How to Bring Back the Sparkle of Your Old Glass Cookware

How to Bring Back the Sparkle of Your Old Glass Cookware

If you enjoy looking for vintage cookware, you've probably seen a lot of old, scratched glass cookware. The marks may have even caused you to pass on some things, but looking back, you may have regretted that decision because there are easy hacks to make those vintage glass cookware sparkle like brand new.

While we might be able to remove baked-on stains from glass cookware, it doesn't look like any amount of scrubbing will be able to remove the scuffs. So before passing up on old glass cookware from a vintage shop or donating your worn-out, outdated ones, you may want to give this tip a try. Here's how to revive the vibrant color of scratched glass dishes!

What you need

What you will do

  • Use hot water and a mild dish soap to wash your glass dish as usual. With a non-scratch scouring pad or sponge, try to scrape out the scratches or scuff marks after washing away any visible food or residue. We're going to focus on the persistent scratch marks that are still visible after the dish has been fully cleaned. 
  • Dry and rinse the glass cookware. 
  • Apply a small amount of fiberglass/ceramic polishing cream directly to the scratched area using a damp microfiber cloth. 
  • Use a circular motion to polish the dish as soon as possible and remove scuffs. Never allow the paste to dry. Surprisingly, your favorite toothpaste is also an effective ingredient for the job (but possibly not as effective as the prescribed polishing cream).
  • Dry after rinsing. And voila, no more scruffs!

Alternatively, the Lola® Rubaway Eraser Pads would also be a powerful tool to restore your glass cookware to their brand new glory. With their ultra-fine sandpaper-like action, these foam sponges can easily scour through even the toughest messes on a variety of surfaces, including glass cookware. And since these magic erasers require moisture to function correctly, we advise going a step further and including some mild dish soap in addition to the warm water. Even the toughest grease stuck to your glass cookware won't stand a chance against this combination of dish soap's grease-cutting power and the magic eraser's abrasiveness!

Our priceless antique glass cookware require a complicated cleaning procedure. In addition, we don't want to use any materials or techniques that will damage our items while trying to make them look as nice as new. But if you follow the simple tips above, you're definitely on the right track of preserving (and saving) your precious glass cookware.

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