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Vacuum-less Car Cleaning

Vacuum-less Car Cleaning

For first-time car owners, the additional cost that comes with it can be surprising. They must understand that aside from accessories and repair, they also have to spend on cleaning; not only the outside but also the inside. The usual way of cleaning inside a car is with a vacuum. It is for the regular removal of hair, fur, and dust stuck inside.  However, not because you had the ability to purchase the car doesn’t always mean you are also capable of buying a vacuum and paying for additional charges that comes through your electric bill. You can still be practical even with a car… No, we mean ESPECIALLY with a car.

Today we will be discussing about practical tips on how to clean your car without using a vacuum. Now, get ready to take notes because you will probably need these recommendations:

Use a Cleaning towel – areas that you usually touch such as the steering wheel, dashboard, cup-holders, buttons, and door handles, should be cleaned thoroughly because they can easily harbor and spread germs and bacteria. They are also more likely to get dirt and stains because they get into contact with your hands, which also gets into contact with countless number of things. Lola Wowables™ is one of the tools that you must grab.

Get your hands into an all-around cleaning mop – For a quick and easy removal of dust and dirt, you need something that’s not a vacuum but works like one. A cleaning mop with a sticky head is best to clean the roof, the floor, the under-seats, and the trunk/luggage compartment. These are areas that are beyond arm’s reach so you might find it difficult to clean them with a common, short-handled brush. We recommend Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ for this job; engineered with a long and durable handle, it is capable of reaching deep places and narrow gaps. It can even be used on your vehicle carpets. It also has a cleaning sheet that is sticky and capable of collecting small and even microscopic dirt. You can also tear it when it gets filled with dust and dirt. Meanwhile, refills can be purchased separately.

Always keep a brush and a dust pan close to you – For bigger debris or tougher dirt, you might need to level up your cleaning with a combination of a brush and a dust pan to collect and properly dispose them. You can count on our Dust Pan & Brush Set - Clip On for pieces of trash, balls of hair, crumbled paper, etc. Make sure you also have a garbage bag with you that has enough capacity to have everything that you will get inside the car.

Big or small, it is possible to remove dirt or dust even without the use of a vacuum or other electronic devices similar to it. So no matter if you just want to save or you are just eco-friendly, you can always check Lola’s efficient and environment-friendly cleaning tools that you can use for your car. We have a roster of other brushes, cleaning towels, and scrubbers that will make it your life as a vehicle owner much easier.  

Keeping Yourself safe and Your Home Clean in a World Facing a Health Crisis

Keeping Yourself safe and Your Home Clean in a World Facing a Health Crisis

COVID-19 vaccines are on their way. But do not forget that we are still at risk of contracting the disease while waiting to get vaccinated and even after a few days of taking the shot. So, it is still a must to practice all sorts of safety measures to remain healthy. One of these measures is having a clean and safe environment. Here are some tips and recommendations that will keep you and your family safe while you are at home.

Use protective gear for routine cleaning and disinfection – When cleaning your home, wearing of cleaning gloves, mask, and eye guard are essential to protect your eyes, nose, and mouth that may serve as entryway of disease-causing germs and viruses. Frequent cleaning of touched surfaces such as Tables, doorknobs, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks is necessary. For these surfaces, you can use Lola Wowables™ together with household disinfectants against SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.

Keep a separate room and bathroom (If possible) for people that are sick – During outbreaks, home quarantine is a considerable option especially when hospitals and other medical facilities can no longer accommodate the massive number of patients. When at home, an ill individual must be isolated from other healthy family members unless proven that his/her illness cannot be passed. Otherwise, a separate room and bathroom (if space allows) must be prepared to reduce the exposure and the contact between the patient and other the healthy people. You must also clean these facilities used by the infected individual with disinfectant regularly. Use protective gear when doing so. You can also count on our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ for debris and stains on walls and floors. It also has cleaning sheets that you can tear and dispose instantly afterwards.    

Wash items (if possible) – After every trip outdoors, you must change your clothes and wash them to kill the viruses that you have brought with you. This also applies on other clothing materials such as towels, linens, and other items. Thoroughly clean them with Lola Scrub brush to remove all debris including dirt and dust. You should also disinfect laundry hampers to make sure there’s no live virus left.

