Essential cleaning tools for your home

Essential cleaning tools for your home

2020 has continuously given us a bumpy ride with several tragic deaths and a global pandemic.  While no one could have predicted all that's happened thus far this year, it still highlights the importance of being prepared in case of unexpected circumstances because we really never know what might happen tomorrow or in the days to come.

Aside from our physical health, another thing that must be prioritized during these tough times is cleanliness - not only of ourselves but also of our surroundings - as they go hand-in-hand. Here are some cleaning items to make sure you have an ample supply of in your home.

Reusable Towels – Towels are important during any situation.  They're used (often just with water) to clean surfaces and even ourselves, our clothes and other belongings. They can be utilized with a sanitizing agent to destroy bacteria and avoid germs from festering around your home . Reusable versions such as Lola Wowables™ are a perfect example.

Portable Food/Water Filter – In case there’s a shortage in drinking water, where else can you find water to drink if not in the environment around you? Afraid of contamination because you don’t have the budget to buy a high-end filter? A Lola Cheesecloth can do. Aside from helping separate ingredients when preparing food, it can also act as a form of water filtering system to make it safer to drink. Note that its effectiveness is limited and it does not assure 100% safety.

Brush – You need something that’s portable and travel-friendly, something that you can use to collect dust, crumbs, granules, and other waste easily and safely for proper disposal. Try Lola Dust Pan & Brush Set-Clip On a 2-in-1 set that is easy to pack.

There's no fool proof, 100% guaranteed plan that will keep you safe and healthy in an emergency, but having some of these Lola Products will certainly give you an advantage!

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