Tips and Tricks for your next Garage Cleanout

Tips and Tricks for your next Garage Cleanout

Having a garage is a necessity for homeowners who also happens to own their own vehicle. It does not only give safety and convenience for the automobile’s owners but it also serves as a storage space. Knowing how dirty our vehicles can get sometimes, cleaning and maintaining our garage becomes a major concern.

Just like any part of the house, it would be very unpleasant leave this space reeking with dirt. We know it sounds exhausting, But, even if you are not a clean space-loving mechanic, it is possible to maintain a clean garage. Read below for some tips that might help you with your garage work.

Putting floormats all over the place is a great solution to avoid oil and grease from spreading all over your garage floor. But there are times where you just can’t keep it. In this case, you might find Lola Large Scrub Brush very useful along with a mild detergent solution in removing stains caused by leaks and spills. It will enable you to wipe a large area making the work faster and easier.

You can also use our Wowables™ when cleaning around. It is washable and recyclable so it is a convenient cleaning tool that you can bring whenever there’s work in the garage that needs to be done. Whether you are at home repairing or cleaning your own car, or at a workshop providing service to other people, this one is a must for you. You don’t even need to use chemicals or cleaning agents because this is already treated with cleaning agents to make sure it will clean effectively.

Jumbo Microfiber Cloth is effective when working on sensitive surfaces inside and outside your vehicle and your garage. If you don’t want to leave any scratch or damage while wiping off dirt and grime, you can play safe and use this cleaning cloth instead. Rest assured that it will be gentle on the surface but still tough on germs and bacteria.

The name of our All Purpose Cloths speaks for itself; it is an all-around cleaning tool which is great when wiping your hands, drying your tools or any surface after washing and cleaning them thoroughly. It is highly absorbent for collecting moisture and other types of liquid and it is also washable so you can reuse it for some other time.

If your garage’s floor is made of concrete, expect that it will be dusty from time to time. There can also be a build-up of dirt, mud and other debris from the tires of your vehicle as you take it in and out of it. If you don’t clean your space regularly, the stains will be difficult or even impossible to remove. So, it is important that you take some time and make a full sweep after doing a repair or after taking your car out.

Lola Sticky Mop™ is here with an adhesive mop head and extendable handle to cover wide areas such as your floor, walls, and even your garage ceiling. It collects any debris, dirt, and grime that makes your garage look messy.

Some use their garage as their kids’ play area while some makes it their storage room. The versatility of this space show that it has a great purpose so it is worthy of your time and attention just like any other part of the house.
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