Must-Bring Cleaning Tools to have a Fun and Enjoyable Summer

Must-Bring Cleaning Tools to have a Fun and Enjoyable Summer

Summer is never the same since 2020 after the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic. Now, there’s a glimmer of hope because in lieu of the vaccine rollout, people can start going out again. This means summer can be enjoyed once more.

But before you pack and head straight out to your summer destination, we got some recommendations which you should consider bringing if you want to re-claim your unforgettable summer getaway snatched by the covid-19 virus:

Dust Pan and Brush Set-Clip On

Playing in the sand? Or just want to have tools that will help you make your room in order before going out and enjoying your vacation? This brush and dust pan set is perfect! 

This two-piece cleaning tool is extremely light and durable and you won’t even feel it on your baggage. That’s important especially when you plan of bringing lots of swimming outfits.

In case of a messy incident inside your room and you need to collect food crumbles or glass shards, this set also makes everything a lot easier and faster. Plus, you don’t have to touch anything on the floor. Keeping yourself from possible injuries or disease-causing bacteria that may be living in those surfaces.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

Need something to dust off your car or cabin room? This cleaning tools has sticky papers as its mop head to collect dirt and debris and a 4-piece easy to assemble handle making it ready to be packed and brought out for vacation trips. The ‘easy-to-tear sheets’ feature is a bonus because it would help you easily dispose debris and other wastes.

Help yourself be more comfortable without worrying about dust and dirt getting in your face or upsetting your nostrils. Be in the best mood that you can be by using this cleaning tool for your surroundings.

Lola Wowables™ Paper Towels

There seems to be a surface in need of cleaning wherever you go, so bringing a cleaning towel such as this would bring relief. Regardless if you are mountaineering or going on the beach, summer won’t be as fun compared to when this tools is at your side. It is reusable and efficient giving you convenience while on trips.

Need to dry your shades after dropping it by the pool? Wanting to clean your hands or your body after sitting in the sand? This paper towel literally has your back.

Any surface that needs thorough cleaning can be dealt with quickly and efficiently with Lola’s Wowables.

Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush

Keeping yourself hydrated is important especially if you plan of going outside during this very hot weather. What you will need aside from these water bottles and containers is a cleaning brush to help ensure your water is safe to drink all the time.

Eliminate all doubts in every sip because this eco-friendly cleaning tool is free of any harmful chemical that may affect your health unlike plastic cleaners.

Keep safe out there, and remember, moments outside are best enjoyed knowing that you have a clean place to stay right after.

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