Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Using Lola’s Wowables®

Reasons Why You Should Never Miss Using Lola’s Wowables®

When it comes to cleaning, people always try to think of ways to be practical that sometimes they stoop so low, that what they choose to use is not efficient and effective anymore, but just cheap and that’s all…

Disposable paper towels and makeshift rugs are some of the common cleaning materials that we use. But not because they are abundantly available doesn’t mean they are the best tools to do the job. We just might not know it but we have a better option; a tool that is not just affordable but also effective and reusable! Imagine being able to use your paper towel several times without it wearing out or becoming too dirty. How about a rug that doesn’t harbor germs and other harmful bacteria? Yes, you’ve read it right. This is all possible with Lola’s Wowables® Check out here why you should now throw away your conventional cleaning tools and start stocking up your supply of this effective cleaning tool.

Just like other cleaning tools and pads, Wowables® is versatile and can be used to clean different parts of your house such as your kitchen, bathroom, garage, floors, and windows. But what sets it apart for ordinary paper towels is not just its reusability but its amazing durability and fast-drying technology. That is what allows it to be washed and used again as if it was never used before. It also prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria not like the makeshift rug which is a common source of disease-causing germs.

  • Another benefit of using Lola Wowables® is that it doesn’t need to be used along with chemicals and cleaners that are often dangerous to you and your family. In fact, instead of helping, strong cleaners actually just cause damage to your home’s surfaces through time. But no worries because you just have to damp Lola’s Wowables® for more effectivity.

Aside for drying out spills, wiping surfaces, and dust removal, the Wowables® also works in cleaning up paint and it is also safe for dry fresh produce and vegetables, making it useful in food preparation. Plus, it can be used to open jar and container lids.

It is made without a core unlike standard paper towels so it can be a good choice for you if you are someone who’s serious in lessening your generated waste to help the environment. Rest assured that this does not produce lint which can be hard to clean and can trigger allergies.

In short, Lola Wowables® is created for all your cleaning needs. Make your cleaning routine simple and hassle free with this product that you wish have long existed. All you have to do after every use is wash it, rinse it out, and keep it for another day.

Because you made it this far, here’s a bonus tip: if you put it in the dishwasher or in the washing machine and set it on cold cycles, it will be as good as new again so you can use it longer!

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