When there’s Gust there is Dust: How to Clean Effectively When it’s Windy

When there’s Gust there is Dust: How to Clean Effectively When it’s Windy

Air is one of the things that made us realize that not because you cannot see it, does not mean it is not there. Gusty winds on the other hand, are another thing because you will probably SEE these through the things that they are carrying. Be it leaves, trash, stones, twigs, and many more. You might even feel them flying around or hitting you.

Today we will discussing some tips on how to deal with the aftermath of wind surges. We also have a list of recommendations on what is best to use to help you clean your home.

Strong winds will carry tons of dust and dirt particles that will stick outside of your home. This may not seem troubling but when dirt and dust builds up, your home will start to look dull on the outside. Its color will start to fade; there will be an effect on wood materials as well. It might even invite unwanted guests such as insects and other types of vermin. Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ will be of great help. You can use its adhesive mop head inside and outside your home; on the floor, on your walls, and even on furniture to remove whatever filth you can find.

If the dirt brought by the winds is tough that parts of your home needs washing, you can also seek help from our Wowables™You can use it to wipe clean walls, mirrors, doors and other surfaces. It is also for drying and removing of stains. Because it is treated with anti-microbial agent and it is made washable, you can use it many repeatedly.

360° Extender Duster Set on the other hand is made specifically to collect dust from different surfaces. It also has an extendable handle that you can use to reach tight gaps, narrow corners and high places such as cupboards and furniture tops.

Aside from the exterior walls of your house, trash and other types of mess will also be scattered around it; on your garden, backyard, front porch, etc. You will need a tool that is durable and powerful enough to carry these into one place so you can easily scoop them up and put them into the trash bin. Lola Corn Broom will surely do just that! With its natural fiber and corn bristles sewed together, it can be used efficiently to clean outdoor patios, garages, and backyards. It is also washable with cool water so it is okay to use it on tough dirt.

Last but not the least, Lola Deck Scrub Brush is for hard-to-remove stains embedded on your concrete or cement floor. So there will be no worries even if the strong winds cause fruits to fall from trees and leave stains because you have an effective tool that you can count on when it comes to clean up time.

There are times where it is necessary to evacuate and go to a safer place. But, there are also times that you have to face the problem head on especially when it is about dealing with trash.

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