Tips for That Eco-Friendly ’Fall Cleaning’

Tips for That Eco-Friendly ’Fall Cleaning’

Although spring may top the list as the ideal season for deep cleaning, doesn't fall make more sense? There is no better time to get your home in top condition than now, with the temperature falling, the holidays approaching, and the influx of seasonal bugs. Here are some of the most eco-friendly approaches to “fall clean” your home.

Start pulling out your winter gears

There is no reason to put off wearing those warm sweaters and cushy leggings if the temperature is already dropping. By sorting through last season's clothing, you'll not only learn what should be kept and what should be donated or thrown out, but you'll also reduce your carbon footprint and spend less money on utilities. Why? Putting on a sweater rather than turning up the thermostat could save you a decent amount on utility costs.

“Winterize” your chimney, as necessary

Few things are more romantic than spending a cold night together beside a fire. Ensure you're prepared for such a moment by hiring a professional to clean the flue of dirt, debris, and bird nests, as well as to undertake any repairs that may need to be handled. 

Sort through your cabinets and cupboards

We're all guilty of keeping food (and other stuff) way past their expiration dates, whether it be those soup cans no one in your family would eat or the pasta you've vowed never to eat again. This fall, go through your pantry and throw away everything that has expired. You can give food that hasn't gone bad to a lot of places, like your neighborhood food bank or homeless. Fill that empty area with healthful foods to keep you healthy throughout the fall.

Clean your tiles

While the tiles in your kitchen and bathroom may be lovely to look at and easy to clean, the grout between them can quickly grow mildew. In addition to being disgusting, this is unhealthy and may cause everything from coughing and wheezing to eye irritation. To floss those tiles, combine one part vinegar and one part carbonated water, and use the Lola® Eco Clean Bamboo Scrub Brush for that environmentally responsible tile cleaning. They'll shine even more, which will greatly improve how you and your family feel.

Wipe down your doors

It’s reasonable to concentrate the majority of your cleaning efforts on the surfaces in the kitchen and bathroom, but other areas of your home also receive a lot of activity and may be a source of germs (besides, think about how many visitors you'll have over the holidays). In light of this, thoroughly clean your doors to avoid the "sharing" of seasonal colds, and have some Lola® Anti-Microbial Clean n' Wipe Cloths on hand to sanitize those door knobs.

Wash your windows

This season of cuddling up will be much more delightful with sparkling windows, so clean them up before the cold weather arrives. Spray the glass liberally with a solution of equal parts vinegar and water, then wipe it down with The Reusable & Biodegradable Wowables® Paper Towels.

Repel insects from your home

Even though Halloween is just around the horizon, there is a big difference between spider webs that are just for decoration and actual spiders that are haunting your home. Use a Lola® Corn Broom to clear webs from the inside of your house, and a water hose to get rid of those outside that are hiding in crevices. Add some drops of citronella essential oil to your air filters as unwelcomed insects are deterred by it, which also has a fresh aroma that will make your home seem cozier.

As the weather is just starting to get chilly, it's best to start with outdoor tasks and then go indoors as the temperature drops. You'll thank yourself later (and so will Mother Nature) when you're enjoying a cozy winter since you put in a little additional effort now.

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