BEAT THE HEAT: Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Prevent Fire Incidents

BEAT THE HEAT: Cleaning Tips That Will Help You Prevent Fire Incidents

In 2019, up to 350,000 home fires were recorded causing 2,770 civilian deaths and $7.8 billion in direct property damage.

A warming weather is one of the signs of an increasing chance of fire incidents. But aside from that, there are also countless factors that may spark a house fire and many of these are with us inside the home.

Cleaning plays a very important role in preventing fires. Understanding the things to do to lessen the risks will help you save lives; not only your own but also of your family and neighbors. Here are some of our recommended tips:


There are many things at home that can cause damage if they come into contact with an open flame but not all property owners are aware of these things.

Common items such as Rubbing Alcohol and Hand Sanitizer are some of the common flammable materials. Aerosol cans are also on the list. So keeping them away from any heat-related appliances, such as air vents and furnaces is very important.

Gasoline, turpentine, and paint thinner are among the top causes of house fires. It is common knowledge that these substances can easily burst into flames yet thousands of house fires still lead to be caused by them. We should have learned by now that improper storage such as in garages or sheds where they are covered with metal lid is a NO-NO.  Instead, these liquids should be stored in a UL-approved container and placed away from all heat-related appliances, such as a stove or a hot water heater.

Even common cosmetic items like hairspray and shaving cream can combust when placed near large heat sources.

Putting these items into safe drawers away from heat sources and out of children’s reach is the best thing to do.

Also, before using any container, we advise wiping them first with Lola Wowables™ Paper Towels to remove dust, dirt, or other moisture that can trigger a spark which will eventually lead to a bigger fire.


When plugging electric appliances, it should be a habit to check whether the cords have been frayed or chewed. If you do notice damaged wires, replace them as soon as possible because this is a huge fire hazard.

You can use Jumbo Microfiber Cloth as a wiping tool in your regular switch and wire check-ups. Make sure there are no leaks, paint stains, or other flammable substances nearby.

You should ensure that no rug or furniture are near cord placements because they easily warm up when run into which can lead to igniting a fire. Remove dust and dirt using Lola 360° Extender Duster Comparable Starter Kit is also necessary because these particles can be combustible when they build up.


Heating sources should be checked out annually by a professional because if they aren’t working properly, there is a big chance that they can cause a fire.

You can find Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ handy when removing anything unnecessary not only in your air filters, space heater and air vents. Take note that a fire can easily start from debris and dust being too close to a heat source so make sure you remove them regularly.

Most importantly, it would be life-saving that you have your own fire escape plan at home that you discuss and practice with all members of the family so that when worst comes to worst, everyone knows what to do during a house fire.
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