Have proper sanitation in food preparation – Food plays a crucial part in spreading viruses since we consume it through ingestion, germs and bacteria that can make us sick may come along. It is important to properly wash and sanitize your hands before you handle food to prevent contamination. Also make sure that you have a cleaning cloth such as Lola Anti-microbial Clean N' Wipe™ cloths by your side to wipe countertops, cooking tools, or your hands.

Practice proper waste disposal – Before throwing anything in the trash, make sure you have a bag that won’t leak or spill the garbage. Use protective gear when removing garbage bags, and handling and disposing of trash. Use Lola Handled Scrubber Brush to disinfect and clean garbage cans and bins and wash your hands thoroughly afterwards.

Cleaning Practices You Have to Bring With You When Going Out

Cleaning Practices You Have to Bring With You When Going Out

Knowing how to clean your surrounding is vital especially when you are not at home. Let’s say you are out on a trip by yourself and you decide to stay at an inn, hotel, or lodge. You should take note that aside from housekeeping, you must also have a cleaning routine of your own. This is to put your things in order at all times, to ensure that you won’t be surrounded or covered in filth or mess, and prevents you from being sick due to lack of proper hygiene and sanitation.

Here are some cleaning practices that you must do along with some product recommendations to make sure you are effectively cleaning.

Avoid wiping with your hands – Since disease-causing bacteria and viruses can easily spread on different surfaces, using your hands to wipe clean surfaces can put you at risk of getting sick. It also does not ensure that the surface is already clean, meaning it still can contaminate other things that it gets contact with. Therefore, out tip is to use a sanitized cleaning cloth treated with anti-microbial agents to clean the top of furniture such as table, countertop, etc. It can also be used if you want to dry your belongings such as your phone. We recommend our very own Lola Wowables™

Dust the Pillows and Bed – Aside from dust and dirt, there is also microscopic mites and insects still lurking within the sheets and other pieces of furniture around you. Therefore, it is important that you have 360° Extender Duster Set with you when going out on trips. You can easily use it together with its extendable head to dust off your bed, windows, and even furniture. We also sell replacement heads in case you think your tool’s current head is already worn out or too dirty.

Brush your Shoes/Slippers before and after going out – Your footwear is a major contributor to the dirt and the number of germs that you are carrying with you. That is why cleaning them is necessary before going out and after arriving at your destination. If you want a handy cleaning tool that’s effective on leather and other types of footwear, you can count on our Eco Clean™ Bamboo Scrub Brush which is not only eco-friendly but also durable and effective.

Pick-up Dust, Food Crumbles and other Debris – When you go out or dine somewhere public, it is proper etiquette to clean just before you go. Unless you paid someone else to do it. Otherwise, you have to clean for other people’s sake or to prevent attracting insects that may bite you or carry diseases that can get you infected. Our Dust Pan And Brush Set – Clip On is a tool perfectly made to collect crumbles and other debris such as dust, stones, and even fur or hair!

Brush your drinking glasses, mugs, and water bottles – Drinking water is one of our necessities. However, it is also one of the easiest way for viruses and germs to enter our body.  In order to prevent this, you should constantly cleaning the containers that you use with Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush; an eco-friendly brush is durable, effective, and won’t leave any scratch on glasses, jars, and other containers.

Cheap and Easy Cleaning Tips When You have a Pool at Home

Cheap and Easy Cleaning Tips When You have a Pool at Home

Having a pool cleaner is effective and convenient but it is not required for you to have it when you have a pool at home. Unless you do not mind buying one. But if you are someone who do not want to spend that much for pool cleaning, then these tips can be useful for you.

Mop it all throughout

We are proud to say that Lola Evolution™ Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System is perfect when cleaning the surrounding of your pool. It helps prevent the build-up of accident-causing grime and molds. It also has a machine washable Microfiber head which you never have to touch. Its mop head’s fibers scrubs deeply and you can effortlessly pump it without splashing.

Meanwhile, its heavy-duty bucket includes large carrying handle for easy movement throughout your home. This mop’s easy-to-assemble 4-piece swivel action mop handle provides you with a comfort grip and rotating cap providing 360° swivel action allowing the mop head to get into and under extremely hard to reach places.

