Importance of Cleaning Your Attic and Tips on How To Do It

Importance of Cleaning Your Attic and Tips on How To Do It

The attic is portrayed on movies as a common lurking grounds for monsters and evil spirits. This is something close to reality because without proper cleaning, this part of your house would be haunted by dirt, dust, crawlers and critters.

But particulate dust and other debris are not only your sole problem. Without proper care and maintenance, your attic can also have poor ventilation and insulation causing heat to migrate to the rest of the house while damaging your roof.

Your house’s attic can be a very useful space as it can give you extra storage. If you feel like making it fancier or if you have enough space and resources, you can make a bedroom or studio out of it. With proper renovations it can give you a clear view of the sky if your house is in the right position.

But the bottom line is, it all starts with efficient cleaning. It is the key to reserving this place’s potential and making countless opportunities possible in the future.

For tips on how to do it, follow our stick, trap, collect formula. Here’s how:


Using the adhesion of Lola Sticky Mop™ your attic’s floor, walls, and ceiling will be freed from the build-up of dust, dirt, web and other particulate materials. Compared to the common mop, this cleaning tool is more efficient and effective in gathering dust and removing filth even on deep corners and narrow crevices.

Cleaning is made easy due to its ergonomic parts allowing you to maximize your reach on any given angle. It is also perfect in cleaning walls before applying paint as it will help ensure that there will be no bumps and any other irregularities later.


Lola also offers the excellent dirt-trapping capabilities of the Lola 360° Duster. Using it, you can deal with flying particles which is common on places like your home’s attic. Designed with an extendable arm, it will help you reach high places such as the top of your furniture, or glass windows and mirrors placed up high within arm’s reach.


Are the common broom and dustpan causing you body aches and back pains? With Lola Dustpan and Brush set – clip on, we will be solving your problems. Perfect when cleaning around small spaces or those at the waist or eye level, dirt buildup can be easily collected and properly disposed. Now you don’t have to burden yourself with an equipment that’s too heavy or too long for such as simple task.

If you are into cleaning towels and cloths, we have a great deal for you. Our Wowables™ are made for you to instantly wipe off stains or debris stuck around the attic. It comes in several pieces per roll and it is washable so you can reuse it anytime and you don’t have to worry about suddenly running out of supply because you don’t have to throw away each piece immediately.

Lola Products Are Treated with Cleaning Agents

You can minimize the use of harmful chemicals or strong cleaning agents because our products are made ready for cleaning as soon as you get them out of their packaging. We made sure that you will get cleaning efficiency without any additional costs.
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