CAT-FRIENDLY HOME: Things To Do When Living With A Feline Friend

CAT-FRIENDLY HOME: Things To Do When Living With A Feline Friend

Cats are territorial animals, so their environment is crucial. An owner shall not only need adequate cat-related equipment and facilities, but also discipline in taking care of the pet especially if he/she plans to keep it indoors and restrict its access to the outside world.

A cat-friendly home supports harmonious living that benefits you both. To provide everything that your cat needs, you must not only be able to buy equipment but also practice some cleaning habits to maintain your cat’s habitat. Although the domestic cat is highly adaptable to most landscapes, it still needs a certain degree of camouflage to enable it to roam silently.

Here are some other tips that you must always keep in mind to effectively cohabitate with your furry friend:

Have the right facilities such as a perch – Indoor cats still enjoy the view of the outside world. That’s why it is important that they have a place where they can spend all day looking at the life outside. It is both healthy and relaxing for the cat to be given this chance from time to time.

Give your cat a cave where it can hide away and snuggle up – Cats are solitary animals, and they need to be let alone from time to time. Buy some cushions, pillows, or cat caves where they can simply hide when they feel like it. Oh, how satisfying it is for your cat to be given his ‘alone time’.

Organize litter boxes around the house – It is important that your pet can relieve itself whenever it needs. So, if you don’t want it to pee or poo at random places, then you should organize its bathroom. You must also make sure to clean it and its surrounding from time to time so it will not stink and catch unnecessary attention. Using Lola Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloth, you can make sure that germs and bacteria will not grow or fester.

Put up scratching posts – This is essential so your cat won’t turn to damaging or completely destroying your other furniture. It is a cat’s necessity to have their means of stretching, getting rid of old nail sheaths, and relieve stress.

Practice doing regular home cleaning – Getting rid of fur and dealing with little ‘accidents’ is now a part of your life after choosing to have a cat. Now, these little problems would get worse when left unnoticed for a long time. So, major parts of the house such as walls and corners should be cleaned regularly. Using Lola Rola Sticky Mop™, not only fur but also dirt can also be collected from high places and narrow corners.

Prepare to Deal with Constant Gifts – This behavior is common with cats that are being allowed to go outside from time to time. Dead birds or other small animals, sticks and leaves may be brought inside your home so you must always be ready to pick it up and dispose it properly to maintain the cleanliness of the household. You may not see it as they bring it in so it’s much better to have something to pick it up with and wipe the stains or particles. Lola Wowables™ is a reusable cloth that lasts longer than the usual paper towel, and it can be a more effective cleaning tool for all sorts of mess produced by your pet cat.

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