Welcoming The New Year With A Brighter and Better-Looking Home

Welcoming The New Year With A Brighter and Better-Looking Home

For some, New Year is best welcomed with a new lifestyle, a new hairdo, or a new fashion statement.  While some celebrates it with a newly redecorated home.

Regardless of what change we want to make it doesn’t lessen the excitement that it brings to our lives. It even motivates us to go on and have a better year and to leave the bad memories of the past. But here we’ll focus and discuss more on how to reinvent our homes as welcome a prosperous and bountiful year.

Be filled with Fancy and Stylish Images

Having your favorite painting or photos posted on your walls will always be a wonderful sight every day especially if it features you and your family or friends on your most memorable and happiest moments. Of course, as you hang them, you don’t want them to be a site for a stockpile of dust. So, you should always keep them clean and shiny by wiping your frames and portraits with Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloths.

Living with Metal

You don’t have to be a fan of KISS or Slipknot for this tip to work for you because this more on integrating eclectic items with metallic finish in your home. This includes miniature sculptures, candle holders or stands with rose gold, antique silver or copper colors. Clean and keep these pieces of furniture rust and stain-free with Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe Cloths.

Going on with some Greenery

Plants symbolize new life and growth so it is really suitable to have some if you want to have a fresh breath into your life. Putting some into your home will making more cozier, livelier and more natural. Studies also says plants can relieve stress because owning one can be compared to having a pet. But, be reminded that taking care of it is also important. Treat it as part of your daily routine study and practice how to handle and groom your plant. You also have to clean their pots and your small gardening tools to make sure you won’t injure your favorite green friend. With this, Lola Eco Clean™ Tampico Scrub Brush can be of great help; It is not only natural but also handy and effective for cleaning, buffing and polishing not only pieces of furniture but even your entire home as well!

Declutter and Organize

Most importantly, a trend that will never go out of style is home decluttering. Because out of all the things that we buy all year round, it is inevitable that some of it were no longer useful by the end of the year. So, there is a need to identify and get rid of them if they no longer serve any purpose. This is to give way for more useful things to have space in your life. So, start looking into things and pack them accordingly; you can use a crate or a basket to compile a variety of items with style. This can also help you to do some experiments on how to make your home more elegant. You might not know but this may be the perfect solution for you to find your long-lost belongings waiting to be discovered on hidden corners and piles.

Many of us things that buying new things as part of the new year is what will give us fulfilment in life. But sometimes, all it takes is to go around the house and move some things to see a better angle of the things that you already have.

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