Work Your Magic with the Soap Dispensing Dish Wand

Work Your Magic with the Soap Dispensing Dish Wand

If we think about creatively developed simple household cleaning tools can be, it almost feels like magic is real. Years back, and we may not even have the slightest idea that these tools have the potential to be something more useful, efficient, and convenient.

We’d like to think that this applies to our sponge products which we are able to transform into their better versions. Today we will be talking about our two soap-dispensing brush and the wonders that we were able to put in them.

The Lola Pro Sudser Sponge Brush is one of our products engineered with its own refillable soap compartment. We made it transparent so you can instantly know through its body when its running low on dishwashing soap. It also lets you quickly grab for refillable instead of being interrupted in the middle of washing the dishes and cookware.

This product also comes its own light duty fiber scrubber surface to reinforced it when cleaning stuck residues after baking or roasting.

You don’t have to worry at all when using this cleaning sponge because it is absolutely safe on non-stick surfaces and all different types of coated cookware.

You can also make use of its heavy-duty and effective food scraper that will help you remove stuck food residues and tough grime. While its ergonomic rubber grip handle is designed to give you comfort and ease when holding it. No more pain when doing tough cleaning tasks.

You can also purchase Sudser Sponge Brush Refills separately from us. Even though this product can be used repeatedly, it will still reach its maximum shelf life eventually. So, to ensure that you have a working cleaning sponge at home which doesn’t harbor bacteria or germs, we still advice you to replace the sponge after a few months.

Our Soap Dispensing Dish Wand on the other hand, is also super absorbent and made with a light duty fiber scrubbing surface that will give it some abrasiveness to effectively remove grime and grout. With its creative name, you can be a fairy of your own in the kitchen sink, spreading sprinkles of magical cleaning soap instead of pixie dust. This product is also refillable, and its sponge refills can also be purchased from us. Just let us know when you are already running low of supplies.

These types of products lets you choose what dishwashing liquid works best for you and your cleaning needs. They are also refillable so you can keep the handle and just purchase a replacement for the sponge so you don’t have to waste the still working material and buy another new the product with the price of a whole.

We want you to know that in Lola, cost-efficiency is also one of our top-most priorities. We also want you to experience how robust our cleaning tools are. You can see for yourself how long it will last and how many times you can replace the sponge before the handle is not usable anymore. This is the Lola magic; affordability, durability and effectiveness, which all go hand in hand.  

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