Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

Office Spring Cleaning Checklist

As spring continues, people probably have long list of things that they might be doing. Constantly, they will go to work, not only to do their job but also to dust off their desks and clean up their cabinets and computers. Here is a spring-cleaning checklist of things in your office that you have to clean for you to have a fresher workspace this season.

Computer and Keyboard – As you sit in front of the monitor every day, the dirt and dust you carry from the outside builds up on it so you may find it dirty every once in a while. But, there’s nothing to worry about because you can regularly clean your whole computer and all its parts; from its CPU, monitor, keyboard, and mouse using Lola Wowables which can wipe off and clean loose debris. While narrow gaps and crevices in between buttons and keys should be thoroughly cleaned using a vacuum.

Supply drawer – It’s time to throw away all the unnecessary writing utensils that aren’t in use anymore. You also need some drawer dividers so you can sort out and separate paper clips, pens, staples and other office supplies before putting them in areas where they are easily accessible.

Filing cabinet – Whether it's a single drawer or a full cabinet, you should always maintain and keep clean these file cabinets. Check all unnecessary files so you can throw them away and create a clean, organized filing system for all of your important documents. You can also consider color-coding the files for certain tasks, as well. To clean the cabinet generally from dirt and dust, try using a Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Cloth.

Phone – Your desk phone is most likely to be the dirtiest places in your office. So, take a Lola Anti-Microbial Cloth paired with a disinfectant spray and clean off the buttons and receiver. Make sure you do this as often as once every day or two to make sure you kill harmful bacteria that may cause diseases to harm your health.

Papers – Documents should be dealt with appropriately so they won’t just randomly lay around. Make sure you always sort out any miscellaneous pile of papers on your desk. Either they will be shredded or filed away and kept.

Décor – Believe it or not, the design around you may affect your mood. That’s why it is important to refresh the walls of your office every once in a while, by putting up current photos, inspirational quotes and anything else that will help keep you on track and make every space lively and interesting.

Fridge – Spills or spoiled food and condiments left alone for so long can make an unpleasant odor on your fridge. After some time, this may be hard to remove. So, act as soon as you can. Schedule clean out days and post a note on the fridge to notify your co-workers about it. This way, if the day comes and food isn't clearly labeled with a name and date, you can instantly toss it away to keep the interior clean and to free up some space.

Coffeemaker – As one of the dirtiest places in the entire office, this appliance needs extra attention. A thorough wash of both the pot and machine are needed. You can also use Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cloth to wipe it clean on the break room counter where you can also post a note to ask other people to not forget cleaning it regularly.

A workspace that is messy and cluttered adds unnecessary stress to everyone around. That’s why it’s important to stay organized, set weekly and monthly reminders to organize, and clean your desk area. It is not only your responsibility but also of the other employees to keep your office clean.

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