Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

Kitchen Cleaning Tips and Tricks

The kitchen can be described as a paradise within a paradise for many of us. It is where many of us run to seek and prepare something that will satisfy our hunger and quench our thirst.

Most of the food that we consume are stored and cooked here that’s why it is important that we treat with outmost care and respect, and a huge part of this can be shown by maintaining cleanliness at all times.

However, despite the importance that it signifies, still most of the dirtiest areas of the home still can be found in the kitchen. This means many of us are still not responsible with our home and its maintenance.  Many are still unaware or apathetical of the fact that food hygiene and good food safety practices holds the key to preventing the transmission of diseases through food.

So here we will be discussing important kitchen cleaning tips along with some cleaning tool recommendations to make sure our kitchen is safe and hygienic all the time.

Clean Between the Lines

There are many examples of cleaning the wrong way, but today we will discuss a few including one that is frequently practiced by many; getting complacent on making surfaces shiny. What these people are forgetting is that germs and bacteria can find their way on gaps and crevices where they can still survive and thrive. Take note that bacteria grow best in warm, moist, dark places. This highlights the important of also focusing on hidden areas such as in between of tiles, under the sink, cabinet door hinges, etc.

In this battle, Lola Wowables™ is with you. It is the perfect alternative for regular paper towels as it is reusable and made with fast drying technology which prevents the growth of odor causing bacteria. It also has dual purpose – drying out spills (dry top) and cleaning (when damped).

Reach High and Deep Below

Cleaning your kitchen is different from crossing the road. So, don’t just look left and right. You also have to hold your head high and reach for dirt, dust, and web build-up on your ceiling. Also don’t forget about mopping the very floor you are standing on. In doing all these tasks, our Lola Rola Sticky Mop™ is a tool that you can count on. It has a flexible sticky head that effective collects dirt, dust, and hair. It is also designed with a long handle so you don’t have to tip toe or stoop down low when cleaning the ceiling or the floor.

Don’t’ be Dependent on the Use of Chemicals

If you are someone who’s not a fan of using the dishwasher and prefers cleaning the dishes by hand, let us give you some backup. Our Pot Brite™ Heavy Duty Scrub Sponge is here to lend you a hand so you’ll be ready to fight tough stains, leftover oil, and grease! Its dual sides offer absorbency and abrasiveness to clean all sorts of cookware. With this, you won’t need detergent or other strong chemicals anymore to clean your kitchenware as it may only affect the taste of your food!

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