Cleaning Habits For Newlyweds

Cleaning Habits For Newlyweds

Marriage opens a new chapter in the life of a couple. As they are welcomed into their new home, they must adapt and adjust especially if they are doing it for the first time. One of the fundamental things that they have to learn to do together is to clean not only as a daily task in order to maintain their household but to practice for the future if they plan to expand their family. Here are some cleaning habits that partners must practice as they take another step in their lives.

A couple should spend a life filled not only with love but also with healthiness. I’m sure as newlyweds, the two have so much plans to do with their time. But, many of these won’t be achieved if they will have poor health caused by improper cleaning habits. So, here we’ll discuss some of them along with their importance and how they will affect your married life.


Clothing is part of our essentials as humans so laundry is part of the regular tasks that we do from time to time. Now, it’s up to you as husband and wife to talk about what’s going to be your setup. It is also important to schedule a date where you will do it. So, even if you become busy, you will still be reminded of it. Piling up of clothes is not healthy not only for you but also for the clothes. They may develop irremovable stains or foul odor. 


Every time you cook and every time you eat, you use your kitchenware. This is done more frequently as eating is being done daily except if you prefer doing it outside. You have to maintain the quality of your wares and appliances so cleaning them is crucial. Make sure you have reliable and effective tools such as Lola Soap Dispensing Dish Wand, Pot Brite™ Non-Scratch Scouring Sponge and Wonder Scourer™ Non-Scratch Scouring Pad to effectively clean even your most delicate kitchenware.

Food storage and preparation

Food is where you get your energy from day-to-day. Unfortunately, poor preparation is what leads to development of diseases that harms the health of us and our families so as a couple, regardless if it’s you or your husband/wife who cooks. Both of you must know how to properly handle and store your food so you won’t attract insect and you can avoid unnecessary spoilage. My tip for you is to buy only the freshest and necessary food. It should also be cleaned thoroughly before being cooked. Food like hard vegetables can be cleaned using Lola The Original Tampico Vegetable Dish Brush™ to make sure they are free from dirt and other elements.

Waste management and disposal

Every home produces waste. So, as you settle in your new home, you must know how to manage and properly dispose yours. Coordinate with the community with regards to the collection so you’ll know when you will be bringing it out practice segregation as much as possible and do measures that can limit your wastes. This will not only benefit you but also the entirety of the planet.  Secure good supply of garbage bags and use reusable cleaning tools such as Lola Wowables to limit your wastes.

General Cleaning

Doing this once in a while is important. This should include cleaning of the whole house along with all the furniture and appliances, changing of sheets and mats and organizing your things to avoid build up. This would help you identify things that should be thrown out and make things easier and faster to be found.

If you are a very busy couple and have the resources to hire people to do these tasks for you, then you can disregard these tips but, what I can say is that they may seem hard to do but some still find enjoyment in doing them. Some even treats them as a way to take a break from what they usually do at work or as a way to kill time. You may also find time to bond while doing these tasks so as part of strengthening your relationship, you might want to consider doing them. 



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