How to Clean White Shoes and Make them Look New Again!

How to Clean White Shoes and Make them Look New Again!

White shoes are a wardrobe necessity. This flexible footwear complements almost any kind of clothing, making it a great option for everyday use. However, after just a few days, scuffs, stains, and grime can make your beautiful white shoes appear dirty and old. Unfortunately, cleaning white shoes is more difficult than simply putting them in the washer and dryer to avoid damaging the shoes. Luckily, there are a few methods for cleaning to help keep your favorite white shoes looking great. These detailed steps for cleaning white shoes will leave your footwear looking brand new, regardless of whether they are made of leather, canvas, or mesh.

What you need

Whatever the main material of your white shoes is, you will need the following items for cleaning:

Leather Shoes

Because leather doesn't absorb as much water as some other fabrics do, it is one of the simpler materials to clean. Here's how to thoroughly clean white leather shoes with just liquid dish soap:

  1. Remove any loose dirt with a dry toothbrush after removing the shoelaces. Mix some warm water and a few drops of liquid dish soap. Brush the shoes gently all over with the toothbrush after dipping it into the soapy water.
  2. Use an eraser pad to get rid of any stains or scuffs (as in instructions above). Wipe the shoes down with a wet cloth. After cleaning the shoes, pack them with white paper towels to absorb any remaining moisture and preserve the shoes' shape while they dry. Before wearing, make sure they are thoroughly dry.

Canvas Shoes

Your white canvas shoes may appear to be difficult to clean, but it's actually rather easy. Here's a simple hack on how to clean them with just white vinegar and baking soda:

  1. Gather your materials: an old (but clean) toothbrush, baking soda, white vinegar, Reusable & Biodegradable Wowables® Paper Towels, and Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser Comparable Rubaway Eraser Pads by Lola®.
  2. Get rid of any loose dirt. For easy access to every area of the shoe, untie and remove the shoelaces. Take the shoes outside and bang the soles together to dislodge thick clumps of caked-on mud or dirt. To clean the shoes and get rid of any last bits of loose debris, scrape them with a toothbrush. Make sure to brush the tongue's outer edges and rubber soles as well.
  3. Combine the baking soda and white vinegar with a 3:1 ratio to make a paste, apply this to the shoes using the toothbrush, and gently scrub to remove dirt and stains. Give the mixture time to set up on the shoes. When it is entirely dry, brush off the larger pieces and use a paper towel to wipe up the remaining residue. 
  4. Remove any scuff marks or dirt streaks from the white bottoms of the shoes with an eraser pad. Scrub the rubber sole on both sides using a sponge eraser that has been dampened with water. Wipe off the shoes with a clean, damp cloth or paper towel. Before wearing, let them totally air dry.

Mesh Shoes

  1. Mesh is a delicate material that can easily snagged or harmed. You should use a lighter touch while cleaning white mesh shoes than you would with a tougher fabric like canvas. To gently brush away any extra dirt on the exterior of the shoes, use a dry toothbrush with soft bristles.
  2. Mix a little liquid laundry detergent with some warm water in a basin to make a sudsy cleaning solution and apply it to the shoes with a gentle cloth while making circular motions. As you clean, periodically rinse the cloth with warm water to prevent transferring dirt or stains to the shoes.
  3. Avoid completely submerging your mesh shoes in water to rinse them because this could ruin the inside or change the contour of the shoes. Instead, clean the outside of the shoes with a clean, moist cloth. Before donning the shoes, let them completely air dry and then stuff them with paper towels to help them keep their shape.

Your white shoes will surely appear fresh new if you follow the tips above. As previously stated, always be mindful of your white shoes. Even if they weren't pricey, routine maintenance would allow you to keep them in top shape for years. Consequently, you don't have to be concerned about damaging your wardrobe basics.

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