ONE CLEANING GUIDE TO RULE THEM ALL: General Tips for All Homeowners

ONE CLEANING GUIDE TO RULE THEM ALL: General Tips for All Homeowners

You’ll find millions if not billions of houses around the globe with their own different styles, sizes, features, and decorations.

If you go into every detail, it will seem that you’ll never find one cleaning formula. But not all cleaning tools are made to clean specific designs of homes. Some are all-around and all-purpose to be used by the general consumers and common folks.

In this article, we will be discussing some tips that are applicable to almost all types of home no matter how big or small, simple or grand they are. We will also be mentioning some cleaning tools that you can use to execute these tips.

Use an All-Around Cleaning tool on Floors

Different homes may have varied floor types. Some include tile, wooden, concrete, etc. Whatever you have at home, dust and dirt are common enemies to all people. This means all these types can all be cleaned using Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ with its easy-to-tear sheet that collects debris in almost all types of surfaces.

You don’t even need to use water with this cleaning tool because it can already pick up and collect dirt for proper disposal.

Aside from making your cleaning less messy, it is also very multi-purpose that you can use it to clean walls, and ceiling because it was built unlike the common mops. Therefore it is usable to remove cob webs and other debris as well.

Use Cleaning Towels together with Disinfectants on Common Surfaces

When we say common surface we mean the areas being touched the most by the people going in and out of the household. It includes door knobs, flush handles, cabinet handles, sofa hand rests, and many more.

Every home has at least one common surface where bacteria and germs may be passed from one person to another.

It’s best to use a disinfectant from time to time to clean these areas. Using an efficient cleaning towel such as Wowables™ also helps a lot in ensuring that nothing harmful or disease-causing microorganism will be left.

This washable and reusable cleaning tool is also best for removing stains and sticky substances from your home’s surfaces without leaving any streak or scratch compared to using a brush.

Dust-off Windows, Doors, and Other Entryways.

You may think that vacuuming one in a while is enough to keep your home clean and free from viruses. But what you don’t know is that some microorganisms are so small that they can’t be sucked in by the vacuum. Instead they will just be blown up in the air and get stuck on other surfaces. Some of these may include entrance and exits such as windows, doors, etc.

Well you don’t have to worry so much because Lola has the 360° Extender Duster Set which you can use on these entry points to remove dirt and dust which may have been brought from outside. This is a way to keep them from filling your home with allergens which can trigger not only allergies but also asthma.

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