Using it, you can easily squeeze out excess liquid, its microfiber pad with poly fiber scrubbing bristles offers not only deep cleaning but also super absorption – meaning it gently scrubs while mopping.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is also a good cleaning tool for you for it has an adhesive mop head will be useful in picking up pieces of trash or dirt scattered around or inside your pool.

Spot clean with your hands

We know that it sounds ridiculous at first. But if you come to think of it, it is a practical way of cleaning. Just to be clear, we do not mean you literally clean with just your hands. What we mean is using our simple tools, such as Lola Wowables™ and our Handled scrubber which you can both use with just your hands, you will be able to clean certain parts of your pool.

This way you do not have to use too much of your resources or equipment.  Let us say it is just a minor stain in your tile, then you do not have to run and get your mop. Instead, you can quickly wipe if off with our Wowables cleaning cloth or with our handled scrubber in case of tough grime.

Sweep it all around/Brush from bottom to the side

To clean the trash in the middle of your pool, you will need to use a strong, but slow-moving technique while using a cleaning brush to remove the particles from the sides and bottom of the pool without stirring them up. Once the pile is at the bottom, you will need a dustpan to scoop them up and transfer it on a trash bin. In this challenging but fulfilling task, Lola’s brush and dustpan set will help you a lot.

When it comes to quickly cleaning hard-to-remove filth on concrete or tiles, Lola Deck Scrub Brush is the one you need! It has a long handle and durable bristles that will not back down on any type of dirt.

Work Your Magic with the Soap Dispensing Dish Wand

Work Your Magic with the Soap Dispensing Dish Wand

If we think about creatively developed simple household cleaning tools can be, it almost feels like magic is real. Years back, and we may not even have the slightest idea that these tools have the potential to be something more useful, efficient, and convenient.

We’d like to think that this applies to our sponge products which we are able to transform into their better versions. Today we will be talking about our two soap-dispensing brush and the wonders that we were able to put in them.

The Lola Pro Sudser Sponge Brush is one of our products engineered with its own refillable soap compartment. We made it transparent so you can instantly know through its body when its running low on dishwashing soap. It also lets you quickly grab for refillable instead of being interrupted in the middle of washing the dishes and cookware.

This product also comes its own light duty fiber scrubber surface to reinforced it when cleaning stuck residues after baking or roasting.

You don’t have to worry at all when using this cleaning sponge because it is absolutely safe on non-stick surfaces and all different types of coated cookware.

You can also make use of its heavy-duty and effective food scraper that will help you remove stuck food residues and tough grime. While its ergonomic rubber grip handle is designed to give you comfort and ease when holding it. No more pain when doing tough cleaning tasks.

You can also purchase Sudser Sponge Brush Refills separately from us. Even though this product can be used repeatedly, it will still reach its maximum shelf life eventually. So, to ensure that you have a working cleaning sponge at home which doesn’t harbor bacteria or germs, we still advice you to replace the sponge after a few months.

Our Soap Dispensing Dish Wand on the other hand, is also super absorbent and made with a light duty fiber scrubbing surface that will give it some abrasiveness to effectively remove grime and grout. With its creative name, you can be a fairy of your own in the kitchen sink, spreading sprinkles of magical cleaning soap instead of pixie dust. This product is also refillable, and its sponge refills can also be purchased from us. Just let us know when you are already running low of supplies.

These types of products lets you choose what dishwashing liquid works best for you and your cleaning needs. They are also refillable so you can keep the handle and just purchase a replacement for the sponge so you don’t have to waste the still working material and buy another new the product with the price of a whole.

We want you to know that in Lola, cost-efficiency is also one of our top-most priorities. We also want you to experience how robust our cleaning tools are. You can see for yourself how long it will last and how many times you can replace the sponge before the handle is not usable anymore. This is the Lola magic; affordability, durability and effectiveness, which all go hand in hand.  

Cleaning Ideas to Make Your Partner Love You More

Cleaning Ideas to Make Your Partner Love You More

Leveling up your relationship is not only about more romance and greater intimacy. Partners should understand that it can also mean more responsibilities for each other.

Let us say you decided to live together, this means you have a home of your own to clean and maintain. Regardless whether it is an apartment, condo, or house and lot.

