Wise and Creative Ways to Use Your Common Dishwashing Sponge

Wise and Creative Ways to Use Your Common Dishwashing Sponge

There are simple household cleaning tools at home that you can utilize and use for greater purpose. Just like the common cleaning sponge that is not as simple as it seems, especially our cleaning sponges that are all made to stand out and be extraordinary. Speaking of sponges, today we will be discussing about ways on how you can use your common cleaning sponge more creatively.

Sponge protective padding – When putting things on boxes, the same sponge that you use when washing the dishes can serve as a good alternative for bubble wrap and tissue paper in protecting valuable or fragile belongings. You don’t also need to crumple papers or find some spare pieces of foam to serve as padding because you can have some of our high-quality and multipurpose sponges for a very cheap price. You can use Pot Brite™ Scour N' Sponge because it is made to provide extra protection to help prevent even the slightest scratches to delicate pieces of glass and porcelain.

Alternative Knee Pads – When cleaning the floor, getting down on your knees has always been torture, giving us intolerable knee pain, sores, and blisters. Using sport kneepads may look weird and is considered as unnecessary cost. Why buy if you can use an alternative at home? What we mean by the alternative is your dishwashing sponge. Aligning the soft part of the sponge to your knees and the abrasive part to the floor can give you protection. Use Pot Brite™ Heavy Duty Scrub Sponges. It is made strong and suitable to carry heavy wait without causing damage to the floor and to your knees.

Clean containers and bottles with narrow openings – Stressed about how to clean your bottles and jars at home because you don’t know what bottle cleaning tool would work? Don’t look any further, just grab your cleaning sponge at home, attach two to a pair of chopsticks and you’ll have your DIY bottle cleaner! To achieve more desirable results, we recommend the Pot Brite™ All Purpose Scrub Sponges, the cleaning tool designed with the efficiency and durability required for all types of cleaning tasks.

For fur remover – For animal lovers, pet fur is a common problem. Buying a pet hair remover can be expensive. Just grab a sponge and use its rough surface to pick up fur and hair by rubbing it over furniture or clothing. We greatly believe that our Cellulose Sponge and Scourer has the right texture and composition to remove fur. If you really want an instant and lasting solution, just purchase Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ which has an adhesive rolling mop head that collects fur, dirt and dust.

Utensil Cleaner – Even with all its versatility and flexibility, sponges still works best in dishwashing. Plates and bowls area a piece of cake. Utensils however, are a different story. Cleaning them requires intricacy. But you’ll have no problem with the Scrub N' Wipe Boss because unlike the common sponge, it is made with a slit specifically added for cleaning utensils. You just have to slide them in and out until it’s all clean.

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