Natural Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ways and Products

Natural Cleaning: Eco-Friendly Cleaning Ways and Products

You might think that using plastic cleaning equipment and chemical-based products will save you money. But the truth is, they are pricey and pose danger to your health. Plus, their manufacturing and disposal are also highly harmful to the environment. So why not consider some natural and eco-friendly alternatives?

Plastic is Toxic. Using cleaning materials made out of it can only contribute to the waste we produce. This is why it’s sad that many households still choose to patronize it thinking that it would cost them less when in fact, they can only buy it on a cheap price because its quality cannot match the level of more eco-friendly and all-natural products.

Look at your kitchen and identify the cleaning materials that you use for your kitchen ware. Try to recall how much of it have you bought so far and remember how many of them ended up in the trash after some time. It might not be visible too, but they also compromise the quality of other kitchen materials and even the food you eat.

There’s no denying that plastic is also widely used in preparing our dishes and according to experts it's micro-plastics which get mixed up on our food and in our bottled drinking water which are slowly poisoning us.

But don’t worry, because you still have time and there are brands such as Lola which can help you replace your old plastic cleaning products with newer, eco-friendly alternatives. Products such as the Eco Clean Tampico Vegetable Brush, Dish Brush and Bottle Brush are all better alternatives than their plastic counterparts. So you can be sure that you safely process and clean various equipment and even food by using Lola's Eco Clean line. Compared to cheaper, plastic cleaning materials, these offer unmatched durability, gentleness and high quality which make it an effective weapon against all sorts of dirt and germs on your silverware, metal cooking pots and pans, porcelain dishes, and even on bottles without leaving any dents or marks unlike the usual brushes with poly bristles.

Choosing reusable tools in exchange of disposable and easily-to-break equipment is one of the wisest decisions one could ever have. You'll not only pay less but  you’ll also get better value - a win/win.

Don't believe it? Well it’s true! It’s possible to do your cleaning with affordable and effective equipment without jeopardizing your cooking wares and most importantly without hurting the environment!

When considering eco-friendly cleaning products, Wowables should be #1 on your list.  They are the world's first ever 100% biodegradable and compostable reusable paper towels. A 30 count roll can last over two years as you clean up spills and then simply your Wowables sheet with plain water - Just rinse, wring, and reuse.  Additionally, they'll save an average family of standard paper towel users more than $15,000 over a lifetime by making the switch to Wowables!

Having an eco-friendly life and an environmentally cautious cleaning routine is not as hard as many people think. Remember, it may be irrelevant at first but its benefits are long-term so your children or even grandchildren will reap the benefits of your decision to go eco-friendly when cleaning.

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