How to Enjoy Home Cleaning even when You're in Quarantine?

How to Enjoy Home Cleaning even when You're in Quarantine?

People are going crazy about what to do amid the COVID-19 outbreak that’s is keeping them locked inside their homes. Though there are various of activities to choose and kill time with, it’s important to focus on what’s essential during these times: Home Cleaning.

We may have been disrupted from doing our usual daily routine by this pandemic, but the good thing is that it has given us time to go back and pay attention on the things that we often set aside because we are too busy with everything that’s going on.

Do you remember the last time you cleaned your patio? Your ceiling? How about the exterior windows? This are just some of the areas that we fail to clean regularly because we don’t have time to spare. So, now is the good time to focus on them. Start by sweeping the patio along with other walkways with Lola Angle Broom, and wipe clean your interior and exterior windows with our Wowables™. Both cleaning tools are designed for tough cleaning. You can even include light fixtures and patio furniture in your cleaning task.

Since you have started with this, might as well do a general cleaning in your kitchen and bathroom. But instead of doing just the usual wiping of surfaces, focus on cleaning out closets, cupboards and the pantry. Using Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, you can thoroughly clean not only the tile but also under the toilet and the sinks too.

For an added fun, maybe you can take some before and after photos before cleaning especially if you are planning to declutter. Check how much have changed after the cleanup. You can even turn it into a vlog content or a TikTok video if you are more confident. You can share it with your friends and colleagues who you will not be able to see due to the lockdown for the sake of social distancing.

Meanwhile, for those who miss hanging out at their favorite coffee shop or working out at the gym, repurposing your room can be a good idea so you can still duplicate the activities that you used to do while staying within the comfort of your home. This may require moving of certain furniture. You can also take this opportunity to clean certain corners and remove dust using Lola Swiffer® Sweeper® Compatible Dry Sweeping Cloth from workout equipment that were hid for a very long time.

These are just of the fun ways of cleaning that you can do while staying safe at home. Instead of just laying on your bed or binge watching all day, why not spend some time working out through cleaning so you can stay fit and ready to be on-the-move once the lockdown is lifted.

Once everything is back-to-normal, you’ll never know when you will have time to clean your home again. So, might as well do it know while you have plenty of it instead of just hoping that soon you will still have extra time every once in a while.

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