Cleaning Ideas to Make Your Partner Love You More

Cleaning Ideas to Make Your Partner Love You More

Leveling up your relationship is not only about more romance and greater intimacy. Partners should understand that it can also mean more responsibilities for each other.

Let us say you decided to live together, this means you have a home of your own to clean and maintain. Regardless whether it is an apartment, condo, or house and lot.

Having a clean home is one of the keys to being happy and comfortable. Soon, your duty would be bigger because aside from sustaining your own family, you will also maintain your home. Unless you are willing and capable of paying someone to do, you must learn to do it on your own. The early stages of living together is the perfect time to practice.

Now we are here to tell you some of the things related to cleaning which you can do to make your partner love you more:

Make your bedroom a ‘Room of Love’

That is right. Spicing up your relationship is not just about the both of you, but also about your surroundings. Ensuring that your room has a stress-free environment can help you enjoy each other’s company more and cleaning it regularly will let you get rid of distractions.

Lola Angled Broom can be your partner when going over your bedroom. You can use it to sweep away dust and dirt, reach under your bed and other room furniture to make sure there are no thrash or misplaced stuff.

Meanwhile, our Wowables™ is a reliable cleaning cloth for tough stains and dirt. You can just wash it afterwards and use it again on a different day.

Put things in order

Some might say that fighting over each other’s lost things is normal for two people living together. But why bother going through the fights if you can prevent them by being organized? Save you and your partner from the stress and talk about how you two can put your belongings in order.

Cleaning up clutter lessens the risk of misplacing belongings which usually lead to unnecessary fights between partners. So, it’s better to assign labeled containers for your stuff so they will be easier to find.

You can always count on Lola 360° Extender Duster Comparable Starter Kit to trap and eliminate annoying irritants such as dust and other small particles. It has an extendable arm and refillable head which is perfect before putting stuff on storage boxes or containers, making sure they are clean and dirt-free. 

Clean up your kitchen

It feels good when your partner cooks for you, or when you both share the kitchen preparing for your next meal. But if it will not feel as good for you or your partner, when your kitchen becomes filled with grease, grime, and many different types of filth. It will soon develop a foul smell and surfaces will start feeling sticky. You won’t want to give this unpleasant experience to your lover.

Whether you are cleaning utensils, large cookware, or ingredients, Lola Eco Clean™ Vegetable Brush with Comfort Bamboo Knob is the right tool for you. It is easy to hold and comfortable to use so you won’t have a hard time when cleaning your kitchen.

While Our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, which has an adhesive head and long ergonomic handle is perfect for different surfaces such as tabletop, walls, cabinets, and other furniture.

Trust us, because if all of this still fail to make your partner love and trust you more, nothing else will.
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