Look Up! Don't Take Your Ceiling Fan for Granted.

Look Up! Don't Take Your Ceiling Fan for Granted.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? You may be seeing a relatively clean person because you regularly clean your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room, and every other area in your home. But be honest, most of the time, your focus is mainly on the countertops, tabletops, floors, and all the conspicuous surfaces, in other words, within eye level. Am I right, or am I right?

So yes, you might be unintentionally (or who knows, maybe intentionally) excluding your ceiling fan in your regular home cleaning checklist. Let's face it; no one is ever thrilled hauling out a step ladder and dusting off those ceiling fan blades. But whether you like it or not, you need to have your ceiling fan cleaned. Not only does it help ensure a longer useful life for your ceiling fan, but it also extends your loved ones' life span by keeping the air circulating in your home cleaner.

Luckily for you, the internet offers a wide range of tips on how to do this efficiently. Since we are thoughtful enough, we took the liberty of compiling a list of hacks; so that you, who took the time to visit our website, would have a one-stop-shop for these helpful cleaning tricks for your ceiling fans. Regardless of which cleaning method you prefer below, you're going to need a step ladder, an old sheet or paper sheet (old newspapers would do), and a face cover to protect your eyes and face while cleaning.

Duster Method

For high ceiling fans, this is the easiest method to use. You will need a long duster with an extender arm like Lola's Swiffer® 360° Comparable Extender Duster Kit. Place the old sheet on the floor beneath the ceiling fan, then start dusting off those blades downwards for the paper sheet to catch. Repeat this process and continue dusting away from you until you have cleaned the motor housing and all the sides of each fan blade. 

Cloth Wipes Method

For ceiling fans with grease or dirt firmly lodged onto the fan blades, you need to do more than just dusting them off. Using a cloth wipe, wipe down the fan blades – top and bottom – to remove grease and dirt. You'll be surprised that Lola® Anti-microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth is enough to do this job. But for even better results, you may also pour into the cloth wipe any mineral spirit or a similar degreaser available in the market.

Pillowcase Method

Just by looking at the name of this method, you might be bursting into laughter. But believe it or not, this is the most popular ceiling fan cleaning hack out there. Put an old pillowcase (or even one that's already due for washing) over the blades, and then gently slide it off. Make sure those chunks of dirt and debris are caught inside the pillowcase. The popularity of this method might be because, unlike the other methods, you're not risking a big chunk of dust falling onto your head.

Finish everything off by mopping your floors with the Lola® Cotton Deck Mop to wipe off any debris from the ceiling fan cleaning. But no matter which of the cleaning methods above you will use, make sure that ceiling fan cleaning will now be a part of your regular cleaning schedule. Once in a while, look up, and don't give all your attention to the floors at your home. Sometimes, your ceiling fans have feelings, too, you know?

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