dream a very huge house anymore? What if you can settle for an average home but effectively utilise space instead so you and your family can still live comfortably?

There are a lot of images and sources online where you can get inspiration. But not all of these can easily be interpreted as they lack explanation on what makes the design space-saving. So, here are some tips which can help you make every space at home count.

No Strings but with Hooks Attached

Using strings can be annoying sometimes. Plus, they aren't as strong as hooks. Hooks on the other hand, doesn't eat much space and can be useful on a wide range of items from photo frames, kitchenwares, clothing and home designs.

Hang Clothes just like how you bought them

Have you seen how some shopping stores organize lots and lots of clothes despite their small shop? You can also do them at home on your wardrobe using hangers and Lola Wood Spring Clothespin. Not only will this make it easier for you to access na choose among them but it can also help you minimize your ironing task because there will be minimal to zero folds on them.

Use and Fold

I mean, there are furnitures that we only use for specified and limited time of the day right? So why do they have to occupy space 24/7? This tip might be a little bit costly but it is surely worth it. You can have it made by someone of find retailers who sell them. You can also find other amazing furniture such as the sofa and bed-in-one!

Press and Pull

It can be a sofa, table, closet or built-in chairs. This modern trend may require you to renovate your home. So, it is best to integrate this starting from planning your home construction. This doesn't mean it can't be done by homeowners who bought houses and units though. The thing is they just have to spend more to have it done on their home.

Organise your Shelves and Cabinets

For those who don't have much to spare for integrating cabinets on their walls, under your staircase, and even under other cabinets, the best way to do is to make the best out of what you have. Proper sorting is the key to save space on your shelves and cabinets. You must also minimize your containers and do purging of things you do not need as often as possible.

Choose where and what to store

Big furnitures are not the only things that eat up most of our spaces. In fact, it is the smaller equipment's that builds the clutter which fills the extra spaces in our home. This is on top of the fact that these are easier to work with as you don't have to spend much on renovation. In fact, this even encourages you to save because its goal is to motivate you to think and buy only the things that you need the most. It also pushes you to look for tools that are multi-purpose so you just have to buy little pieces instead of many. One example is Lola Mop & Broom 4-in-One Snap-in Cleaning Kit which already comes with a rack.

Green Home for the Green Hand: How to Clean Your House and Your Garden

Green Home for the Green Hand: How to Clean Your House and Your Garden

If you think about it, a home designed with different sorts of plants and flowers seems to be a pleasant sight. But, imagine how you're gonna set it a up. Right! I'm sure the image that goes around your head right now is full of messy and dirt. But, worry not because this will help you out.

What decorates our home best aside from the natural fragrant flowers that we usually see? Almost nothing. Right? This is just one reason why it's worthy to give your lawn and garden some attention.

Here we will discuss some tips on how to maintain a home while you're doing some gardening:

Regularly pick up the obvious stuff. You’ll likely need to go around your yard and pick up litter, dog waste, and larger plant debris (like fallen branches) from time to time. Be sure to use a pair of gloves and beware of broken glass or you can use Lola Whisk Broom to brush the debris and prevent your hands from getting dirty. It is also important to take note that leaving debris on your lawn can prevent new, healthy grass from growing in.

Now that you are all clear,  it's time to take a clean your lawn and get rid of any remaining dead leaves, twigs, and pinecones using Angle Broom and make your lawn nice and healthy and ready for new plants. You can also plough to to your land. If you don't want any other weeds from going on it. After all this work, you have to clean your equipment because leaving it unclean for too long will allow different elements to combine and it may poison the soil. You can use Lola Any Which Way Flexible Scrub Brush to clean them "any which way" you want.

This could also be applied on the materials that you will use to clean up your garden beds. This includes scissors or small garden shears which can be used to eliminate dead leaves and stalks from perennial plants and ornamental grasses. It is practical to keep the tools clean especially if you plan to bring them within the house or use them on other tasks.

Remember to always inspect your tools including your lawnmower, your hedge trimmer, and your whipper-snipper and clean them up before growing season hits in full force. Make sure all blades are sharp and rust-free, look for cracks and other signs of wear in visible belts. Rest assured that in every part of cleaning them, Lola is there to offer things that may come in handy for you.

Make sure you fully understand the plants, shrubs that you will put into your garden. Also check of they are compatible to live on the same soil. It is also crucial to check if they attract insect and other organisms that may also live near your home. Being knowledgeable about this may save you from sickness that may come into your door due to mismanagement.

Your tool storage regardless whether it's inside or outside your home, must be well maintained to prolong the longevity and durability of the gardening and cleaning equipment.

Your plants are not the only thing that requires tender loving care because you can only provide these with properly maintained tools and a clean surrounding. Keeping yourself sound and healthy is also a must because the caretaker is the one responsible of it all and without you, the garden is no different from a little forest of wold grass filled with critters and crawlers.

Don't Pamper the Dump: Proper Waste Management and Disposal Tips

Don't Pamper the Dump: Proper Waste Management and Disposal Tips

I'm sure you already had enough with all the fuzz going around about climate change with a lot of people calling for a greener and cleaner environment. Well, aside from efforts being asked from the authorities, we can all agree that it all root down on the basic units of the society; the family and you. How? the answer is right in your trash bins. Right, waste management and disposal.

