Best Ways To Clean Your Bed

Best Ways To Clean Your Bed

After a long and tiring day, it's where you find comfort --- Through it's warm embrace you finally feel home and safe and as you rest, you go into your most vulnerable state; prone to illnesses possibly brought by the dirt and bacteria lurking within your sheets, pillow and blanket.

Our bed is where we supposedly improve our well-being because it goes us enough undisturbed sleep. This is why this should be one of the most cleanest and safest part of your home. So, no part of it should pose risk to you or your family's health.

Remove and wash all the bedding

First and foremost, you have to collect and replace all the sheets, pillowcases, and mattress covers regularly. Those that we're already used for a couple of days or weeks should be immediately thrown into the washing machine while you work on cleaning the mattress. Using warm water in cleaning will help a lot in getting rid of any dust mites. Meanwhile, pillows can or cannot be washed depending on the type of pillows you have. Double-checking the care label behind it is the easiest way to make sure.

Vacuum the mattress

To reach the small gaps near the insides of your mattress, grab your vacuum cleaner's upholstery attachment and go over the entire surface including its sides. Look thoroughly for seams and examine  the crevice attachment to get any hidden dirt or dust. Do this once or twice to assure that no part is left untouched.

Spot clean your mattress

You cannot apply water or cleaning solution directly to your mattress because some of its materials are not supposed to be wet at all. Instead you might need a little bit of wiping and brushing to remove stains and dirt. Lola offers various tools which can help you accomplish this task; from the hand-held Angled Broom to its different kinds of Swiffer® Sweeper® Comparable wet & dry sweeper floor mop, these will help to pick up fur and other materials stuck in your mattress.

But aside from that, spot cleaning stains would also require you to use some stain remover. Of course, this stain remover should depend on the type of stain and the type of mattress. Be careful though, because not everything will work on your mattress. You also have to consider whether the effect of what you will use to you and o your family. Lack of caution may lead to unnecessary and negative reactions such as allergies.

Use the Tool+Solution combo

But, with proper research, you might pull it off. Aside from store-bought agents, you can also use some home ingredients that you can mix and use. This does not save you from doing some extra efforts, of course. For it is still more effective if you use the appropriate tools to remove the leftover stains that were not eliminated by the solution.

With the power of the two; dust, dirt and germs will be dealt with, through the best way possible. Making this a habit will assure the cleanliness of your home. Now, you can have a more comfortable and relaxed sleep because you know that your surroundings is clean and safe. You also don't have to worry about itch caused by harmful and microscopic elements because you are backed by your brush, scrubber, vacuum and cleaning agents which are ready for a fight 24/7.




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