Why Mopping is a Perfect All-Around-the-House Cleaning Alternative

Why Mopping is a Perfect All-Around-the-House Cleaning Alternative

If you think of the typical mop, you would not have the slightest idea that it can be transformed into an all-around cleaning tool but we have some good news for you. Some of our latest innovations include exceptional and high quality mops that can solve almost all cleaning problems you have at home and we’re here to discuss more about that!

It can now go on walls, ceilings, and furniture – Traditional mops are made specifically for cleaning and drying floors. However, Lola aimed to make a difference. With our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ and its large adhesive roller mop and sticky paper can collect all types of dirt, dust, debris, and hair regardless if the surface is tile, wood, carpets, rugs, etc. Its extendable handle will take care of high places such as the ceiling, cupboards, furniture tops as well as narrow corners and tight gaps under your home appliances. After the cleaning sheet gets filled up, all you have to do is tear it and dispose it because there’s going to be another clean sheet that will take its place.

It’s not only for sweeping, and drying but also for scrubbing – Through time, we were able to make give the common mop several transformations. This includes what we called the Lola Pro Amazin™ Sponge & Scrubber Roller Mop; a multipurpose cleaning tool armed with a sponge mop and a high-quality floor and deck scrubber is perfect in removing stains, scuffs, and dirt. It also has an adjustable handle and ergonomic rubber grip handle that gives ease and comfort to its user. Since it has bristles that can remove tough dirt, it means it is useful outside for cleaning patios, verandas, and your porch too.

It can clean in both Wet and Dry – Different situations that happen at all usually requires different solutions as well just like when water is spilled over the floor or when there are mud stains on it. However, with The Revolution™ Microfiber Spin Mop System, you don’t have to buy two different cleaning tools anymore because this mop can clean dirty floors and absorb moisture alternately.

Made with an effective microfiber mop head and a push down pump handle design, it allows the mop to spin fast for a controllable wringing out of water. Unlike foot pedal versions, this one also releases dirt and grime on the mop head, making sure you are actually cleaning than just spreading around the filth.

This extraordinary mop is also great for any hard floor surface so you can use it all around the house. Its handle is also durable, lightweight, and telescopic so you won’t have a problem bending down or going into painful positions just to reach dirt under the furniture.

Meanwhile, its bucket has a balancing function that prevents spills and a feature that will make disposal of water easier for you.

So whenever you have a cleaning task to do at home, now you’ll know that all you need is to get a grip of one of our mops and then you can consider the job done.

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