Having a clean home is one of the keys to being happy and comfortable. Soon, your duty would be bigger because aside from sustaining your own family, you will also maintain your home. Unless you are willing and capable of paying someone to do, you must learn to do it on your own. The early stages of living together is the perfect time to practice.

Now we are here to tell you some of the things related to cleaning which you can do to make your partner love you more:

Make your bedroom a ‘Room of Love’

That is right. Spicing up your relationship is not just about the both of you, but also about your surroundings. Ensuring that your room has a stress-free environment can help you enjoy each other’s company more and cleaning it regularly will let you get rid of distractions.

Lola Angled Broom can be your partner when going over your bedroom. You can use it to sweep away dust and dirt, reach under your bed and other room furniture to make sure there are no thrash or misplaced stuff.

Meanwhile, our Wowables™ is a reliable cleaning cloth for tough stains and dirt. You can just wash it afterwards and use it again on a different day.

Put things in order

Some might say that fighting over each other’s lost things is normal for two people living together. But why bother going through the fights if you can prevent them by being organized? Save you and your partner from the stress and talk about how you two can put your belongings in order.

Cleaning up clutter lessens the risk of misplacing belongings which usually lead to unnecessary fights between partners. So, it’s better to assign labeled containers for your stuff so they will be easier to find.

You can always count on Lola 360° Extender Duster Comparable Starter Kit to trap and eliminate annoying irritants such as dust and other small particles. It has an extendable arm and refillable head which is perfect before putting stuff on storage boxes or containers, making sure they are clean and dirt-free. 

Clean up your kitchen

It feels good when your partner cooks for you, or when you both share the kitchen preparing for your next meal. But if it will not feel as good for you or your partner, when your kitchen becomes filled with grease, grime, and many different types of filth. It will soon develop a foul smell and surfaces will start feeling sticky. You won’t want to give this unpleasant experience to your lover.

Whether you are cleaning utensils, large cookware, or ingredients, Lola Eco Clean™ Vegetable Brush with Comfort Bamboo Knob is the right tool for you. It is easy to hold and comfortable to use so you won’t have a hard time when cleaning your kitchen.

While Our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, which has an adhesive head and long ergonomic handle is perfect for different surfaces such as tabletop, walls, cabinets, and other furniture.

Trust us, because if all of this still fail to make your partner love and trust you more, nothing else will.
Choosing the Best Wet Mop

Choosing the Best Wet Mop

In professional cleaning, using of wet mops is said to be the second step in cleaning a surface. Over the years, the wet mop is our ally in sweeping over surfaces to dissolve and absorb excess moisture, fat, mud, and dried-in liquid contaminations.

Common wet mops consist of a flat sheet of microfiber textile or a sheet with a surface of looped yarn. But since it was invented, introduction of new refinements and variations of mop designs never ceased.

Wet mops are still widely used all over the world nowadays. But almost every manufacturer has integrated their own touch to the design of the common wet mop especially us at Lola who creatively thought of innovations that can make its use easier and more convenient. Here are some of our wet mop products:

COTTON FLOOR WET MOP W/ SCUFF REMOVER™ - This high-quality mop is engineered with a soft cotton banded floor mop yarn head that is exceptionally absorbent. Its looks may resemble the typical wet mop but if you look closely, there is an attached scuff removing scrub pad to help remove and collect different types of dirt, debris and stains from floors.

WET & DRY SWEEPER FLOOR MOP STARTER KITThis one has a wide head that is perfect when sweeping floors in a horizontal direction. Its head can be refilled with our very own dry cloth to trap dirt, dust, and hair, leaving not even an ounce of residue. It is also infused with spring lock technology so the mop automatically goes into its scrubbing position, while its easy clamp and clip connector is built to make it easier and faster for you to replace its mop head.

THE REVOLUTION™ MICROFIBER SPIN MOP SYSTEMAs one of Lola’s top-notch braided microfiber mops, this one performs at maximum efficiency and outstanding absorbency to remove even the toughest dirt and grime on any hard surface. We have integrated telescoping technology in its handle so its pump handle can be pushed down easily. It is also designed with its own built-in wringer spin-cycle technology which allows for complete control of the drying and wringing out of the mop to your desired moisture level.

