Cleaning Tips for those who prefer Living in a House Alone

Cleaning Tips for those who prefer Living in a House Alone

Keeping your place clean and comfortable is always a challenge regardless if it’s your first time living alone or not. There’s no denying either that cleaning is tough many people do not like it. But there’s no escaping it especially if you are home alone. Unless you are willing to spend on cleaning services all your life.

Otherwise, you’ll find these tips useful in dealing with different areas at your home when you are alone:

Maintain Intensive Kitchen Cleaning and Minimized Food Preparation 

Since you’ll be dining alone, it is already given that you’ll only be using a few pieces of utensils and plates. Preparing what you’ll be eating is a different story though. While cooking, you can use lots of cookware pieces. But if you want to be wise, it’s best if you minimize what you’ll be using so you won’t be surprised by the number of dishes you’ll be washing after. To help you further, using Pot Brite™ Scouring Sponge to effectively clean your dishes from grease.

The kitchen is a very critical part of your home because it is where food is prepared. That’s why you must keep it clean at all times. Aside from cleaning dishes, It is also essential to wipe your stove, countertops, kitchen sink, and furniture surfaces. All of these will require specialized cleaning materials such as Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths. This one is treated with germ-killing properties and designed not to leave scratches, dents, or streaks on surfaces.

Be Thorough when it comes to Your Bathroom

You have a wide range of surfaces that you have to clean around your bathroom. There are lots of things that can also create stains when they build up. These include body spray, soap scum, oil, and body dirt. Over time, you have to clean them thoroughly with a bleaching agent and an effective tool.

For one, we recommend using Cellulose Sponge & ScourerIt’s great not only for wiping clean dirt and stains but also for absorbing moisture.

We also have the Handled Scrubber to conveniently clean tough dirt on crevices and tile gaps. Deck Scrub Brush on the other hand is perfect for a total makeover of your bathroom floor. Just a few sweeps and soap scum build-ups will surely be gone and down on the drain.

Don’t worry if you have a glass bathroom because Wowables™ Cleaning Cloth won’t leave any scratch or streak so you can use it to clean or dry glass or mirrors.

Of course, we cannot forget the toilet and all the notorious stains that may accumulate on it. This is one area of the house that requires treatment with strong cleaning agents to be kept clean and germ-free. Just don’t forget to wear your protective gear before cleaning so you’ll stay safe!

Create a Brief but Regular Living Room Routine

Even if you are only expecting a few guests between long periods, it’s no excuse to neglect your living room because it remains the face of your home. It must be presentable because it will be the first sight of every visitor. We’re sure you don’t want to be embarrassed during surprise visits from your friends or family.

Aside from vacuuming, you can also use Lola’s Sticky Mop to remove dirt and other debris on your walls. It is convenient to use because it has an easy-to-tear sheet that collects the dirt.

Couches can harbor a build-up of dust or pet fur (if you have an animal with you) which will lead to foul odors, to get prevent it, regularly removing dust with our 360° Duster Extender Set is the key. Using mild detergent can also help do the trick.

Moving furniture from time to time is necessary for you to reach areas that are not usually easy to access. Angled Broom will then take charge in taking loose dirt out. Do not forget to clean the windows and door handles as well.



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