Clean on the Go: Cleaning Tools You When You Always Need to Leave

Clean on the Go: Cleaning Tools You When You Always Need to Leave

It is an essential trait knowing how to tidy up while moving from place to place. It is beneficial both for our mental and physical well-being.

Whether you are a globetrotter, field employee/officer, or just someone with ‘no permanent address’, you will find these Lola cleaning tools useful while on the go.

Lola Wowables™

This biodegradable and reusable paper towel alternative is perfect when you need to dry your belongings quickly.

It can also help wipe moist surfaces such as benches so you can sit or on tables/racks so you can put your belongings.

Are you afraid of getting your clothes stained and ruined when eating or drinking while on a vehicle? You do not have to be anymore with Lola’s Wowables because you can use it to cover yourself from spills or leakage.

One roll should be enough on many trips and you will save yourself some money from laundry and worry of not getting off stains from your favorite clothing.

Anti-Microbial Clean N' Wipe™ Cloths

This cleaning cloth can serve as your first layer of protection to wipe your belongings after getting into contact with foreign objects or common surfaces such as tables, public benches, etc.

COVID-19 is still proliferating nowadays so we still have to be careful. We have to strictly practice safety measures that will help us avoid getting sick.

You can use this anti-microbial cloth to disinfect your books, pens, gadgets, etc. before and after every use.

Eco-Clean™ Bamboo Bottle Brush

Tumblers or mugs are essential to make sure you stay hydrated while on the move. It is also essential to keep them from contamination because it would be so hassle to caught illness while on the road.

That is why we greatly advise one of our bamboo bottlebrushes with you. It has a portable size and made eco-friendly meaning it is non-toxic.

Now it would be hard to clean your water containers anymore. All you need is some cleaning soap and clean water to wash and brush them.

Eco-Clean™ Vegetable Brush with Comfort Bamboo Knob

This functional kitchen-cleaning tool is extremely useful while on the go. It works for both food and kitchen equipment.

If in any case, you decide to buy some fresh fruit or vegetables to eat while on the way, it is best to have this brush to clean the dirt on fresh produce and make sure they are safe for consumption.

For utensils that are in need of through cleaning, this brush can also help through its cleaning bristles.

All these cleaning equipment are packable in one bag. They are all light so you’ll have no difficulty bringing them with you wherever you go.

By infusing efficacy and portability, Lola wants to make sure that every traveler can get their hand into a reliable cleaning tool that they will need to protect them and help them stay healthy and clean while traveling anywhere in the world.

Without worries and without fears.

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