Cheap and Easy Cleaning Tips When You have a Pool at Home

Cheap and Easy Cleaning Tips When You have a Pool at Home

Having a pool cleaner is effective and convenient but it is not required for you to have it when you have a pool at home. Unless you do not mind buying one. But if you are someone who do not want to spend that much for pool cleaning, then these tips can be useful for you.

Mop it all throughout

We are proud to say that Lola Evolution™ Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System is perfect when cleaning the surrounding of your pool. It helps prevent the build-up of accident-causing grime and molds. It also has a machine washable Microfiber head which you never have to touch. Its mop head’s fibers scrubs deeply and you can effortlessly pump it without splashing.

Meanwhile, its heavy-duty bucket includes large carrying handle for easy movement throughout your home. This mop’s easy-to-assemble 4-piece swivel action mop handle provides you with a comfort grip and rotating cap providing 360° swivel action allowing the mop head to get into and under extremely hard to reach places.

Using it, you can easily squeeze out excess liquid, its microfiber pad with poly fiber scrubbing bristles offers not only deep cleaning but also super absorption – meaning it gently scrubs while mopping.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is also a good cleaning tool for you for it has an adhesive mop head will be useful in picking up pieces of trash or dirt scattered around or inside your pool.

Spot clean with your hands

We know that it sounds ridiculous at first. But if you come to think of it, it is a practical way of cleaning. Just to be clear, we do not mean you literally clean with just your hands. What we mean is using our simple tools, such as Lola Wowables™ and our Handled scrubber which you can both use with just your hands, you will be able to clean certain parts of your pool.

This way you do not have to use too much of your resources or equipment.  Let us say it is just a minor stain in your tile, then you do not have to run and get your mop. Instead, you can quickly wipe if off with our Wowables cleaning cloth or with our handled scrubber in case of tough grime.

Sweep it all around/Brush from bottom to the side

To clean the trash in the middle of your pool, you will need to use a strong, but slow-moving technique while using a cleaning brush to remove the particles from the sides and bottom of the pool without stirring them up. Once the pile is at the bottom, you will need a dustpan to scoop them up and transfer it on a trash bin. In this challenging but fulfilling task, Lola’s brush and dustpan set will help you a lot.

When it comes to quickly cleaning hard-to-remove filth on concrete or tiles, Lola Deck Scrub Brush is the one you need! It has a long handle and durable bristles that will not back down on any type of dirt.

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