Cleaning Habits to Practice While Working from Home

Cleaning Habits to Practice While Working from Home

A clean working environment is essential for people to be more productive. It also lets them unleash their creativity as they are more comfortable with what’s around them. Even now that most are working at home, cleaning our workspace is still a must.

Here are some tips that you should add to your cleaning routine as they may help you to work more comfortably and more effectively:

Always clean up spills and leaks.

Drinking liquids for hydration or to quench thirst is important when working. You access water, juice, or coffee from time to time so expect that there will be spills. If left unattended and not taken care off, these may cause damage or short circuit to your gadgets and other equipment. Use Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths as it is not only absorbent but also effective in fighting off germs and bacteria that may be attracted to moisture.


It’s hard to work when your working environment is crowded and congested. There will be too many distractions. So, make sure to keep all unnecessary things away from you and your working space. Throw away all trash and put your belongings on bins to organize them.

Spot clean after every meal break

Now that you are at your turf, there are a lot of things that you can do more freely and frequently, including eating. This makes your workspace more prone to getting filled with mess. That’s why it is essential to do regular spot cleaning to make sure wastes won’t buildup. Use Lola Wowables™ to wipe food off your table or floor from time to time. This way you can also prevent attracting ants or other insects that may make your working area nastier. 

Clear ways

When you are all busy and focused on your work, you wouldn’t want anything inappropriate to get into your way, especially because you are required to move from time to time; maybe to pee, get some food, or to stretch. Imagine how hassle and frustrating it is when you are rushing and you trip on something. It also poses a risk of getting into an accident if there are so many things all over your floor. Due to this, we recommend using Lola Angle Broom for swift and thorough cleaning of different types of dirt and debris that are lying around.

Tidy up the working area before and after every work day

Having a fresh start at your working day even while at home is essential for you to be productive. Allot some time minutes before your shift to organize your things and clean the surrounding. Since dust and dirt may build up overtime, it is still important for you to clean lightly even if you have already cleaned your working area the day before. You can use Lola Rola Sticky Mop not only on your floor but also on furniture, like chairs, couches, and other surfaces. Meanwhile, cleaning after working on the other hand doesn’t have to be thorough knowing that you probably exhausted most of your energy throughout the day.

Always keep in mind that without a proper cleaning habit, working can still become dreadful even when done at home where comfort is supposed to be at its best.

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