How to Prepare Your Home If You Are Expecting a New Member of the Family

How to Prepare Your Home If You Are Expecting a New Member of the Family

Having a baby soon? What a blessing! But, is your home ready for your new angel? How can you make sure he/she will be safe?

You should take note that this new chapter in your life should not only be delighted with joy but should also be treated delicately as an infant is so sensitive to surrounding elements that may be present in your home. So, it is highly advisable that you prepare your household for its new member and make sure it’s safe enough for its new occupant.

Here are some tips on how to make your home more child-friendly to make sure your new baby will have a wonderful and healthy growth within your home.

Check the Pets (If there’s any)

Family pets such as dogs and cats, can cohabitate even with babies, in fact, many families have been doing this and it is absolutely adorable. However, caution must be taken because even our dearest animals can pose threats to our newborn unconsciously. See to it that they will be checked by a veterinary if their current health and behavior is suitable around young children (free of viruses or aggression). Of course, you also have to limit or minimize your newborn’s exposure to the animal. Prepare cleaning materials such as Lola Rola Sticky Mop to deal with the fur that they have shed and Lola Dust Pan & Brush Set to pick up your animals’ other waste products.

Train the Family Members (especially the Children)

It is certain that a new baby will be loved by every members of the family. Some of them maybe too excited around the kid which may cause accidents so they must be taught of before hand how to act around the baby. Talk to one another how you will take care of the infant altogether.

Clean Common areas as well as the baby’s room

Doing a thorough clean-up is crucial as it is the key to prevent bacteria and viruses from spreading around your home especially on the room where the baby will be staying for a couple of months especially because this period is where he/she is so vulnerable. Mop the floors with Lola Mop & Broom "4-in-One" Snap In Cleaning Kit, wipe windows with Lola Jumbo Microfiber Cleaning Kit and dust windows along with other furniture and appliances with Swiffer® 360° Duster Comparable Starter kit.

Disinfect furniture and appliances

Toys, bed, door, curtains, all possible areas that might come into close proximity or contact with the newborn must be cleaned and disinfected to avoid the baby picking up diseases from them. Using Lola anti-microbial cloth is necessary to make sure every corner will be safe from harmful organisms that might cause harm not only to the newborn’s health but also yours and the other members of the family.

Practice Proper Hygiene

The parents; mother and parent who spent the most time with the young as well as the other members of the family should practice proper body hygiene because their other activities may make them carriers of diseases. Their clothes should also be washed and disinfected thoroughly. Keeping a hand soap or a hand sanitizer or alcohol is essential to disinfect hands when going near or coming into contact with the child. Wearing face masks if needed is also important.

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