Elegant-Looking Cleaners: Tools that Looks Good and Do Good

Elegant-Looking Cleaners: Tools that Looks Good and Do Good

Are you one of the many people who are conscious with the looks of their home as well as that of everything they put and use in it?

We totally get you. Having a clean room and neat looking furniture and equipment should go hand-in-hand. This is why we will discuss some sleek-looking and effective cleaning equipment from Lola for you:

Lola Wowables™

These colorful cleaning towels are available in many different colors; Yellow, Teal, Violet, and Coral. Made using all eco-friendly and non-toxic inks, they offer beauty and efficiency at the same time.

The towel itself is also biodegradable and compostable unlike the regular paper towel. Moreover, it is reusable and stylish so you will be using it with comfort and pride on many different types.

More importantly, it offers maximum absorbency, durability and with fast drying technology, which prevents the growth of odor causing microorganisms.

Rest assured that your kitchen countertop or dining table will not only look clean but also fashionable with these cleaning towels.

Lola Rola Sticky Mop™

Another product that we are proud to present is this innovative mop with 30 easy-tear and sticky cleaning sheets for collecting all sorts of dirt, hair, and dust. 

This has a simple yet elegant design; it might look like a regular paint roller that cleans, but this one has a hand designed with 4-piece High Gloss Resin Coated Steel.

The tip of its handle also has a swivel hang cap for easy and convenient storage. Never has there been an all-around modern mop looking so ordinary yet so brilliant at the same time.

Angle Broom

You can throw away your regular broom because we have a better version of it for you. Behold, the unique and innovative broom made with Angled Sweep Technology; Lola’s Angle Broom.

This has a bit different design from the conventional broom making its users reach corners and gaps easier and faster.

If you look into its bristles, this one has fine Flagged bristles made of Recycled PET from Soda Bottles. This is part of its manufacturer’s contribution to environmental protection and conservation.

Enough with dull-looking plastic brooms and shift to Lola’s sophisticated Angle Broom.





Tampico Bamboo Brush Collection

Another set of products that will be surely loved by people who loves stylish-looking equipment are our Tampico Brush collection; the Tampico Le Brush - Tampico Bristle Vegetable Brush with Comfort Wood Knob and Tampico Vegetable & Dish Brush.

Both of these are made with high quality renewable Birch Hardwood and designed with bristles made of Natural Tampico Fiber from Mexico.

These two brushes does not only look good, they are also super-efficient in dishwashing and vegetable cleaning.

Engineered to provide maximum convenience and comfortability, these two brushes will be your close friends during kitchen tasks.

Handled Scrubber

Last but not the least, meet our Iron Style Shape Handled Scrubber; designed with the handle above to prevent your hands from getting into contact with the actual scrubbing

It also has No-Slip Grip. This means the tool will not be the only thing that will look good, but so does your hands too!

Meanwhile, its pointed head paves the way for deeper cleaning; helping it reach narrow corners, gaps, and deep crevices.

With all these products put together, your cleaning shelf would surely look like a badass armory shelf.

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