Shelf Life Matters: Cleaning Tips to Prolong Shelf Life

Shelf Life Matters: Cleaning Tips to Prolong Shelf Life

In the time of a worldwide health crisis, spoiling food and wasting supplies is the last thing anyone would want to do. In order to survive, people must not only avoid contracting the contagious and deadly COVID-19 virus, but they must also be practical in their ways of living. All measures on how to preserve food and other perishable resources must be practiced.

It may not be known to all, but proper cleaning has a lot to do with the shelf life of our food, ingredients and other important stocks. Want to know how? Here are some cleaning tips on how to prolong shelf life:

Always Check and Clean up your drawers and cabinets

Using Lola Sticky Mop™, you can collect dirt, dust, and any other filth that may attract unwanted attention from insects and other pests. This is important in ensuring that your food will be left untouched by disease-carrying organisms. 

Keep Storage Boxes, Kitchen Countertops and Fridge dry

Molds and bacteria love to live on cold and damp places. They are among the major causes of food contamination. But don’t worry because their growth is preventable. In order to do this, you must make sure that they have nowhere to thrive. Use our Cellulose Sponge Cloth to absorb any leaks and spills.

Regularly wipe jars and other food containers

Cleaning and drying jars or other containers before putting in food, ingredients or other spices helps make sure there are no moisture, stains or residue left which can affect the longevity and quality of the food. We recommend using Wowables™ - an all-around effective cleaning tool which also works when cleaning or drying the dishes and food containers.  

Keep food away from direct sunlight

Too much heat can cause food to become dehydrated, jars and containers to condensate and cause spoilage, or food quality to break down. When keeping food that don’t need refrigeration, it is always advisable to put them in a cool warm place because extreme temperature conditions can easily affect their taste and quality.

Always read labels and follow recommended storage temperature

This is essential in keeping the food in their best quality. If they have special needs regarding storage temperature, you must strictly follow it or else expect the quality of the food to deteriorate. Also consider the type of container or packaging because that can also affect the condition and longevity of the food.

Check the expiration date

Obviously, you cannot prolong the shelf-life of something that’s already near or past its expiration. Though there are certain products that you can still consume after its best before date, that will only last for a week or two. Still, if you are planning to keep the item as stock, it’s best to look for one that you can keep for a long time.

Refrain from buying items that do not have anything indicated on their expiry date label or those that have suspicious labels because these may have altered expiry dates.
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