MOP, MOP and AWAY: How To Clean Your Home's Floors Leaving Them Spotless

MOP, MOP and AWAY: How To Clean Your Home's Floors Leaving Them Spotless

Cleaning the floor is one of the most underrated household chores. It is seldom seen as important and sometimes is just ignored. But, it is just as important as the other parts of the house. Thus, it also needs the same amount of attention and care. While many might think that sweeping and vacuuming will be enough to remove all the dirt from your floors, the reality is that mopping is also a must as it can help remove difficult grime that brooms simply can't get up. Basically, mopping is a simple process, but some tips can help you get the job done faster. 

Clear and Sweep before Mopping

Making sure that the area is clean before mopping is important. You should remove all furniture such as tables, chairs and throw rugs to make the cleaning easier and faster. Keeping it free from debris is also a way to make sure every part of it will be cleaned. Mopping also doesn't go well when there’s dust and crumbs around because instead of cleaning it, the mop will only spread it around. So, don’t forget to sweep the floor using an item like the Flexible Dust Mop before mopping because debris is also one of the causes of scratches on the floor. Every time you finish mopping your floor, you also have to make sure everyone that is in your home will not step on the floor while it is drying. Also, clearing the area will make things much easier when you are trying to remove grime and debris.

Use Warm Water

Before starting the process, using a mixture of your chosen cleaner along with warm water is an effective strategy. But make sure you fill the bucket with water to the point that the mop will be completely submerged in the water. If you have a dried out mop, then it will need to soak in the warm water before you begin cleaning.

Mop in Sections

It is better to mop floors in small sections as it will help remove grime build up and debris. Newer mops like The Revolution Microfiber Spin Mop can significantly speed up your cleaning time. 

Rinse and Wring Out Your Mop

Don’t forget this step every time you finish a section. Make sure you wring out your mop before wiping the small section with the wrung out the mop. It is an essential process because it prevents the spread of dirt on to other parts of the floor. In case of hardwood floors, rinsing of the mop must be done twice. Our Spin Mop has advanced Built-in Wringer Spin-Cycle Technology which allows for complete control of the drying and wringing out of the mop to your desired moisture level, so no dripping, streaking and most of all-no mess!


Mopping floors should be a part of your cleaning routine. Keeping your floors clean can prevent bacteria and keep mold out of your house. Mopping may seem like a chore, but it is necessary for you to do to have a clean home. To make sure these tips provide maximum effectiveness, take a look through Lola’s wide variety of mops as you'll be sure to find the perfect mop or mops for all the floor surfaces in your home.


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