Cleaning Tools That You Can Use Even When You Are Not Cleaning

Cleaning Tools That You Can Use Even When You Are Not Cleaning

After everything at home goes back to being clean and shiny, all cleaning tools just go back to wherever their owners put them.

However, what most owners do not know is that within these tools, there is a potential beyond their intended use.

With this article, we will shed light about this ‘potential’. Read to learn about other uses of common household cleaning tools from Lola.

Lola Wowables™

This cleaning cloth is proudly one if not the most versatile products we have. It can be used as place mat, to hold plates or utensils in place so they will not touch the table’s surface. It is five times stronger than regular paper towel so no problem with drips from newly washed kitchenware.

Meanwhile, because of its colorful design, it can also be a beautiful table and furniture decoration. Guaranteed that it will look good in pictures alongside beautiful vases and sculptures.

If there is anything, you have to keep away from the sun, moisture, or insects, Lola Wowables™ can also provide some cover. Its composition is durable enough to provide some protection.

Whisk Broom-Handheld

One of the most valuable uses of cleaning tools aside from cleaning itself is for education. Teaching your child how to use brooms and brushes is a simple yet effective start to nurture their growth and development.

It is also a form of training them to be responsible and take part on household chores.

With Lola Handheld Whisk Broom, you’ll have a training tool that looks like a tool but actually serves it purpose when you need it.

 It has a very handy size that’s perfect for your child’s hand so he/she won’t struggle using it. You might not know it yet but holding a brush may develop some interest for arts and craft in your child.

All Purpose Cotton Cloth

Aside from wiping newly washed dishes, cotton cloths are also effective as potholders.

Lola All Purpose Cotton Cloth for example is made with strong woven fibers that can withstand high temperature without getting burned or torn apart.

Since we deal with many hot and cold things in the kitchen night and day, it is important that you have a potholder especially if you are not comfortable of using gloves.  

Another good thing about it is that you can still use on other sorts of tasks after.

Lola Pot Brite™ Scouring Sponge

Aside from being one of the most easily recognized cleaning tools, the kitchen sponge is also known to have the most uses.

Did you just ran out of ice packs? Just grab one Lola Pot Brite scouring sponge, dip it into water, put it in a zip lock bag and throw it in the freezer.

There you have it, now you have a Do-It-Yourself ice pack that you can use for lots of things! Rest assured that drips and mess are minimized because the moisture is absorbed back by the sponge.

Not only that! It is also a good alternative to bubble wrap and tissue paper as protective padding when packing delicate and fragile materials. Truly amazing, right?

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