Cleaning and Maintaining Antiques and Collectibles

Cleaning and Maintaining Antiques and Collectibles

For collectors, every cleaning is literally a ‘make it or break it’ moment for their collection, whereas mistakes are costly so they need to be extremely cautious in their every move. The cleaning process varies depending on the materials used in making the item.

Here, we will narrow down our discussion to cleaning antique wood, antique metal and general collectible items along with some product recommendations that will ensure the preservation of their quality:

Antique Wood

Our first tip is to avoid using water as it can easily get into the wood grain or between wood veneers that can lead to different issues such as swelling, buckling, and separation of the wood. Also, avoid using products that require diluting with a lot of water or any high-liquid cleaning solution to prevent any irreversible effect to the quality of your antiques.

Use only soft 100% cotton cloth such as Lola’s All Purpose cloth and carefully wipe the furniture in circular motions so you will not leave any damage. Also, avoid harmful or intense chemicals for cleaning. Instead, you can use solutions such as mineral spirits to treat antique wood furniture.

Meanwhile, our super absorbent Cellulose Sponge Cloth is perfect for cleaning and drying glasses and mirrors on the furniture. They ensure no moisture will be left and that the glass will not have any streaks or stains.

Antique Metal

Rust is the main problem of antique metal collectors. This means soft cloth and cleaning solution will not work. Instead, you have to look for a better tool to deal it. Something with an abrasive surface such as our Wonder Scourer™ Non Scratch Scouring Pad that you can use to brush off the rust without leaving scratches to the metal. Just be careful not to use it on polished surfaces to prevent scratching it.

You can also try our Lola Wowables™ in applying an appropriate cleaning solution, wiping clean the metal right after brushing off the rust, and wiping the metal dry/making sure there is no more solution left on it.

Collectibles Items

People usually collect several things. It may vary from toys, coins, comic books, stamps and many more. These items are kept commonly because of two reasons; either high monetary or sentimental value.

There is a general rule whereas seldom do these items need to be cleaned with water. Either because of what they are made of or because it may affect their quality. So avoid using it unless you do not mind them having lesser or zero monetary value.

Most collectible items need only dusting. Even if you keep them on glass drawer, dust may still stick into them so dusting them regularly is a must. Use soft and light cleaning materials on their boxes and on the items themselves. 360° Extender Duster Kit can offer its gentle touch that removes dirt and dust without affecting the collectibles. You can also use our Jumbo Microfiber cleaning cloth, which is also gentle but has fibers that can easily pick-up dirt.
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