Ways to Fight Off Germs and Viruses at Home Using Simple Household Cleaning Tools

Ways to Fight Off Germs and Viruses at Home Using Simple Household Cleaning Tools

How do we fight a disease without a cure? Without vaccines? The emergence of COVID-19 has brought chaos and panic around the world. Widespread lockdowns and mass testing were implemented. However, people still get sick and the number of deaths is increasing.

So, without any idea when this will end, what do we learn from this living nightmare? The answer is simple. Aside from an aggressive action from our governments, we as individuals must also do our part to at least stop the spread of this disease. Practice social distancing, intensify personal hygiene, and home cleaning.

Here are some tips on how to keep ourselves safe at home and away from germs using simple household cleaning tools:

Clean and Disinfect High-Touch Surfaces Daily

This refers to doorknobs, light switches, desks, tables, and other handles which are frequently touched by most if not all members of a household. This quickly spreads disease-causing bacteria and germs so it is crucial that aside from urging everyone living in your home to practice regular handwashing, you also clean these common areas thoroughly. You can use Wowables™ to wipe clean these different surfaces entirely. What’s good about it is you can use it with or without household cleaners or EPA-registered disinfectants.

Use an Effective Sponge when Washing the Dishes and sanitizes it after every use.

Kitchen sponges are also common breeding grounds for microbes because their nourishing, warm, moist environments serve as an ideal place to live with tons of food. This is why sponges can harbor all kinds of nasty bacteria, including campylobacter, salmonella, staphylococcus, E. coli, and listeria — all of which can cause mild to severe gut and skin infections. Using soap is not enough to kill all these germs according to experts.

What you need is to be meticulous when choosing the right kind of sponge. We recommend the Pot Brite™ Scour N' Sponge, a sponge that cleans faster and better than the regular steel wool scourer.  Coupled with a disinfectant spray, it is also effective in disinfecting your utensils and cookware.

But that’s not enough. You also have to practice sanitizing this sponge after using it. Use a cleaning solution that’s recommended by experts to make sure that it really eradicates any bacteria that clings on the sponge.

Wipe Down Your Phone Every Few Days

Many of us are not aware that mobile phones are germ factories that needs the most attention when it comes to cleaning. These gadgets that we always have in our hands are being used for almost 24/7 but still we fail to clean them every once in a while. This could be due to various reasons. Some people forget while other just don’t know how to do it or are unaware of what to use. Well, we’re help to help you out!  

First, research is important. Electronic devices can be sensitive so you have to know what tool is compatible in cleaning it. You can use the delicate Cellulose Sponge Cloth "Swedish Cloth" which is highly absorbent, perfect if you plan on cleaning your phone with an appropriate and safe cleaning solution.

Clean Your TV Remote Once A Week

Just like your mobile phone, your TV’s remote control is also one of the electronic devices in your home that germs love so much because of how often you touch it and how seldom you clean it. Many studies out there can prove that thousands of bacteria can be hanging out on that clicker at a given time. But it’s not too late. Now that you have been made aware about this fact, start making it a habit to clean all remote controls you have at home by wiping them with Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths.  When cleaning your remote with our Clean N' Wipe Cloths, use a cleaning solution or disinfectant spray to get rid of all that nasty bacteria.

Mop/Wipe Your Bathroom and Kitchen Surfaces

Bathroom walls and kitchen floors also tend to host many different viruses because they are often wet and aren’t wiped down enough. This is the same with toilets, sinks, and other surfaces found in these common areas.  In this case, Using Lola’s Wowables™ would help a lot in having a cleaner environment. Thoroughly wipe every corner including gaps and crevices to make sure no surface is left untouched and still filled with bacteria.  For floors, the Lola Rola Sticky Mop™  is great for picking up stray hair and any other loose particles.
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