Saying Goodbye To Throwaways with Reusable and Refillable Cleaning Tools

Saying Goodbye To Throwaways with Reusable and Refillable Cleaning Tools

There’s been an on-going debate on what’s better between cloth or paper towels in terms of being used in cleaning. But to be honest, both have their fair share of disadvantages. In one hand, paper towels are single use only and they have limits as where you can use them as they can tear apart. Meanwhile, cloth towels though washable can easily become a nesting ground for millions of germs and bacteria plus it commonly remain damp for long periods of time making it easier to pick up and actually just pass the dirt and other properties from one place to another. This unconsciously poses a threat within the household. So in the end, both will just end up in the trash.

But imagine if we combine the power of the two in one product? Think of it as an improved paper towel that is washable and reusable so you won’t have to instantly throw it away in one use making your wastes minimal. Now, let me introduce to you the multi-purpose Wowables; your new cleaning partner which can be used to clean thousands of different types of surfaces and remove almost any kind of germ or stain. All you have to do is to rinse it after every use and squeeze it for the excess moisture before using it again. Unlike rags, it is also more absorbent making it more effective in dealing with different kinds of messes.

Aside from that, Wowables also have the 12 and 30 count roll meaning you can choose just the right amount that you need and you won’t have to buy more than what you intend to. Indeed, it has the potential to create an impact not only by reducing the use of disposable and single-use paper towels but also by making us more conscious on our usage. Aside from that, it also lessens the health risks caused by our usual habits.

Wowables is truly life-changing; in fact, not only to usual families but for special ones with fur-parents and their fur-babies because it can also be used to clean after our pets and their mess.

Speaking of cleaning after our pets, you may also be stressing out due to all the fur being left by your pets on couches and bed. Well, stress no more because Lola Rola Refillable Sticky Mop is here! Not only can it pick up dirt and debris right after you vacuum but also your pet’s shedding all around the house.

Using these reusable and refillable items is more than enough to help ease the worsening condition of the planet by reducing our wastes. Meanwhile, on a personal level, it saves us some costs gives us more convenience and helps us make our homes cleaner and enjoyable to live on.

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