Cleaning Tasks That Will Buy You Time While Isolating at Home

Cleaning Tasks That Will Buy You Time While Isolating at Home

Before, many of us have many things that we want to do when we are at home. But now that we seem to have all the time in the world because everyone is advised to stay at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we know that many are wondering how they are going to spend all of it.

Restrictions are being loosened but the virus is still there. So, it still does not feel comfortable to be out. So people still prefer to be at home.  Instead of just just laying at bed all-day, some spends their time playing games, doing TikTok videos, or working on their biceps, thigh muscles, and abs. While for some who are starting to get bored, we recommend cleaning since it is still one of the top time-killing activities.

Here are some cleaning tasks and tips that you can apply while stuck at home:

Clean and Disinfect Common Areas – Places such as doorknobs and locks, faucet handles, window latches, stair and balcony handrails hold the highest potential to spread not only dust and dirt but also germs and bacteria. Since keeping your health sound is important now more than ever, you should use your time to clean these surfaces to prevent the spread of disease. In doing so, you can partner your chosen cleaning solution with our Lola Wowables™ which is already treated with anti-microbial agents making sure every wipe cleans and kills germs. This cleaning cloth is also washable and reusable saving you money and time because you don’t have to go out often just to buy another cloth to use.

Removing grime from Bathroom tiles – If you are looking for some time-consuming tasks, you just have to look around and the answer may just be around the corner. Just look at the different signs of filth stuck deep within its crevices such as discoloration and unpleasant odor. You can use the combined power of our Deck Scrub Brush and Handled Scrubber to brush the grime away! It won’t matter if it’s on the bathroom floor or walls! There will be no place to hide for germs since the bristle of our brushes will penetrate even the thinnest crevice.

Clean and Polish Windows and Mirrors – Windows and mirrors help make our home brighter and better. But they need some of your time too so they can be cleaned. Since you have plenty of that nowadays, maybe one of these days you can start polishing them once again. You can use some mirror polishing paste along with the help of Lola Wowables™ to bring them back to their former glory. This cleaning tool is absolutely clean and lint-free so you can prevent mirror streaking. You may find Lola’s Sticky Mop useful as well. It can make window and mirror cleaning easier because it will help you remove dust and dirt with the adhesive sheets on its mop head. It also has an extendable arm that will expand your reach enabling you to cover wide areas.

With these tasks that you can do week by week, we’re sure you’ll be kept busy till this pandemic is completely over and before you come back to your usual routine.

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