The Evolution and the Revolution: Lola's two Microfiber Mop Systems

The Evolution and the Revolution: Lola's two Microfiber Mop Systems

We’re here to convince you that choosing a mop that’s right for you is important. Not everything works and not every piece offers the function that you need.

Mopping is one of the most important household tasks that we should never take for granted. It covers almost all places that you set your feet on, making sure every corner is clean, presentable, and sanitized to avoid the spread of disease-causing bacteria.  

However, ordinary mops don’t work all the time. Every home has a unique condition so every one of us might need a different mop that will be effective in maintaining our house’s cleanliness. This is why we reinvented regular mops; to bring your cleaning experience into a whole new level.

Lola Revolution™ Microfiber Spin Mop System is armed with an advanced wringer spin-cycle feature that helps control the amount of moisture picked up by its microfiber head and prevents dripping to avoid making any additional mess. Its spinning function is also useful in cleaning narrow corners and gaps, while its braided head is made effective in removing dirt and grime with its maximum absorbency.  

It is made effective on all hard surfaces and engineered with an elongating handle that makes cleaning more comfortable and less exhausting for you. The mop’s bucket has a self-balancing function to prevent leakage and a drain plug that makes dirty water easy to dispose.

Meanwhile, Lola Evolution™ Microfiber Self-Washing Mop System is a self-cleaning mop that can be washed and dried without the need of touching the mop head. Unlike the Revolution Mop’s braided head, the Evolution Mop’s is designed wide and flat to cover a big area in every sweep. Its bucket is made with two compartments for the washing and drying process after every use.

Just like its counterpart, this mop is also suitable for cleaning different types of hard surfaces so whatever kind of flooring you have at home, this one will be a perfect and effective cleaning tool for you.

This mop’s head is made up of super-absorbing microfiber bristles that are washable, making it reusable even up to a hundred times. Furthermore, its ergonomic 4-piece handle that gives you a comfortable grip and a 360° swivel feature that is useful when cleaning hard-to-reach areas.

Rest assured that both mops along with their heads, handles and buckets are all built with maximum durability. Innovation is also integrated to improve the way you deal with common cleaning problems that you encounter at home almost daily.

Whichever you choose from these two mops, rest assured that you can rely on them and they will never fail nor disappoint you when it comes to cleaning floors. So prepare to be amazed as Lola’s mops are made like no other, giving you a brand new experience and helping you bring back your eagerness and enthusiasm in cleaning your home. With these mops your cleaning will give you ideal results with less stress. So, what are you waiting for? Grab yours now!
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