THE EVOLUTION™ MICROFIBER SELF-WASHING MOP SYSTEMMeanwhile, this mop system comes with a heavy duty, dual compartment bucket which allows its user to process washing and drying. It is specifically made to clean any hard surface including hardwood, tile, ceramic, marble and many other types of floors.

Its super absorbent microfiber pad with poly fiber scrubbing bristles gently scrubs while mopping and makes it capable of cleaning even with the use of commercial cleaning chemicals. The easy-to-assemble 4-piece swivel action mop handle is there for you to give you comfortable grip while its rotating cap allows swivel action that lets the mop to get through very hard-to-reach corners.

MICROFIBER SPRITZ N' MOP - Last but not the list, one of our most innovative and creative ideas is this mop which has a built-in refillable bottle which dispenses any cleaning liquid of your choice. It also gives you access to a spray nozzle which disperses the fluid in an evenly distributed fan pattern, so you won’t have to go back to the same spot to spray additional cleanser.

Just like our other mops, it also has a 360 Swivel head to let you clean all-around the house and a microfiber pad which is safe for all kinds of hard surfaces such as ceramic tile, marble, stone, and vinyl.

With our products, we aim to make cleaning with the wet mop much more exciting and motivating. We hope these creative ideas inspire you in giving value to cleaning. Be safe folks!

All About Refillables

All About Refillables

When we hear the word refillable, water bottles and containers are what commonly and instantly comes to mind. But there are so many other things that we can consider as refillable since people are good at finding ways to save and utilize things.

Think about it like this, buying a replacement part for your bicycle or car which is more affordable than purchasing a brand new one, right? This is also possible and being widely practiced when it comes to cleaning tools! Through it we promote practicality and cost-efficiency because we get to keep the important part and just purchase a replacement for its cleaning end. In short, we pay for the price of a single part instead of buying the whole product again!

Lola also believes that it is better to just replace a part that don’t function anymore and keep the entire tool than to throw away everything because that’s just a complete waste of materials. But we understand that not everything can be separated into individual parts especially most common cleaning tools.

 So, our solution is to re-invent and create cleaning tools with removable cleaning parts, so the owner can keep the handles for as long as they still do not need replacements. We also built our products to be extra durable so our customers can really expect them to last long.

Here are some of Lola’s refillable cleaning tools:

360° Extender Duster SetTime to put down your feather duster because we have an even better dusting tool right here for you! The Lola 360° Extender Duster Set is an all-around duster which you can use at home or in the office to clean furniture, lamp shades, blinds, TVs, computers, other electronics, and even walls!

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™The typical mop is for the floor, but our Sticky Mop can be used whenever cleaning is needed! Web on the ceiling? Dust on walls, corners, or under a big furniture? Lola’s Sticky Mop got it all! You just have to tear and throw away the cleaning sheet when it gets filled with filth and you can use it again. You can just refresh the sheets on its mopping head when your supply runs out.

Lola Pro Sudser Sponge BrushThis light duty scrubbing fiber sponge is super absorbent and gentle on surfaces! It also has a feature that holds and dispenses cleaning liquid to make dishwashing easier and more convenient for you! This is very affordable and cost-efficient because you just can keep the handle and replace the sponge when it gets too dirty or worn out due to months of use.

SqueezeMatic™ Sponge MopThis mop absorbs moisture and removes stains in no time! It is useful for different types of hard surfaces such as tile and linoleum. Its mop head is engineered to be easily replaced.

Revolution™ Spin MopThis mop does not leave any drip or streak on floors unlike other conventional mops. With its spin function, excess water or cleaning solution can be easily removed. Its braided microfiber mop is also super absorbent and effective in removing even the toughest dirt and grime. Removing it and placing a replacement is a piece of cake as well, in fact, you only need a couple of minutes then you can go back to germ-killing and floor cleaning again!

Couch Stains Cleaning Solutions

Couch Stains Cleaning Solutions

The couch is one of the most comfortable places to relax yourself. However, it can also become stressing especially when you see it messy and filled with stains. Vacuuming it may be easy especially if you are just eliminating dust, collecting fur or other types of debris.