Let me make thinks easier to understand with this fresh yet familiar triple R formula: I call it Reuse, Reduce and Revamp.

Reuse and recycle

We heard this words for more than a million times already. Yet, it's still hard to get some sense out of it. All we know that when it comes to saving the environment, this is the first thing that everyone should do. But, the question is. Are we doing through the right means and with the right purpose?

In our homes for example, recycling clothing to be reused as rugs may seem like the right thing to do. But, it is actually not recycling at all because we remove it's actual purpose and convert it into something else. So, why not donate or trade with other families? Especially those that are still decent and can still be used. Why destroy it just to find it ending up on the trash?

Appliances can also be recycled instead of being thrown away. This way we can reduce our mechanical and technological footprint. It can be traded as well if you don't have the enough skills to work on them yourself. Give chance to the mechanics or Craftsmen to find value in them.

Compost food scraps are things that shouldn't be left with all the other kinds of waste. Instead you can make a simple composter pit in your home where you can put your own food scraps and with proper research, I'm sure you'll find a purpose for them such as a fertilizer for your plants or as an ingredient for projects or experiments.

Last but not the least, re-usable shopping bags are available on almost a grocery stores today. So, using them is a wise choice as these are not only better for the environment but they are stronger than any plastic or paper bag available. It is also important to note that bags are not the only reusable things that can be useful for you. You just have to check and find out.


Paper is the recyclable material that is thrown away the most by most households . A great way to reduce the amount of paper you use is to switch out paper towels for reusable cloth rags such as Lola's Wowables which can be washed and reused.

Avoid single use plastic cups, containers as well as cleaning materials because you are only increasing the world's waste. Check Lola products to find reusable and environment friendly cleaning tools that will keep not only your home but also the world clean.


Ditch your usual cleaning tradition and equipment. Do not settle for cheap but inefficient materials. Instead, equip materials that are durable, multi-purpose and environment-friendly. Luckily, Lola has all this. So, you can now say goodbye to your plastics tools which brings nothing but toxic to our surrounding.

And this brings us to the bonus R which is Responsibility for without any sense of it, no matter how well-equipped you are, you will fail to keep your home bright, clean and happy.

Ways to Clean and Prepare your Home for Thanksgiving

Ways to Clean and Prepare your Home for Thanksgiving

There are a lot of things that makes us busy throughout the year; work, studies, travel, hobbies and whatsoever. Holidays are among the only times that we get to catch up with our love ones and friends. So it is always a must to have a thorough preparation to make sure they will always be special. So, here we’ll discuss how you can make sure that your thanksgiving and the following holidays would be extra memorable.

Keep your Home Designs as Simple but as Relevant as Possible

You don’t have to be too fancy because your home is not a museum for your visitors to wander about and spend most of the day looking at the display. Instead, your goal is to make spend as much time as possible with you and with the other people around. So keep your displays minimal but still gorgeous. It will also save you some time and stress from removing them after the celebrations.

Brace the Brasses

Holidays commonly comes along with a lot of cooking and meal preparations especially if you have a family who values the tradition. This means you have to bring out your long-hidden kitchen/cooking wares and clean them appropriately. Wash silverwares and metal materials thoroughly; remove stains or leftover grease with a Lola Mr. Clean Magic Eraser Comparable Rubaway Eraser Pads then wipe them dry with a cloth such as Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth. Meanwhile, cauldrons, pots and pans should be treated with some brushing-preferably using Lola Pro Pot N' Pan Brush to make sure no foreign element would mix up with the food and affect its taste.

You also have to make sure you have enough equipment and resources so you won’t run out of supply on the last minutes.

Make the Dining Room Dine-able

Eating time is one of the happiest times during the celebrations and it is a must to have a venue that is clean and appetizing because no matter how delicious the food are, your visitors would lose appetite if they are in an unclean and messy dining room. Allot some time to clean after preparing the food. Sweep using Lola’s variety of brooms, Mop using either Lola Rola Sticky Mop, cloth mops to make sure every corner would be clean. Make sure your dining table have lots of rooms for all the visitors and that it’s free from stains, grease or any inappropriate substance.

Give an ‘at home’ feeling to your Guest room/s

Holidays may last for days and it is inevitable that some people may have to spend some nights at your home so if you have a guest room where they will rest, make sure that it wouldn’t feel uncomfortable to them. Your job is to make them feel as if they are at home so they can peacefully and comfortably sleep. This is by preparing some fresh and fragrant blankets, pillows and mattresses.  Secure a dim light that will give them relaxation and provide window covers to make them feel secured. Remove any unnecessary furniture and design which can make it the room so closed as it can give a feeling of unease.

Make Lively Living room

After eating, the living room is the place where most of you will spend time together to chat and share some laughter. This is also where you do games and share gifts in case there is. So this part of your home must imbibe the enthusiastic and energetic feeling of the celebration. Start by making sure the lights are bright and the couches and the carpet are free from dust using Dust Pan & Brush Set Clip-On.

It may sound sad but it is true that you never know until when you can spend these events with the people you love the most. So you must value these times as much as you value the people because during these time you bond with them while making memories which you can keep and reminisce even though even when you’re not together.