Makeover through Cleaning: Make Your Home Look Brand New

Makeover through Cleaning: Make Your Home Look Brand New

You don’t always have to renovate to make your home look fresh and new. If you want to make a quick makeover to your place, don’t buy a new set of furniture just yet. Focus on things that you can easily move or replace. That’s where you can start.

Here are some tips that you can do to make your home look brand new:

Replace Curtains with New OnesPutting up curtains in your windows is like putting up makeup on your face. It adds emphasis to your windows and changes the ambiance of your room.

One way to create a fresh look for your house is by replacing your curtains with new colors or designs. Something light is advisable so the natural light will freely go in. If you’re not much of a curtain fan, you can go bare and use other decorations instead.

Keep in mind that the goal is not only to design your windows but also to keep them clean. In doing so, we advise you to invest in Wowables™ Cleaning Towels which you can use effectively to wipe off dirt and dust.

Move your bed into a Different Angle

Your bed is one piece of furniture that you can quickly move around. Except if you had it fixed and locked in position. By putting it on a different side or wall, you create an all-new layout without doing so much.

That will allow you to re-work your room and clean up corners that you weren’t able to clean up before. Angled Broom is perfect to quickly remove dust and other loose particles.

A clean mattress and bedding will add an even fresher look and can make you feel more comfortable too. All of these are possible without doing anything major inside your room.

Bring in New Sofa Pillows

Investing in decorative sofa pillows is cost-friendly and effective in giving a fresher look to your home. There are lots of available colors, patterns, and textures that you can choose from. You can even purchase customized ones that are perfectly matched to your preference.

If you are into a minimalist clean look, you can try neutral-toned pillows. While if you are looking to feel something new, you can consider your plain fabric pillows and exchange them with pillows made of fur or velvet.

What you don’t want is your couch and pillow getting dusty. To prevent this, having our Jumbo Microfiber Cloth by your side is the key.

Install Floating Shelves

An ordinary wall can be transformed into a powerful one with a set of floating shelves. But more than design, you’ll benefit more from its space-saving function because there will be less furniture in your floor space. With these, you can store almost all sorts of things including books, dishes, or your toy collections.

With floating shelves, dust and dirt buildup will be reduced because they can be usually found under pieces of furniture. Now with less furniture on the floor, means your home will look wider and there’s less need to sweep.

Paint walls

With painting, you are free to choose whether you like to change the entire interior look of your home or just some parts of it.

Before making up your mind with the color or shade that you want to use, what you must do first is clean it. We are confident that no other tool can perform the duty of cleaning walls with the same level as Lola Rola Sticky Mop™. With its extendable handle and easy-to-tear mop head, there will be no more bumps and irregularities that will you achieve a fresh attractive look for your walls.

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