Four Reasons Why Creative Painters Must Own Lola Wowables

Four Reasons Why Creative Painters Must Own Lola Wowables

What defines an artist more than his masterpiece, is the way he takes care of his equipment. An artist must be knowledgeable not only to use them but also to maintain them and keep them away from damage.

Artists make all sorts of artworks from sketches, portraits, calligraphy, painting, to handmade weaving, and sculptures. They deal with body pain, lead and other chemicals. But they don’t only expose themselves but also their crafting tools. So even if these chemicals don’t hurt them, it may still damage important art materials used in creating masterpieces.

Fortunately, Lola Wowables doesn’t only as a regular household towel. It is also useful for creative minds in polishing and keeping their works. It’s reusable, economical and good for longtime use so it’s perfect to have along with your regular art materials.  

Check out these specific benefits making Lolas Wowables a must have for artists whether professional or hobbyist. 

Wowables on Removing Spills – One of the main purposes of this product is to absorb moisture whether its excess water or paint, this will not fail to do its job. It may pick up some colors from the paint stains but with proper washing, it can still be used again on surfaces because they are quick drying and helps inhibit the growth of odor unlike makeshift rags that are single use and may get dirty easily.

Wowables on Cleaning Art Materials – Some cleaning materials such as brushes, pencils, and color pens are delicate to the touch and their performance might be easily affected even with minimal carelessness. So, it is important to have a tool to maintain the durability and quality of equipment. It is also perfect for people using gadgets to create digital arts as it can help protect their tools from moisture or particles that may damage their devices.

Wowables on Wiping the Artisan’s Hands – The artist’s hands are the medium that gives life to creative ideas and translates messages. It produces sweat, gets cramps, and picks up dirt and moisture from time to time. So, it must also be wiped regularly. Lola Wowables are free of any harmful chemicals unlike microfiber & bamboo which both contain synthetics so it is safe to be used on skin unlike other towels and tissues that may cause irritation.

Wowables on Finishing Touches – This reusable towel is also handy when erasing irregular lines or unintended spots. You can also find it useful if you are trying to revise some details on your work. One swipe with it and you’re free to add or edit some parts.

The Wowables is guaranteed to be durable as it doesn’t easily tear or wear off. Plus, it comes in many pieces per roll. So, it is a worthy investment for artists who wants to safe keep their creations and their equipment. With its reliable performance, creators can better focus on doing what they do best. Now they can master cleaning as much as they can master their skills; making sure their working environment is clean and conducive for creativity.
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