Having a Clean Home When Your Life runs around Clutter

Having a Clean Home When Your Life runs around Clutter

What others consider as trash is a source of income for some.

For years, collecting scraps is seen as a job only for those who have zero options left. On the contrary, it is a decent way of living which offer many opportunities. 

Many business-minded people are into recycling scraps because they see its potential of giving stable flow of cash.

In support, the topic that we will be tackling today is regarding some tips on how to keep your home clean and in order when your source of living revolves around clutter.

Scrap metal

There are easy to found and easy to sell that is why many people treat it as treasure in the scrap business.

You can find these in so many things, but commonly, you will have to spend some time removing them so expect that when collecting them, you will have to pile up different stuff at home.

When disassembling, aside from tools, you need to have a cleaning towel by your side at all times. Not only to keep the metal clean but also to wipe off sweat and dirt that comes in your way.

We can confidently say that Lola Cellulose Sponge Cloths is fit for the job. It is efficient and offers maximum absorbency, perfect after washing the metal parts that you have collected.

You can use it to clean and dry your working space and the tools that you are using. To further clean your working area after working, grab Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ for the surrounding floor and walls.

This mop is like no other because of its easy-to-tear cleaning sheet instead of a bucket making it unnecessary to wash it.

With these tools, we want you to know that there is no need to compromise the cleanliness of your home for your work.

Spare parts

Working parts are commonly found on malfunctioned appliances and gadgets thrown away or sold at a very low price by their owners.

Some are salvaged through repair but for hopeless cases, only parts that can still be used or sold are collected.

Since some spare parts cannot be washed, you need a cleaning towel that will work even without the use of water.

In short, you need our Wowables™; the reusable cleaning towel that is efficient in removing stains without leaving damage or streak on surfaces.

In case there is leaking grease or oil, you can use one Wowables™ as place mat to prevent the spill from staining tables, countertops, or other surfaces at home.

We understand how difficult it is to remove stains on carpets, tiles, and walls but we have got you literally covered with our cleaning cloth.

Recyclable plastic containers

Plastic is considered as the top contributor for waste here on earth. However, people still include it in their daily lives.

This pushed some people including nature defenders to think of ways to minimize the problem with plastic; therefore recycling was introduced.

Our Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths can help you in removing grease, oil, and other types of liquid inside the containers. These are difficult to remove and can even cause bad odor and bacterial growth.

You can also use it to wipe your sink clean after washing the containers. These are common areas for bacteria to grow and that can make your whole kitchen stink.

Nothing feels better and more inspiring that seeing your home clean while you work.

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