But how about stains? It is not something which can be sucked up easily as it goes deep within leather and fabric.  Knowing how to clean a couch means knowing how to remove stains. You are free to use the cleaner of your choice meaning you can look for cheaper and kinder to the Earth. But you have to know that the tool you use is very important. It must be effective and efficient to ensure that task will be done.

Here we will be giving you some tips as well as some product recommendations which can help you resolve these couch issues:

Fabric upholstery - Couches with this material are considered scratch-resistant but hard to clean; they are easily stained and will absorb odors such as smoke. It can also be susceptible to dust mite and tend to trap pet hair and dust, so it is not good for allergies.

To clean, we recommend wiping it all over with Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ to trap all unnecessary filth and scrubbing it with our Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cleaning Cloth to remove the stains. You can also use our Cellulose Sponge Cleaning Cloth as a second cloth to absorb moisture and remove soap.

Leather upholstery: Unlike its fabric counterpart, you cannot usually wash leather-covered materials. But don’t worry because these are usually resistant to stains. However, they are prone to scratch and may still get soiled from time to time. In these cases, all you can do is spray the cleaner and wipe it with Lola Wowables™. Since leather couches are durable, they will last long. But through time they will fade and that will require higher maintenance to prevent aging.

Synthetic upholstery: Since this type of material can be damaged by too much heat and agitation, it must be treated extra carefully. What you need is a soft cloth such as our Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth to remove stains. This tool is made up of materials that prevents scratches to surfaces so rest assured your furniture will be taken care of.

Understanding how you must treat your couch based on its composition is key to effectively cleaning and maintaining it. You also need the collective help of tools and cleaning agents that will work effectively on different types of stains.

You also must be consistent with cleaning if you really want to make your couch long-lasting. Try to find a schedule that works best for you and test if you could make it a routine.

These Lola cleaning cloths that you used, can be cleaned and re-washed for re-use on other furniture and other parts of the house. Rest assured that they have the same effectiveness and efficiency even after a tough couch cleaning task. 


What You Need to Know About the Common Corn Broom

What You Need to Know About the Common Corn Broom

Using of brooms in cleaning is still common in many households because it remains to be the tool for the masses with its effectiveness, cost-efficiency, and versatility.

Not everyone can afford their own vacuum and the energy cost that entails its use. So, buying a broom is the perfect alternative. However, having just any kind of broom is not practical.  The key to knowing if a broom is high-quality and effective is to understand its type and purposes for you to know if it will really serve its function.

So, in this article, we will be discussing a particular kind of broom, no other than the Corn Broom. These brooms are intended for dry sweeping and are commonly used for sidewalks, garages, basements, and other areas either indoor or outdoor. Its large sweeping head is also composed of natural fiber and corn bristles making it perfect for large places.

If you are finding it difficult to clean hardwood floors and other rough areas, the corn broom is the right one for you.

Since we have mentioned that, now is also the perfect time to introduce Lola Corn Brooms. An all-natural broom that is eco-friendly and comes with a high gloss resin coated steel handle with swivel hang cap, so it gives you good grip, prevents back ache due to poor posture, and it is also very easy to store.

Unlike other brooms with synthetic poly fibers, rest assured that every bristle of this broom is safe for the environment. We also ensure that they are durable and ready for tough cleaning on different hard surfaces. In fact, cleaning this kind of broom is not difficult at all as well because a splash of cool water on its fibers can do the trick. Yes, you are reading that right! This broom can go wet without deteriorating just like other common brooms.

It may not be the strongest and sturdiest cleaning equipment you will ever find but we assure you that this product can withstand time and surrounding elements. It is also available on large and extra-large head sizes so you can choose depending on the size of the area where you are planning to use this.

Lola’s corn brooms are made with fan-shaped heads to effectively gather dust and dirt but ours stand out because we made its bristles compact through sewing to make them strong and capable of carrying and moving heavy stones and crumbled leaves.

Unlike what’s being depicted on the media regarding corn brooms, ours are not for witches who loves flying around. But it has the same strength when it comes to combatting different kinds of debris. So, this is an ideal partner if you are living in a house surrounded by trees or if you have a background garden and you want to maintain cleanliness and order around your home.

What are you waiting for? grab yours now and enjoy a low-cost and comfortable cleaning experience!