Bringing the Best Out of the Reusable Wowables!

Bringing the Best Out of the Reusable Wowables!

Lola Wowables™ is a hybrid of sponge and paper towel for absorbency and cleaning efficiency. It is made reusable to end the problem with regular paper towels which produces a lot of wastes. But, aside from its original purpose, this product also offers so much more. All of us knows how important versatility is nowadays. So, here we’ll discuss the other uses of the Wowables that may be helpful in our daily living.

It Can Keep Greens and Herbs Fresh

Many green vegetables such as lettuce, herbs, chard, and other greens tend to wilt quickly even when in the fridge. But, with a moist Wowables reusable paper towel on the bag along with the veggies, their lives can be prolonged dramatically! The towel’s moisture maintains a comfortable humidity level, without keeping the greens damp and allowing them to start rotting.

It Can Help Maintain Cast Iron Skillets and Keep them from Rusting

Another major problem that we face in the kitchen is when cast iron pans and pots become rusty. To avoid this, you can use the Wowables in between of the pots and pans when you put them in the cupboard so all the moisture will be absorbed and rust would be prevented.

It Can Be Used to Clean Food

Reusable Paper towels like Wowables are perfect to be used in cleaning fresh products such as mushrooms. It’s the only way to remove all the dirt without water logging into them and ruining their flavor. It can also be used to clean delicate fruits such as grapes and berries as the texture of the towel is not too rough to damage the fruit.

It can Keep Your Cutting Board and Bowls from Sliding Around

Putting a damp towel such as the Wowables underneath the cutting board is a well-used method even by professional chefs. It gives stability to the board from sliding around so you can focus on your knife skills as you furiously chop. It also applies when whisking ingredients into a bowl. Putting the cloth will help you prevent making any mess as you mix the ingredients.

It can be used as a Pot Holder

If you don’t have any potholders around and you need to lift or transfer something hot such as pots and pans, don’t risk getting burned! Towels such as the Wowables can be used as an alternative potholder. Just make sure its dry and fold it a few times to make sure heat won’t pass through. 

You can Use it Prevent Scorch Marks on Your Table

Simply fold the Wowables towel over itself twice so it forms a neat square. Then, place it underneath your hot casserole dishes or cast-iron pans so you won’t damage your wooden tables or tablecloths. It also prevents any stains from being left into your table. Using reusable towel is practical as it can be washed and used again on other purposes so you don’t have to buy many materials all the time. 

It helps Keep Your Food Warm

Aside from keeping food fresh, the Wowables can also act as an alternative for aluminum foils. You can simply drape it over biscuits or breads to keep them from getting cold. It’s also a great way to keep bugs off the food and prevent contamination.

Another good thing about Lola Wowables is that it comes in many pieces per roll. So, you have lots to use and reuse whenever you need one. It is also multipurpose so it can help you do a lot of things. Just be careful when dealing with food. Make sure that you only use new or clean pieces on that to avoid contamination.

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