Lola Pro Amazin Sponge & Scrubber Roller Mop, w/ Ergonomic Comfort Rubber Grip


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"The Roller Style Floor Cleaning Mop That Really Scrubs"

  • High quality, long lasting 10" polyurethane foam sponge
  • Patented high-powered dual poly bristle scrubbers built into the rollers to eliminate stains, scuffs and ground-in dirt
  • Ergonomic Comfort Rubber Grip
  • Powder Coated Steel Heavy Duty Handle
  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE HANDLE (45" to 59") with Swivel Hang Cap for Easy Storage
  • Large Open Cells in the sponge act like rivets getting to the dirt easier
  • Easy Ring Lever Action squeezes sponge dry
  • Transforms from sponge a High Powered Floor and Deck Scrubber
  • Patented Easy to Change Refill - the easiest roller mop to change out in the world
  • Rinse Sponge Clean After Use
  • 5 YEAR GUARANTEE - Against Defects in Material & Workmanship (excludes Wear n' Tear)
  • Need a Refill? See our Item# 2211

The Lola Pro Amazin® Sponge & Roller Mop is exactly what the name says - Amazing!  The unique refill changing ability of this mop is patented and does make it easier to use than any other roller mop worldwide.  The sponge is durable and will not tear easily even under the toughest usage. It is a large circumference sponge that absorbs an abundant amount of water during use making cleaning your floors much faster than expected. A great mop for Vinyl, Tile, Marble, and Ceramic Floors.

DON'T BE FOOLED by KNOCK-OFFS - there is only one "Amazin Scrubber Roller Mop"and its by LOLA® Brand, a USA-based cleaning tools company since 1969.

How To Change Head:

1. With Lever Closest to your body, slide roller mop head to the right or left to remove old mop head. (Depending on which direction mop head was inserted).

2. Slide New Refill into metal mop holder, with open end of plastic mop refill track facing in toward the metal mop head holder.

3. You are now ready to use the Lola Pro Amazin Sponge & Scrubber Roller Mop

To Prevent Streaks on Floors, Avoid the Following:

  • Excess liquid in sponge. Sponge should be damp, not soaking wet.
  • Excess detergent in mopping solution.
  • Thoroughly clean out sponge after each use. A dirty sponge or mopping with dirty solution will leave streak marks.
  • Change your sponge as determined by frequency of usage

Instructions: Use on tile, linoleum and other hard surfaces. Use with your favorite detergent carefully following manufacturer's instructions. When finished mopping, thoroughly rinse mop. Store mop using handy swivel hang hole or stand upside down on mop handle.

DO NOT use with vinegar.